Women Wearing Wedding Diapers?!

i think this is crazy socom sends me uh…
and email and the subject of the email is which he wear a diaper on your wedding day
how can i not repenting so i read it and it turns out that there is something known as
the bridal diaper does edits factors that how women wear on the right of way not that
picture ibook amused and strangely uh… excited by their preferred pat women weddings bridal diapers on their way uh… sell it they don’t have to worry about
going to the bathroom and you know it dealing with the big heavy trucks yet here’s the thing just don’t wear beata beata like there are ways around that you can wear
wedding dress that is ridiculous what was worth are you willing to take it jumping your underwear
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    If I were the groom, I don't care if she is miss universe, I would tell the shitty miss to go find someone else before I puke all over the wedding dress that she is trying to protect !

  2. Bridal diapers are a wonderful idea. Listening to a bunch of people complain about their one-sided nonsense and not looking at it from a reasonable viewpoint doesn't make it any less good of an idea.

    "Don't wear a big, heavy dress"? I have never seen any wedding dress, in photo or on a person, EVER, that wasn't big or heavy, with the one sole exception of the wedding dresses in Final Fantasy XI-a video game.

  3. @SSJ5Cloufiroth Yes, wearing a ridiculously priced, 50-lb dress that is so burdensome that you have to shit & piss yourself in order to not be inconvenienced by it for the sole purpose of impressing a bunch of people, most of whom you don't even know, is a wonderful idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. no the diaper is not a turn-off! ๐Ÿ™‚ It's a turn-on! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those who find it a turn-off need to open their eyes more to experiencing the finer things in life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @diapermalaysia husband wears a tuxedo. much easier to remove trousers than a heavy bridal gown. he has much better access to toilet than the bride.

  6. @rockabillycat1954

    Nowhere does it say she MUST wear a big clunky dress…..
    It's on the lady to choose an appropriate dress!!!

  7. @blupheonix44 i agree. not saying it's right or wrong. just answering a theoretical question. let's not forget though that it may not be a large dress that's the reason, it could very likely be a medical issue too. it's not unlikely that there have been many brides (and grooms for that matter) who have worn protection that day because they do it in their everyday lives as a necessity.

  8. @babylews hey dude, I completely agree with you and hope for the same thing with me, but I just voted up on your comment, can you vote up on mine for me? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks man! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @ela1979able Bitte nicht richter uns Amerikaner .. Es ist nicht cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nur Gott kann das! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Und die Deutscher menschen sind nicht alle konservativ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Einige sind liberal! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. These guys usually are just ridiculous, but this is a funny story. I could see why maybe someone would wear a adult diaper with some shorts over it if she had a medical problem but this is just nuts.

  11. hmm whats classier going to the bathroom like a normal person.. or literally walking around with a diaper full of shit or pee.. I'm a girl but I must admit Bridezillas has taught us women are insane when it comes to weddings.

  12. @kwaal – technically speaking, to a certain extent, everyone has a diaper fetish. It's just for a lot of people it gets repressed because their parents psychologically beat them as toddlers to feel disgusting, upset, humiliated and afraid at the mere ~thought~ of wearing a diaper.

  13. @kwaal yeah man i have the diaper fetish and most of it came from humiliation i know! Sry 4 my bad english btw!

  14. Omg what is the big deal it's only a diaper. If the husband truly loves her he wouldn't mind. My little sister chose to wear a bridal diaper on her wedding day. the only problems she faced were me teasing her about it since she will always be my baby sister

  15. I agree with user "hookedupsaltwater" If I loved her and we were to get married – I would not mind at all if she wore a bridal diaper. I would even change it if I had to, Besides its only "just in case" something happens. I would rather have her pee in a diaper than all over the floor and her expensive dress.

  16. @PharaohessSetsume I totally agree! I had my wedding dress custom made and shipped from Malaysia for $120 and I wouldn't trade it for a $5,000 one!

  17. @bdbaileydown u need to get yourself in check. If u had a sister, you wouldnt want me to say disrespectful things about her.

  18. not dumb idiot usually it'd be for having to pee, people can hold their poop longer than peeing and you wont get rash if you use baby powder lol

  19. I bet that girl making fun of the bridal diaper wore one or will wear one on her wedding day and that guy is just mad because his bride didn't wear one and she shit some time in the wedding in her dress and stunk the hole ball room or room up !

  20. Or at least, using the diaper and change when opportunity arrives. One can use the diaper and change them a little while after if the wedding dress is "heavy" and you know you won't be able to make it to the bathroom in time with all the people or whatnot hindering you when you actually need to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to wear them (the diapers) and change out of them if you know you wont make it in time when putting on the dress. (Be it in a wedding our a party dress)

  21. i hate these liberal bastards all they do is make fun of people no one is perfect and you to are definitely far from it

  22. WTF! That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard in all eighteen years of my life. I can't believe any bride would wear one of those ungodly things. No bride in the right mind.

  23. @babylews No no no, you said that our fetish is adult diapers like these brides wear. I was asking you if you liked just the diapers, or the fact that the brides are USING them.

