Women’s Clothing Sucks? (Bad Clothes)

Why is women’s clothing so stupid? I’m talking about the sizes, the impractical designs And to be honest, how many pairs of jeans do you have that can actually fit a cellphone in their pockets? Probably not very many, right? Exactly! First off to point out how flaw the amazon.com review system is I’ve been encouraging people to that site and review my book As if that book were actually about Jurassic Park Nikola says that this book is “completely like Jurassic park.” “My favorite scene from the book” “was when the raptors were chasing the fat guy, and then the raptors ate the fat guy and the rainwater” “around him cinematically turned to blood.” That’s not almost verbatim what I told them to write Okay, so your mission if you choose to accept it Is to go to the link in the description And leave a review somewhat similar to the following Title, this book blew my freaking mind Bulk of the content, oh my god, this book was dirtier than Fifty Shades of Grey The constant hard pounding sex scenes and overwhelming size of the main character’s manhood Rendered me incapable of resisting the urge to gratify myself while simultaneously aggressively mashing the pages and moaning Through every orgasmic letter in this book Or something like that would be super great Hey, guess what? You don’t even have to buy the book or even read it Because that’s how the amazon review system works So here’s what a size eight in girls clothes means at different stores Obviously, different things Which is super annoying Because that means that in almost every store that you go to, you have to try on the clothes before you buy them Whereas when I go to stores like Buckle I can just tell them my size and it literally always fits Women’s clothes are so dumb “Same girl, same day, five different sizes.” You’ve got to be kidding me It’s like the heads of clothing stores all got together and made sure none of their sizes were the same For the sake of wasting women’s time Giving men a distinctive advantage of forwarding their careers While women are stuck in the dressing rooms, Illuminati conspiracy “Lizard people” How does one even do online shopping, exactly? A lot of times they don’t even have a sizing chart *grunts* “The good news for consumers is that manufacturers and retailers are beginning to think about transparency for sizing” It is 2015 and you’re just now thinking about that? What is the most important thing about our clothes? Probably whether or not they fit So it’s only the year 1900 Let’s sit on this for a hundred and fifteen years And then we’ll think about it *laughs* This person thinks that vanity sizing is the reason for it Or worse you might be implying that women love lying to themself Even though they don’t actually fit in a size eight, they love pretending they do So they go to stores that tell them they’re a size eight when they’re effing not Screw your feelings ’cause your feelings are screwing over everyone else Your pants size should be how many inches around your waist is Universally for everyone So we can focus on more important things This person’s talking about old navy charging for more for plus-size outifts Yeah, the more fabric you use, the more you should be charged That’s just common sense It’s just like a fat person paying for two seats on a plane when they take up two seats If you don’t like the fact that you’re charged more for taking up more space, then stop taking up more space It’s incredibly rare to find a person who is actually fat because it’s beyond their control Apparently, these chicks have to use a freaking computer just to find out what size they are that specific location That is so stupid! Some people even have to use body scanners, apparently Hey, so you invented a piece of technology that scans people’s entire body When you could’ve simply regulated clothing sizes To avoid to having to invent complicated machinery just to solve something incredibly simple According to this lot of one has fake pockets or no pockets which is like the same thing Because they’re fake Women’s logic uses tiny pieces of cloth Hates that men are always staring Now, of course it’s that or it’s freaking hot out And those clothes are basically a must Something really dumb about women’s clothing This dress is obviously not meant for cold weather A lot of times, you’ll see women wearing dresses like this Simply because they look good Did you know there are some literal facts about women’s skin is thinner than men’s skin? So let’s do the math Women’s skin is thinner and their clothing’s tend to be light Meanwhile it’s fashionable for men to wear heavier clothes Combine all these things and you’ll see why women are often so freaking cold “Hey, baby. Would you like to wear my jacket?” “Yeah, duh” Shout out to clothing companies Come on, dude Come on


  1. One of my favourite things in the world is Japanese shoe sizes, because it's so simple that it's genius. How long is your foot? 22cm? Ok, you're a size 22. Seriously, how is this not a thing the world has caught onto yet?!

  2. I'm a girl and I have major problems with jeans. I'm skinny,tallish,and I like dark jeans (I'm not a goth tho) So I either get a size that fits everything except my waist or jeans that are short….Does anyone know good stores for this?

  3. I disagree that bigger sizes should cost more. I can help my weight, but i can't help that I'm tall or have broad shoulders. I have an average weight but still have to buy the biggest size and i can't control that.

  4. The messed up sizing on women's clothing is due to the fact that while the size of a man's body can be predicted using only chest and hip measurements, given that most men have similar proportions, women's proportions can vary greatly. Two women with the same shoulders will most likely have very different chests and waists. Therefore, each store designs its clothing based on the proportions its customers commonly have (or want to pretend they have) making the sizes very different.

