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hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I’m doing a super exciting and super requested book book for office where I
was really looking forward to put together a few looks there are a little
more in that conventional some colors pictures some new ways to style things
so I can’t wait for you guys to tell me how you like it
wanted to say huge thank you to glasses for collaborating with me and
sponsoring this video all the glasses you see me wearing the lookbook are from
glasses and without further ado so the first look is something a little
more casual we do keep the business attire with the pins we add a little pop
of color with the cardigan and then you just have your basic white teeth what I
love about glasses you are saved that you can add any type of prescription to
almost any pair of frames including sunglasses which is really cool they’re also cutting out the middleman
so glasses offers prescription glasses and up to 70% off retail prices I paired the sweater with this Hatter
and pants they do have different tones in them so there’s Brown there Spain
there’s some blue there’s some that’s what happens when you shoot it at the
office this pair from glasses USA it’s kind of sophisticated and very feminine
so I thought it was really complement and outfit like this plus is us
offers over 4,000 styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses and that includes
in-house brands and sinusitis I paired these skinny black pants with
Gary’s oversized white button-down and I got this oversized sweater to put on top I also paired it with these earrings
that has a little accents of gold and green these collars really flow well
together I paired it the peels if you do wear something oversized have something
that will elongate you and just make you look a little more put together if you are wondering how to shop online
for sunglasses or glasses summing the glasses USA calm has on their site as
the virtual Tryon tool which is my favorite all you need to do is to take a
selfie of yourself and then you can try the glasses on line and you can kind of
see what stuff is good on you and what does is which is really awesome and literally steal all the carries button
down from this closet and I highly recommend you guys to do the same if
your husbands or boyfriends complain tell them hilarious as well and this is
a knit top I really like how it rings more shape and texture in a very subtle
way this is a beautiful salmon businesslike
jumpsuit just to bring a little something different than our usual
tailored pants these blush pink heels and a pink jacket brings a little pop of
color for the whole outfit we all know how it goes with jumpsuits when we go to
the bathroom but sometimes you have to suffer for style you can find all my
classes online at glasses I will include all the links in the description
box thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next


  1. I love all these looks and have a lot of similar pieces, but I cannot pull off loose fitting pants. I’ve worn slim fit pants my entire life. Even when flares were in style and straight leg were nowhere to be found (thanks late 90’s) I’d alter my own pants so they’d fit how I like!

  2. Emma great job:) Valeria you should be proud from her:) Valeria you look amazing with everything:) but the last one is the best, awesome:) bonus for Emma:)

  3. I was scrolling down the feed when my 4 year old nephew shout out "that's SUPERGIRL!" He was pointing at you in the thumbnail. You do indeed look like "SUPERGIRL!" So I thought I'd share 😄

  4. She's gorgeous, if I didn't know her and I've seen her in the street I would never believe she has 3 kids!!

  5. Valeriaaaaa I luv u so much 😍😍 your videos are such a bliss. Thank you for all the effort you put in making them. Can't wait for u to reach 1M👍. Keep the hard work, I'll always support and cherish u ❤️

  6. Its hot here and we are not into our sweater but the corporate look is lit. You are amazing Valeria❤
    Love from India.

  7. Stunning!! I love all of these looks. I wish I could dress like this to work but I am stuck wearing an poor fitting black suit uniform ):

  8. if i was your co worker i would wait until your remove your pumps off and sneak in and grab it and kiss it for the rest of the day , and would ask if you marry me, and i will offer that i will clean your shoes and polish them every day before and after you go to your work…
    how about that?

  9. Hi, Valeria,
    Thank you for the great video! I saw you rocking these cool high heels and thought it could be great if you do a video about it. How to choose high heels, how and when to wear them, etc. I always seem to do everything wrong and end up just avoiding this beautiful type of shoes 😅

  10. Hi Valeria! I just saw this video and I think this youtuber is using your content:

  11. This video couldn't come in s better time. I'm applying for a new job and need a interview outfit. Sending positive energy and prayers xx

  12. Those are most certainly not office-appropriate outfits… no offence but have you even worked in a corporate environment?

  13. Valeria I love you! But if I’m being honest I had to click off because of the music. It was giving me a headache- it is very generic and it kept repeating from the same part. This was the least well edited of your look books I have seen. Just wanted to comment bc I hope you change the music for next time please 😊

  14. This video couldn't be more right on time!! I start my new and first job on Monday and I am looking for office wear inspiration!!

  15. I loved that lookbook!! Would you consider doing one more on spring/summer style ( not with sweaters etc ) please ? Love from france !❤

  16. You should do a workwear lookbook in the summer when it's really hot! Because i feel that is when its more difficult to figure out what to wear for work! 🙂

  17. I love all the looks! great job Valeria
    I wanted to by the blouse in look 5 and item is not found, I guess it out of stock/-:

  18. Thank you for such amazing video, Valeria! Could you please do a video makeup for people who are wearing glasses?

  19. Apparently the girls in the video are not following your office workwear advices at all….they are just wearing a regular top and a pair of jeans…😂

  20. "If your husbands or boyfriends complain, tell them Valeria said so". Hahahha, you're such a queen!

  21. Heyy please could you do styling for different body types? I'm lost in fashion and all fashion bloggers are so skinny and I don't look very good in these outfits. I'm sure it would be helpful for a lot of girls.. thank you love youu 💓

  22. Thank you for the suggestions, i love your style ❤️

    For everyone that likes lookbook videos, please consider checking out my channel xxx

  23. Hey, Valeria!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. My workwear style is a blue and white stripes with a belt on the middle!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  24. I ordered the sweater from outfit n3 and it wasn't the same as in the video:( Could you tell me which exact model is? I felt really frustrated when it arrived and didn't have the same cut or such wide sleeves:(

  25. Valeria in Iraq we have a common quote it says ( a beautiful person is always beautiful even if they wear a paper bag ) ، whenever i watch ur videos i can’t help not remembering that quote 🧡 beautiful from the inside and out i really respect u 🌷

  26. this is so cool and smart wear 🙂 You have been an inspiration woman , I am gonna make something like this too 🙂 recently started youtube <3

  27. Everything is oversized it looks like a grandma 🙁 sorry!
    The only one I did like was the last one! 🙂
    I think Kimmy has the same body like you! Is she your competence? Just kidding!

  28. Can you do more office looks? I’m actually trying to figure out what to wear in the winter because i do a lot of out of office travel for work so my outfits are still business but I have to be warm but sandals/heels/flats will NOT work in the winter for me. I live with lots of snow. I have no idea what boots look nice with dress pants

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