  24. @babylews Fair enough. Thanks for elaborating. I have a strange fetish, but I'm still too shy to talk about it openly. Luckily it's fairly low-key and doesn't need a partner to help out. I'm glad you took the time to talk about it with me ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you find your beautiful diaper-wearing woman someday!

  25. I don't understand why people with a fetish or genuine need for diapers are getting offended. They aren't making fun of you. They are making fun of woman who never wear them, being willing to wear them on their wedding day just to save an extra 5 minutes in the restroom. (Which IS kinda silly.) So calm down please.

  26. What the fuck?? how are you supposed to feel beautiful and sexy at your wedding, when you are wearing a fucking soiled diaper?!?!

  27. @ymistillavirgin Well, I'm sorry If I offended you, I didnt mean to. I'm talking about people who are wearing them just because they are too lazy to go to the bathroom, and then continuing to wear the used one for the rest of the day. Surely people who wear them because they need to, change them as soon as they get an opportunity. I know I flipped out in my first comment, but this story just blew my mind.

  28. @itscat92 no offense at all.
    i do find it disturbing as well. people are just lazy losers.
    i embrace my minor disability. and other people should feel the same if they have incontinence. they are kinda sexy!

  29. I saw an episode of CSI… something or other. and they mentioned this, I figured it was just a joke. but I do see why some women would want these, one question though; do they make them for the groom too? I mean the guys are on nearly the same tight schedule.

  30. Ain't that what the bridesmades one job is? Hold up the dress so the bride can use the toilet with out a probelm? I asked my wife this question and she sayed they do help out with that issue. Before my wedding I did not eat, and drunk just enough water so I would not pass out I also took a double dose of anti diarrhea pills to make sure my nervous stomach would not be an issue.

  31. I feel a bride should where a diaper if she has her period, god forrbid. But think about it. Some girls don't use tampons and don't like birth control pills, and they use condoms only so unless they can see the future, or can figure out there period timeline perfect I think it's a good saftey feature. If your going to crap go in the bathroom. If you need to pee, again saftey feature. Other then that I see no issue with a diaper as long as it's changed a lot, and kept secret! Not a big deal.

  32. you people are so close minded . kiss the bride then take her to the back and change her diaper ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. i have a diaper fetish, if i get married changing my brides diaper would be a highlight of the wedding.

  34. What would be better after a long wedding than going up to bed, changing your brides diaper, then giving her a 'kids' down there, then consomating your marriage?

  35. I love women wearing diapers, I wear them and I would wear them, all without changing and get married in just; a diaper

  36. The women who wear diapers make the right choice, they can go to bedroom with her husband after the wedding and get off the diaper before the night with no matter !
    If my wife do that, i will respect is choice and agree with her on their choice. (not only because i'm a diaper lover)
    I hope you understand the message, english isn't my mother tongue.

  37. My question is, why wear some huge gown and a diaper? Why not wear some kind of micro-skirt gown and wear a diaper, so that everybody can see your diaper?

    Um… am I addressing this issue from the right angle?

  38. "Diapers are a massive turn off."
    I disagree. Diapers are a gigantic turn on. There are people who have the public ceremony and then the private one. The private is you, select friends and everyone's diapers.

  39. These people are clearly closed minded individuals. Guess what! Men AND women are wearing diapers for pure enjoyment. Now I know u don't understand. I am medically needy. Therefore I have to wear them. But don't be inconsiderate dickholes and chuckle and act like omg its so outta whack that this happens. Shutdown your channel your morons…u clearly are wannabes for new people…

  40. She says don't wear a big heavy dress. Part of being a bride is looking amazing and the big heavy dress does that. I didn't wear diapers on my wedding but going to the bathroom was a pain

  41. Why wouldn't they just wear a less complicated dress? I think you've struck upon the answer. This was a hoax. Btw, that first picture is a very large man.

  42. I'd love my bride to wear a diaper on her wedding day. After she'd finished peeing in it all day long I happily change her and put on her soaking wet diaper. What a wonderful intimacy sharing someone else's diaper.

  43. what if you had a wedding and you had to go to the bathroom but you'd have to stop the wedding to do so. i'm come on who in the right mind would interrupt there own wedding NO ONE!

  44. The girl from TYT wore and wears diapers as she has her own issues that aren't ever discussed, but when one two many people say something about her "diaper " issue, it causes her to cave in and admit she is a diaper wearing gal who isn't married, but will probably wear a diaper on her wedding night, so I haven't the slightest clue to why she even get's involved in this conversation.
    ย Maybe to cover up her own diaper wearing. Probably so…
    She has suffered with wetting issues for years.. She should be more open about her diaper wearing as this is the perfect opportunity to come out clean on her own problems..
    ย And that is your lesson for the day for anyone who watches this >>>………………

  45. I like this idea because some women get so excited they might pee only by accident, and change into panties as soon as possible. Thats the only thing I can think of, otherwise Shame on You!!! lol

  46. Well, if the bride and groom have a diaper fetish, then it would be heaven for them. This is still a gross idea though……

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