WYKAM: D’Or Fashion Store

Today in What You Know About Miami a major store in South Florida
welcomes us to the latest trends and the world of design and manufacture Being at the forefront of fashion and design, is one of the main themes
that represent the sunshine capital. When selecting the look of the day
there are several factors to consider, including trends, originality and comfort In Miami, women dress according to the occasion looking always to highlight their image
with elegance and style, and always giving it their unique touch. Welcome to Miami’s true boutique,
D’ Or Fashion Store Here I am with Vanessa,
D’ Or Fashion’s Manager – How are you?
– Very well, thanks I love this outfit you picked out for me,
tell me when can I wear it and what for Well, you can wear this outfit
to go out with your friends to go the park, take a walk by the beach, you can also wear it day by day anytime you want, you’ll feel comfortable I agree, I really like this outfit because
this is the style that represents how I am it’s really comfortable and that’s
what’s most important to me tell me more about the fabrics and
other materials used here at D’Or Fashion This blouse is kind of a chiffon fabric,
which makes it flowy, comfortable, fresh for the summer time,
it doesn’t make you feel hot These shorts are kind of jeans but more elastic It’s all very comfortable and
you can wear it any casual day How many D’Or Fashion stores
there are in the city of Miami There are ten In Kendall, Hialeah, and
many others here in South Florida That’s awesome, the store is big,
it’s like a girl’s dream closet I want to get everything, can I get it all? Off course, if you want good, but I don’t have
the money to pay for it Oh sorry We should ask What You Know About Miami’s
production team to show me some love, right? Indeed, that’s right Ok, now let’s talk about prices…
What’s the price for the outfit I’m wearing? You can get this outfit
for about $50 dollars or less Our store has very good prices,
and everything is really inexpensive That’s a very important fact, because us
women, are constantly buying clothes And we’re always looking
forward to save some money We do have many sales in the store T-shirts are 3 x $15 dollars Underwear, buy 3 get 1 free When you buy a pair of shoes, the second is 50% off, I love sales, my grandma used to say
“If you read sale, you get right in” And it stayed with me, ever since then,
if it doesn’t say “Sale” I don’t walk in So, as I was telling you a while ago,
tonight I have a special date and I need you to give me an advice on what to wear, cause what if tonight he
puts a ring on the table? Ok then, I’ll look for something
pretty, sexy and Miami Style Ok, I’m going to change and
I’ll be right back to show you What am I going to wear for
that special date tonight Finally, take a look at the outfit
Vanessa picked for my night date I feel almost ready for the wedding, You’re ready I’m just missing the veil and the dress tail Yes, you look very pretty Now tell me Vanessa, what are
the sizes offered at D’Or Fashion Small, Medium, Large
and Jeans from 0 to 13 Follow us on instagram, as DOR Fashion And come to the store cause you’ll
get out feeling awesome and really pretty And also very welcomed, remember,
DOR Fashion on Instagram and follow me too, JonesMarcia

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