Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)


  1. Thank you Chris Heria for these types of video and giving us access to them. Some of us are struggling and broke to pay for a gym membership and for equipment but it's pretty cheap to buy a set of dumbbells and start working out. Subscribed. Keep up the great work, again thank you for thinking about us little people too.

  2. Real nice. I am in class 11 India cbse school. I have 2 dumbells., I really like to workout…….But there is one thing people in India think doing gym and using weight will stunt growth of person..this is total bullshit..🤔

  3. If that's for beginners I don't want to know what's the end lvl stuff. Maybe a mask, a cape and beating thugs in dark alleys?

  4. Great workout Chris ! Your routines work because of its effectiveness incorporating antagonists. Chest/back, biceps/triceps, quads/hamstrings , shoulders/traps, abs/lower back, try reverse curls/hammer curls alternating for great forearms ! Also I do shoulder circles to warm them up, small, medium, then large circles forward and backward circles for 3 minutes. You will get bigger shoulders ! Do front dumbbell raised next. 😁

  5. Alright been wanting to get into calisthenics but I'm a fat arse with a beer gut what do you recommend I want to get back in shape as quickly as I can

  6. When you say this is round one of three, you don't mean do all the things you showed back to back, is that like three times a day when you can, or do you benefit more from doing all three sets at once?

  7. okay I’m gonna call myself a Super Weenie bc I can barely do 10 normal pushups : ( have to check this one out again another time

  8. I hope you won't dismiss this question. When I watch your lunges and squats, particularly with weights I am very concerned about the impact on the knee. That pressure on the joint, with weight and movement strikes me as pretty risky. Comment?

  9. I don't want to buy 10 different dumbell wiehts…so should I get 2x 20lbs or 25lbs? Also, do I need to do coke to get ripped liek you?

  10. I just wanna say that your videos are great.
    I used to be underweight when I was young and started lifting to gain bulk… then I stopped and just got fat…
    I spent the past year trying to eat healthier and dropped a bunch of weight but still felt I needed some muscle to feel right but knew I couldn’t go back to the type of lifting I was doing when I was younger, cuz I know I’d just get hurt and going the gym is such a chore with my toddler.
    So I grabbed some light dumbbells from Walmart and have spent the past few weeks learning some new workouts doing high reps and just focusing on technique and I wish i knew about these types of workouts a long time ago, because they just seem so much more sustainable than gyms and machines and can be appreciated at all levels. I really neglected that I could do so much at home.
    Great job bud!
    Love the fact that you skate too, cuz that shit is the universal brotherhood.

  11. I’ve never seen one of your videos, when you first opened the door i thought you had a belt around your neck..

  12. Total beginner:- can barely do 3×10 push-ups and dips.

    Tried this today, almost passed out after round 1 (woulda died for sure if I attempted the handstand push-ups).

    This is not for a complete beginner. You should be able to do about 3×20 push-ups and some pullups before attempting this. Will still work on it though, and def gonna get those 3 rounds in (including the handstand push-ups) soon! 💪

  13. I am confused; how is anyone supposed to do pushup rows at beginner level? You are going to potentially cause someone to I jure themselves

  14. I'm a 18 yo guy of 75 kilo's and 180cm with no sport background. Is this a good workout routine I can do 2 times a week, while still expecting decent results? Or should I aim towards a different workout routine?

  15. Jesus.  This guy is creepy as hell.  He's marked his body all up, and he obsesses about each muscle, but he can't hang a picture on his apartment wall?  He's either afraid to express himself outside of his own body, or else he's got to surround himself with sterility as if he's afraid of too much stimulation.  There's SO much pathology being expressed in this video.  Seek therapy, Mr. Heria.

  16. First scene I think you're wearing a choker. Second scene my brain decides it's the top part of a turtle neck. Next clip I forget where I am and panic that this is porn. Next clip all I see is a floating head. Now we're back to Chip n Dales. We were never at Chip n Dales. How did we get here? I am so high.

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