Zendaya Biography: 10+1 insider facts

Top 10+1 Insider Facts About Spider-Man’s
classmate. Did you know that her name means “to give
thanks” in an African language? Let’s talk about her
Fact Number 1 Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, known simply
as Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, United States. She is an American actress and singer. (music)
Her zodiac sign is the Virgin. Fact Number 2
Her mother was a house manager at the California Shakespeare Theatre, so she met the world
of acting very early. She has 5 half-siblings on her father’s side. Fact Number 3
As a kid, Zendaya used to play at the California Shakespeare Theatre and used to dance in a
hip-hop and hula-dances group. Her professional career began very young with
fashion modeling and backup dancing jobs. Now Let’s talk about her career and her
net worth Fact Number 4
At the age of 13, she turned up in ‘Shake it Up’, a Disney Channel sitcom. Fact Number 5
She released her first singles in 2011. “Watch Me” was one of the first but definitely
not the last very popular music videos of Zendaya. Fact Number 6
Her Net Worth is around $5 million and she lives in a $1.4 million house in L.A. But on the other hand, she tries to give a
lot back to the society. Zendaya does serious work as an ambassador
for Convoy of Hope. This international program supports feeding
and helping poor people around the world. Every single child deserves food hope and
chance for a life, Right? What about her shape? Fact Number 7
She is 178 cm high, and her weight is 59 kg. Her measurements are 87-63.5-87 cm (bra-waist-hip),
it is no wonder she was a fashion model. Her BMI index is 18,6, which is the normal
index for a female in her age. Fact Number 8
She is a vegetarian. Fact Number 9
Just to compare Zendaya with Nicole Kidman, they have almost the same shape. Nicole is 180 cm high and 58 kg. They are both quite thin. Does she have a boyfriend? Fact Number 10
Sure, she is in love with Jacob Elordi, her co-star from Euphoria since 2019. Previously she dated also Tom Holland, the
star of Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. Bonus Fact
She said in an interview that “This is so beautiful… doing and making positive programming
for young people is so important to me” This was the Zendaya Biography! Thanks for watching us!


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