X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Final Battle, Best Scene X-CLIP almost Full movie HD

Alpha One, you have multiple hostiles onboard They’re heading towards the back. Don’t be fools!. You need our help! Lock it down! Now! What’s the status on those mutants ? We’re falling back now. They’re not … What? They’re not what ? They’re not mutants. They’re here for Jean. Get ready to open fire. Your kid was right about us. We could help you. Please! Fire ! We only want the girl. Step aside. ‘X-Men Assemble’ 🙂 What are you doing ? What Raven would have. Scott, get me to Jean ! Selene ! Hank. Help Storm. Scott, guard the entrance. Jean, wake up. You have to wake up now. Hank I was trying to protect you. I was trying to keep the pain away You wanted her dead. I had a change of heart. I have no desire to fight you. I get that a lot You just buried it. Jean. Are we inside my mind ? It’s more peaceful than mine. All I ever wanted was to protect you and give you what you deserved. A Family Yeah. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. I know. I know you did what you did out of love. I forgive you. I know what I need to do now. And what is that ? Protect my family. Please Sub and Like 🙂


  1. Wow if this is how the movie is I'm not surprised why it sucks. The transition from other characters scenes were terribly edited. And the back and forth between them was jarring to see that the director didn't know what he was doing.

  2. The only good thing about the movie is soundtrack…. that Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa voice just gets me every time, and I feel supercharged. I start levitating, ya know! 😁

  3. I did not see this because I never liked the Xmen movies due to my love of the original material, thats not to say there arent things that I love about these later movies. Watching this scene I weep for what could have been. The use of their powers have been much better. I would love nothing more than a complete reboot of Xmen, maybe on a network like HBO al la Game of Thrones and separate from the MCU.

  4. I just realized…. had this have been an "Infinity War" styled ending, where this movie became a two-parter…. this movie would've been great.

  5. Worst X-men movie EVER!! 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back… this garbage made The Last Stand look like Academy Award material. Seriously who’s idea was this shit? Hey guys we damn neared destroyed the franchise the last tome we tried the Phoenix story… let’s do it again, only worse!!!! Assholes!

  6. I thought this movie was EXCELLENT!! Oh and the EXCELLENT was Surely Magneto!!! This movie definitely, was better than the critics said it would be. If I had to make a choice on seing Captain Marvel or this twice. I choose Magneto!!!

  7. Director: I want Jean to shred the trains by spinning them around slowly. Also give the other mutants an invisible bubble shield thing
    VFX supervisor: I dont think that'll look very goo-
    Director: give me the spinning trains
    VFX supervisor: ok

  8. Hated the movie just because there was really no story to it. Still love the actors especially Michael Fassbender because he pretty much carried the movie.

  9. no puedo creer que tanta gente la odio a esta película, si bien no es épica esta lejos de ser la peor de todos los x men!, muchas le ganan ese titulo de peor. También esta lejos de ser la peor película de superheroes! supera a muchas del universo compartido de marvel y dc, esta escena de acción muchos la ven olvidable, a mi me encanto ver a los x men luchando tan reñida y ferozmente sin depender de wolverine ( ya se había mostrado en apocalipsis y primera generación) pero aquí se sintió mas épico y dinámico que en esas ocasiones.

  10. When you realize The Phoenix would single handedly destroy Thanos in Endgame while the Avengers are making popcorn at Stark Tower still trying to lift Thors hammer lol

  11. Bear in mind I've not seen the movie, but based on what I've just watched, I'm impressed. Can't help but feel that so much of the bad press that movies like this get could be in no small part Disney just bashing it's competition. With is really petty, seeing as how there MCU is very secure and no other super hero franchise is in a place that could hurt them in any way at the box office.

  12. This movie is painfully bad. michael fassbender tries his best but it can’t even save it and he was the best thing of this shit movie

  13. When you are not sure if a movie was good or not, ask yourself this. Will i go watch this scenes again? If the answer is "No" , you'll know the movie was not a good one.

  14. Magneto: *Literally crushes an entire train cart, and has the ability to fling her away*

    Also Magneto: *Maybe I should just fill this woman with bullets*

  15. James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender were, as usual, the only saving grace of yet another bumbling X-men film. Also, the badass music by Hans "Legend" Zimmer

  16. not one quip, nothing funny, alwasy at the edge of destruction, it was a 8 minute clip and i couldn finish it. on par with justice league. they have the graphics , the fighting no story. slow it down fellas

  17. So this reminds me of I am legend, and also crouching tiger hidden dragon. What on earth happened to the effects budget for this movie? Like a sci fi channel movie.

  18. Anyone feeling frustrated about the fact that Storm is just a human with mutant genes and is still controlling the lightning better than Thor, The God Of Thunder… or sparkles, you might say.

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