Women’s Pants Waist Adjust 2020 SAMPLER

alter your own clothes and save a bundle
here’s how here’s a fun pair of brightly colored
maroon pants and this is our challenge the challenge is that we need to take the
waist in and how we’re going to do that is through the back seam here now the
special part of the challenge is we don’t need to take in the entire back
seam just part way just beyond the belt loop first let’s get that belt loop off
so take your Ripper and get it off how ever it is that you need to get it off
almost released that belt loop there she goes next we’ll need to figure out how
we’re going to reduce this waistband we’re going to have to make a seam here
it won’t matter because it will be nicely covered up by the belt loop by
the time we’re finished by the way you’re going to want to remove the tags
in back too because that’s where the seam is going to occur front and back sometimes the hardest part of the whole
job is going to be getting the brand and care tags off they’re sewn on so tightly
and I’m not going to opt to put it back on later so I’m mentioning it now in
case you want to you do it later when you’re finished hey super hero sewists doing your own alterations is the new sexy in sewing
learn to sew away instead of throw away your clothing fit problems and love your
new-found skill invest a little to save a lot and click the link in the
description below all that remains is getting the belt loop on and I’m just
gonna top stitch it on into place at the top and bottom all finished the and it’s
gonna look so smooth over her backside good job

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