WORKOUT CLOTHING HAUL + my go to summer workouts

hey guys it's Lauren welcome back to my channel or if you guys are new here welcome to my channel hey what's up subscribe hop on the bandwagon it's it's a good time over here and in today's video I'm going to be doing something that's been extremely requested and I'm so excited to share with you guys first off I'm going to show you guys a haul of a bunch of a new workout clothes that I got from fabletics and then towards the end of the video I'm gonna share with you guys three of mine like go to slash favorite gym workouts if you guys are not familiar with fabletics what are you doing you should definitely check them out I will have a link down below and you guys can take this awesome personalized quiz and you need to enter in your email – after the quasar before the quiz I forgot what it was so you can get notifications when fabletics comes out with new items because they do come out with new items every single month which I really love because that means every time you get something it's like unique and you can also get specialized discounts if you enter in your email because they'll randomly have sales I love fabletics it's like my one-stop shop for all my Fitness stuff because I have definitely more of like an athleisure type of styles and what's super cool about fabletics is they're so affordable like if you guys sign up and become a VIP member which I highly recommend link down below to get 50% off after everyday styles and you do get leggings – 424 once you sign up which is like a crazy good deal how do you how do you pass that off but I can't wait to share with you guys everything I got from them and then later on in the video I'm gonna share with you guys my favorite ab workout full body workout and then a little booty workout this isn't my like everyday gym workout because I do have a fitness routine which I will be uploading in a couple of weeks so that'll be great I hope you guys enjoy this video and get some like inspiration and definitely check out fabletics with the link down below but yeah that's everything I have to say and without further ado let's just get right into this video okay so I'm gonna start off with this set I actually got because I love workout sets when I wear a workout set I feel so put together and like so motivated to just crush a workout you know and so the first thing I got were these pair of leggings these are just the high-rise seamless mesh 7/8 pant and for reference I did get all extra small sizes in comparison to like Lululemon or something I'm a four at Lululemon so definitely size down with fabletics I've heard that their stuff does run a tiny bit big so normally I would get like a small but I think I heard like Gretchen Garrity talk about it she ordered extra smalls fit super nice and like tight which I really like so the first pair of leggings just looked like this I love the mesh detailing they have I think mesh on leggings is so crucial and like I love the way it looks too and they're great for when you're doing very high intense workouts because obviously you sweat a lot and the mess just like helps cool you down and I love this material it's a very like thick material and again it's like seamless so yeah you don't have like any weird lines or anything like that and they're super super comfortable so I love these and then to go with it I got a matching sports bra because I'm really extra and I love the color red and thought that this would be so cute with it again it has some like mesh outlining to match the leggings and just like a little racerback sports bra Boras bras and leggings are like my favorite pair of athleisure clothes I just love wearing them two together and then throwing like a little cardigan or something over it or like a little sweater it's my favorite look and then the next purflings I got are these ones these are so fun fabletics like I said they always have such like unique patterns and that's one thing I love about them so definitely act fast if you see a pair you like so I got these ones they're just purple purple is one of my favorite colors ever and then there's some white in there and I don't know I thought they were super fun and with like a white sports bra this would be a really cute little working out outfit and I also have a couple of purple sports bras that I know will look so cute with these so I'm really excited to wear them they're super soft as well and then another pair of leggings I got are a white pair and I know whites a little bit obnoxious but again I do like to wear these as like everyday clothes as well so I thought that these pair of leggings would be perfect for an everyday kind of like fashion ii athleisure look so they just look like this and at the bottom I really love the bottom I think it's like my favorite part ever it just crosses towards the end like mid like your whole calf I really want to style these and wear them just everyday kind of wear maybe not when I'm working out because they are white and I don't know I'm just like weird about that I don't want to want them to like turn a different color or something like from my sweat while working up it's kind of gross but I don't know I want to keep them like as white as I can and then I got another pair of super fun patterned leggings these ones are the power hold fabletics leggings so these are gonna suck you in and just be super super flattering they're just like this really pretty like grey black and white floral pattern and not typically wouldn't go for like a floral pattern legging but I just thought that this was something unique and it definitely stands out for like a yoga class this would be really fun to wear with the white little sports bra I just really like them I think they're really cute too and springy so I'm definitely going to be wearing these coming up because it's springtime and I just want to stun in some like floral leggings in my little yoga class and be like hi guys happy spring and then finally I'm done talking about leggings after this I swear but I got these leggings they're just a really pretty light pink color these ones are the Sailor statement power light two-point O's these are great for like training or just a very sweaty workout because they're like that dry fat material that's gonna soak up your sweat and just keep you cool at the same time so I love these leggings because again they're that dry thick material and they're a super pretty pink color I'm so into this I love it now I'm moving on I'm going to show you guys two sports bras that I got so the first one is this really cool lavender color again purple is one of my favorite colors ever so this one has kind of like a V cut which i think is so flattering I really like it and it goes down like a little bit longer than like a normal sports bra which I like because like I said I love to wear them with like high the leggings and just kind of make it like an outfit and the back of the sports ride is so cool it's like this I don't even know crisscross type of design looks really cool though I feel like this would look super