Zucked: Is Facebook Destroying The Social Fabric? ๐Ÿ“š


  1. Glad youโ€™re sounding the alarm. Facebook is basically Russian malware. And Twitterโ€™s censorship of criticism of the Tiananmen Square massacre is indicative of where their loyalties lie.

  2. I feel like optimizing for eyeballs has already played out in the print/magazine space with the national enquirer and similar shock journalism. Other publications stick far closer to the facts and are respected for it. I think you can optimize for eyeballs and being factual and good outcomes in comments but that needs to be a metrics that machine learning needs to be able to measure. If Facebook becomes the national enquirer of social media, someone will figure out how to be the respected alternative.

  3. i donโ€™t even want to check my facebook anymore. too many advertisements. like every two or three post you see advertise that is ridiculous

  4. Since Iโ€™m on the topic of โ€œhoping for video follow upsโ€ considering your trip to China I was hoping your view on the development and down spiral of NIO. Seams like the Chinese government will back them up big time. Good or bad?

  5. Tons of people have being talking on this issues lately. Not too many spoke of the FB coin as you did. Wish you followed up on that

  6. Hey Gally, please check out this YouTube, I'm sending his most interesting views on Tesla stock, and his approach to this stock.
    Maybe you could have him on your show?

  7. Society needs to listen more to us grumpy old geezers. Hey, I don't sleep with my phone; wouldn't dream of it. (It's at bedside, but it's OFF.) I JUST DON'T GET these addictions. I'm on the Internet all. the. time. But it's on MY terms. And although my reflexes may have slowed a bit, I guarantee, I can get of a Tai Lopez ad on YouTube faster than you can swat a mosquito.

  8. Hey man, love your vids, but I don't understand why half the video I heard the word "Russia", sometimes I think Americans are brainwashed that Russia is after them somehow.. Realistically, do you people know how many military bases America has and how much money each country pours into military?? This strange fear of "Russia" from Americans, makes me laugh and angry at the same time.. America – the country that wants to control the world.. damn

  9. Clicked a link for video in article online about another Tesla Solar installation. Got referred to Instagram and to log in. Didn't happen.

  10. I like watching HyperChange. I hope you donโ€™t polarize me. Nor that your content is not so good that I get addicted to it. Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰
    More seriously, I think all these social media have really great advantages and some bad outcomes also. People should me more careful in general when using social media. Thatโ€™s the problem right now. With better information, people will make better decisions and be more careful. Like the book you talk of. I think, in the end, we will be better of to bear the responsibility of our actions. Gouvernement should try to better regulate criminal activities (like proof of identity should be required when you open a social media account so you are always traรงable when a crime is committed). But other than that, I think each person should bear the responsibility for their action online.
    Thanks for your good work. Really appreciate what you do.

  11. Hopefully we will all understand how important it is to widen our perspective and understand opposing views wholeheartedly. Also, I think people are starting to get better at disconnecting from social media distractions. As for the release of personal information, people have to hold them selves accountable, no one forced you to create a social media account.

  12. Gali, probably your best YT ! I guess Twitter is a bit different …. google is far more dangerous than Facebook. But I guess our society will form other social systems… they will or probably will not .Its a scientific sociological view and observation based on a strong theory. Your YT now was a kind of "irritation" as well as the book which I will read.

  13. Let me sum up Capitalism: Caveat emptor. For every winner there is at least one looser. Seems harsh but that's it in a nutshell. Biggest problem I see is that our "news media" is afraid to call a lie a lie. Don't sugar coat it. Don't call it equal time. Hell, don't even try to be civil about it. Call it like it is and have the facts available to back it up.

  14. 15 years ago the CEO of France's #1 TV network notoriously said in an interview about TV channels' ad-based business model: "What we sell to Coca-Cola is available human brain time".

    It's the same with Facebook and with every media that is free and ad-supported. Users don't pay with their money, they pay with their "available human brain time".

  15. I got Facebook when it still required being part of a University to register. I got totally zucked in and posted lots of status updates. Over a few years of use I was starting to get the notion that the social connections on there were empty and that "keeping up to date" was mostly an addiction, and not really useful. Then I slowly faded away from the platform and later got aware of some of the methods that Facebook use to keep you on the platform – and then realized it is a general thing for free social media platforms. I think it's a very complex problem to solve. I honestly think the world would be a better place without Facebook and Instagram. But YouTube has so many positives as well, and Twitter makes it possible to access extremely busy people, like Elon. I just don't use any social media on the phone because it takes the energy out of me. Neither emails. Notifications are stressful and addictive.

  16. We should not forget that FB + other platforms enable free speech and really help democracy. They facilitate communication and enable people getting together. That is why 2bn people worldwide use FB every day.

  17. In the first place, users decide by themselves what they get to see (subscriptions). FB will do some nuances, trying to show the user what they think he wants to see. Totally fine with me

  18. I agree with the author 100% on everything you mentioned, except for the Russia interference issue. The media trying to make Russia a scary enemy is similar to how they cover Tesla negatively. A few thousand dollars of ads placed on Facebook is NOTHING in terms of influencing the US population. I've run Facebook ads for thousands of dollars, it's not a big deal. The mainstream media successfully used it as a fake news distraction to avoid covering the truth why Hillary lost the election -> 1. The mainstream media gave Trump MILLIONS of dollars of free air time covering stories about how bad he is – only to have it backfire. 2. Hillary didn't run on policies that excited Americans, like Bernie and… Trump. Trump ran on "draining the swamp" and non-interventionism… has he stayed true to that? No… quite the opposite. No surprise, really…. anyway…

    Wikileaks proved that the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie who would have probably won against Trump… And now the government, and mainstream media are trying (and currently succeeding) to destroy the life of a real journalist that isn't even a US citizen – Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. All this to make an example of him and keep the 6 major corporations that own mainstream media to continue to control the narrative and have REAL influence on how candidates are portrayed (or if they are even given the time of day) to millions of Americans – not a few dollars spent by a Russian group. Making things worse, the social networks now push mainstream media content over independent creators and are exercising a form of censorship through de-ranking and de-monetizing content they don't like. The real dangers are not over seas, it's here.

    I want to be clear I am absolutely not standing up for Facebook here, or Trump, but for the people – who are being sold lies. I did stand up for Bernie, because he was cheated – but I don't agree with many of his policies at all. Do your own research. Youtube search: Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent.

    Great channel Gali, keep it up! My bad for the long political rant but all of this is very important and connected… cheers!

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