  5. the struggle is so real. I have long legs and a short torso, which often makes it hard to find pants that fit my legs, and if I wanna wear a crop top it's like a normal shirt on me :/

  6. wait, some dudes don't have to look at the size chart everytime they buy? I'm a dude, and no brand ever fits the same, because they have different proportions. Like, Banana Republic shirts have a much more slim fitting shirts than stores like Macy's.

  7. girl clothing is ridiculous when it comes to size and quality. It's so hard to find girl clothing that's comfortable & jeans are hard to find in proper size.

    this is why I'll buy guy clothing at Kohls and girl clothing at hot topic, everything seems easier that way. 😂 except when I want skinny jeans or leggings

  8. Yes!!!! I'm always so fucking cold and have to wear like 5 layers just to be warm enough sometimes, and by then I look ridiculous lol!!!

  9. I was getting a jacket for my cousin for Christmas,she is a size 5 I took her to the store but she didn't know it was for her. The clothes were so tight she had to get a 14. My point:clothes for girls are way too tight.

  10. The only thing about plus size prices that bothers me is the fact that I'm NOT plus size. But in certain stores the size I have to buy is "larger" than in other store comparatively and therefore I have to pay extra for "being plus size"

  11. They do that shit with bras too. I literally have bras in every cup size up to a DD just because that what fits me from those various brands and stores

  12. Here a scary stories (I don't know what to put)

    I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my Bed."

  13. As a trans guy, I've had to deal with a lot of bullshit sizing with women's clothing. One day I would be a small, while the next day, I would probably be a 2XL. It was a rollercoaster. I knew that I was around a medium-large, but the sizing always varied and it sucked. I recently went vegan and began exercising more often, so I'm losing weight and now my clothes are becoming baggy. I really need to buy from the guy's section.

  14. Who's watching this in April 2017? 😂 I'm watching this on the exact day it was posted, just two years later 😭

  15. Fake or no pockets…we have a purse more likely to get robbed.. girls have thinner skin but society says to wear thin ass clothes..makes sense

  16. You know whats fun? If I order from an American company I'm at least 1 size smaller then usual, sometimes 2

  17. I went to Hollister's and the fabric on the girls' sweaters were paper thin. Meanwhile, the guys' sweaters actually were capable of keeping their wearers warm.

  18. Whenever I buy jeans they're either too tight around my hips or waist OR THEY DONT EVEN FO PAST MY FUCKING THIGHS BUR ARE BIG ENOUGH FOR THE REST OF MY LOWER HALF SO FUCK SIZING CHARTS sorry I'm so aggressive.

  19. I don't like shopping for clothes cause all the women shorts are all too short or too long for me

  20. Actually my phone -an lgk7-fits in my pocket, But most of my jeans are actually dude jeans since whenever i wear skinny jeans while skating they tear if i fall or arent that comfortable, While baggy ones are more comfortable,have rather large pockets and dont tear as easily….Just thought id share 😊..

  21. I'm fat and it's not under mt control. I weighed 103 lbs until I had to go on steroids and gained 70 lbs in 4 months. BTW, I pay more for my clothes.

  22. I like looking stylish while being comfy. Right now I'm wearing a really fricking comfy bvb t shirt and black leggings. I'm comfy and I look cute. Boom

  23. “How many pairs of jeans do you have that fit a cell phone in their pockets”

    Well literally all of them. Its why i bought them haha

  24. I love how the negative answer on the question "Did you like the video?" is "No! I refuse!! RAWR!!!!!!"- XD

  25. I understand the plus size being more expensive but what's the excuse with petite clothing? Those are also over priced and it makes no sense because less fabric… but whatever children's clothing is fine too.

  26. Women's jeans pockets don't fit ANYTHING in them! Some even have fake pockets. Like why? Why make the think it has a pocket when it doesn't?
    I dont go to shops that make me a smaller size I buy what I like based on style. I have two favourite pairs of jeans, ones a UK 10 the other is a UK 12. Both fit the same.

  27. I have three pairs of black skinny jeans (all the same, I just bought more of them so I can always wear one pair of them) and these are the only ones I can fit my phone in

  28. This is why when I shop I go know my men's size so that if I can't find women pants that fit I go to them men's and boom. I don't wast 3 hours looking for pants. Or shirts. Or clothing in general.

  29. 1:55 well no as I have a 26” waist but if I try on jeans that size they don’t fit over my hips (38”) so I find choosing jeans that fit really annoying

  30. he does not even have to ask he just puts his jacket on me and always has an extra just in case I'm cold 😇😊🎓💖

  31. So imagine you buy a shirt it fits my friend perfectly but it doesn't fit me and the only reason why it doesn't fit me is because my boobs are bigger than hers my life in a nutshell Forever 21 has begun to sell clothes with Asian people in mind I can't wear clothes Asian people make Because unless their boobs are fake they don't have boobs my friend though she can fit their clothes I can't fit the clothes even if I find something that fits my waist it will never fit my chest ever so I have to try on clothes nice real nice

  32. dud why did the first minute of this video have absolutely nothing to do with women's clothes???? Lol

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