super cute with these leggings and that's kind of primarily where I got the sports bras because I was like oh my god I can match it with these leggings because I love making little sets like I said it won't veyts me so much and I just feel so put together like I want to walk into a yoga class or I want to go to the gym making it look like I'm ready to go and then the last words bro I got from fabletics is this one and I really like it because it's super lightweight it's definitely not something you would wear like to a very intense wear go probably just to like a yoga class or something or like going on a run because it's seamless and it's just so incredibly soft I really really like it and the back is super cute as well it's just crisscross E and has all these strings going down it and it's super stretchy again since it's seamless I really like it just figure this like so soft and comforting and feels so good on and I just think it's super flattering as well and of course it's a little purpley color because I'm obsessed I don't know why I'm like so into purple all of a sudden I remember I was so into purple when I was like super young then I like got out of that phase and now I'm back in the face I have been obsessed with like all things purple periwinkle lavender so yeah speaking of that here's another thing that's purple this is more of like a periwinkle color and this is the Selena Thierry high high low pullover and this is so cute I just love little crew necks like this and just like throwing it on after you workout or before you workout or something it's super lightweight as well and I love how high neck it is because you can wear like a little simple necklace with it and it's cute and this with like some leggings will be so so cute and yeah it's kind of like a purpley blue type of color but again it's still purple I'm so into it and the last final thing I got from fabletics is probably one of my favorite things I was like skeptical of getting this because I don't have anything like it and I was like will I wear it and then I tried it on and was like you are kidding this is so comfortable honestly obsessed with this and I've worn it once for like five minutes because all this stuff I literally just got so I haven't been able to fully wear anything yet but this is the Vanessa hooded cardigan and oh my gosh I think it just fits perfectly I love the way it looks on and it's like not too short not too long the perfect length and it's just like a huge oversized cardigan that I think would be perfect again for like after you work out or before you work out or just like running errands or something or like just pairing it with your sports bra in your leggings I feel like it's touching athleisure little cardigan and it's so soft like I love how soft this is I can just already see myself using this thing every single day like to class when I'm going to my friend's house when I'm going to the gym after I'm done working out like this is gonna be my little baby I feel like I'm gonna wear this so often I might have to get another one I hope they come in other colors because I'm already obsessed with it so that is everything so that is everything and that I got from fabletics I really hope you guys enjoyed and got some inspiration and definitely and check out the link I have down below and take the quiz so you guys can get some like personalized outfits and shop on fabletics and kind of see what you guys like and maybe you'll like some of the same thing this I so I will have everything that I got linked down below as well and now we're gonna go ahead over to the gym and I'm gonna show you guys my favorite workouts that I like to do add workouts but workouts and leg workouts I think that's what we're doing I forgot anyways let's go to the gym let's get a good workout in and I will see you guys when I get there whoo we are all set for the gym gonna get a good little workout session I know I'm wearing makeup right now I never wear makeup to the gym I feel kind of weird but I don't really feel like taking my makeup off because I was like we're just gonna roll with it so I'm gonna turn off by walking us through like a quick little ab workout that I like to do this is something that I love to do if I like don't have that much time and I only have like 25 minutes or something I do like to work out this ab work on it's super effective and I really like it you cannot dress like how many sets you want to do or they're coming circuits you do totally depending upon like how much you can handle or anything like that and I obviously switch it off again depending on how much time I have and also like how my body feeling I'm not gonna overwork myself if I'm like hurting you don't I mean like I'm not gonna keep pushing myself if I'm like I really can't do this so I like to like some days I'll adjust how much I do and like how many repetitions I do and stuff like that would ya dreams okay now moving on to a full wedding workout this is something that I like to do what I want to get like everything obviously in and with these workouts you guys can choose to incorporate weights you don't have to have them but again they are gonna be more effective but depending upon what works best for you guys you don't have to like incorporate the weights obviously do what's best for you and your own body and now we're going to finish this off by showing you guys a booty workout I mean who doesn't want a good booty yeah I wasn't blessed with one so I have to work for it and it was something I never like really focused on I usually go to the gym and just like do apps but it's good to get like off a mix of everything in so lately I have been focusing on like my legs and my lower body and like my body stuff so a lot of these but workouts are gonna hurt like they literally will hurt me the next day and I can feel it like these are so effective and that actually wraps up this entire video I really hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you guys got some insight into like some quick workouts that I like to do and also definitely check out politics I will have a link down below so you guys can take like the personal style quiz and also so you guys can choose some of your pieces for yourself if you enjoy working out or if you just like having an athleisure style obviously fabletics caters to all types of people you don't have to be like a hardcore workout person or like a fitness guru or whatever like you can be just a normal person who doesn't even enjoy working out but just likes the clothes that gets literally for anybody so definitely check it out I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you want to see more videos like this in the future definitely let me know down below but that's everything I have to say and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys


  1. Awesome video Lauren your videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly girl 💖😘💝👍🌸😊💜.

  2. hey Lauren i have a question so i am a new youtuber and i was wondering what is the best editing app?

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