World's Strongest Man Tries Yoga Apparel at Lululemon

I'm Brian Shaw four-time World's Strongest Man and today I'm gonna go shop at Lululemon lemon is a store that primarily sells women's and men's workout gear we focus on a lot of amazing technical fabrics and fabrications and we cater to all different activities whatever you're doing the sweat out in the community we have product for you there you go my head is not too big for the store so that's that's an important point to make I think you know [Laughter] [Laughter] why don't we why don't we start with the shirt you're for yeah you don't you don't have a like a big and tall section I'm actually surprised how much it stretches I put my arm in they got tight right here and it just kept going yeah if they maybe hide it like at least like a three excerpt or maybe a four would be more comfortable Angeles today was interesting I have to say that coming in I was I was really worried I heard that the biggest size was a 2x and that was true and when I went to try on the the shirts and clothes and like a shirt for example is literally tied on my forearm and then it just kept stretching and stretching and the material felt great I can see why I can see why it's so popular with people I had no clue before and you know if we wouldn't have done this today obviously never would have stepped into a store and even tried that if they made sizes that were bigger obviously and probably you know something like a 4x that would stretch a little bit that might be actually really comfortable really good so who knows maybe they'll get into doing church for for the bigger guys out there so that they'll start shopping there but anyway I gained an appreciation I can see why my wife likes their clothing so much and you know I know mark likes their clothing as well and and all of that so I gained an appreciation if nothing else of that fact and you know be more supportive of my wife shopping there not that I wasn't before but even more I'll I'll understand why she tells me things are so comfortable because I have not experienced that before that type of material so it's definitely interesting and in kind of what I'm you know it's obviously having fun with the video having fun with life man that's what you got to do you


  1. This was an amazing video, but it would’ve been better if we could’ve seen your wife’s reaction to every single outfit lol

  2. He’s one of the strongest of our entire species to ever walk this earth, and there couldn’t be a better example of what a man and father should be. He’s the best!

  3. to be fair the CEO of lululemon said he doesnt want fat people wearing his clothing so i dont think there will be larger than 2xl in store anytime soon.

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