Women Try Forever 21’s Business Casual Clothing

– You could get creative in my closet, like you were going to a theme party where you were dressing business casual. (uptempo music) – My last job was business casual attire but I never dressed business casual I always wore jeans. – Maybe on like a job interview. It was fake, it was
like me putting a blazer over a mini skirt. – I used to be in FBLA
and for my competitions in public speaking, I would have to wear business casual clothing. – I am not a big fan of
business casual attire, I’m more artistic so I like to
wear whatever I want to wear. – My style is very based on
what I feel in the moment, sometimes I really hip
and trendy and I’ll like wear leggings and a crop top. – Forever 21 has pretty much everything. Do I feel like they have
business casual clothing? Maybe. – I feel like Forever 21
is like a little bit more like if you’re ready to go out,
a little bit slay Instagram kind of thing. It’s not the kind of
place where I would feel that I can get the look that I want. – I am seeing a lot of button downs. A jumpsuit, which I
would have never thought is considered business casual. – This is a very short
skirt for business casual, I feel like. – I just want like a nice heel, I think that’s like my
next adventure in life. – I think I found everything that I want and we’re just gonna order
it and see what happens when it gets here. (upbeat music) – I love the pattern mixing, I love this like hounds
tooth, it’s like hounds tooth on hounds tooth but like one
is like enhance hounds tooth. And one is like blown out hounds tooth. – [Alaina] Yeah. – It’s a lot of boobies and leggies. I’m not opposed to that either. Like I love it but I can’t believe that that would be titles like business casual look. – Is this really business casual, Alaina? Is this really? It doesn’t look business casual. (laughs) – [Alaina] What do you think? (laughs) – I’ll say this is the most stark contrast between business and casual I have seen in an outfit before. – I’m literally alone
in a conference room. I just had an actual business meeting. I started getting really anxious. No one was even looking
at me I was on my computer for the most part but
I think it’s just been like a day where so many
people have been like commenting and critiquing on this outfit. And like I’ve had people
tell me I look sexy and people just like tell me I look sassy and just like a lot of
words that like honestly I don’t really want to
have associated with me in the work place. (upbeat music) – Skirts good, – The top is. – The top is a lot. – The top was a mistake. I don’t know why I picked this. – Just like snip, – Yeah. – Snip. – You look very professional
considering you wear sweats a lot of the days which I don’t mind, I wish I was in sweats right now. But I like it, I don’t know how I feel about the poof, it’s a lot of poof. – Those heels bro, mad profesh and a little bit, a little bit sexy. – So I’m here on my favorite couch, I sit here every day for
at least, I don’t know, three or four hours and I
feel really uncomfortable and self conscious in
this outfit on this couch because I can’t slump
over like I usually do. I have to keep my legs crossed so there’s definitely an air
of restriction about this. – I think it’s a little
more formal than casual. – Oh. – I think that the piece
that makes it casual is the sleeves and maybe
even the fit of the skirt but I think you can
kind of get away with it as a little bit more formal. (upbeat music) – It’s like Joyce getting her groove back. – I love this. – [Coworker] I never see this side of you. – [Joyce] You know it’s
a business, who’s that. (laughs) I don’t know who that
Joyce is, she’s dead, I’m a professional, I’m Patricia now. Wearing the suit has definitely
made me way more productive. – I really like the top. – [Joyce] Mmhmm. – And the pants. – [Joyce] Mmhmm. – But maybe a different shirt. – I’ve done like way
more business meetings and stuff like a lot of
power work was on me. – I’ve got to admit it
was a lot more challenging than I thought it was gonna be. I think because a lot of
people just like straight up laughed at me when I was
like this is supposed to be business casual, they just laughed. It’s like these pieces are
super cute individually, put them together and
like don’t go to work. Don’t do it. – At the end of the day I think that wearing a business suit definitely made me feel more
powerful, more ready to go and I think I’m gonna look
for more in the future. – So I’ve definitely started
to adjust to this look. It’s not my go to and people
have definitely noticed it in the office, I’ve been
getting a lot of compliments on how people actually like this outfit, so I guess my perspective
on business casual has changes in that I
like it a little more than I thought I would. It’s not necessarily going to be something I do every day, but maybe
once or twice a week I’ll put in a little bit more effort because it’s nice. (upbeat music) – Hey Unsolved is on a new channel, and now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.


  1. yeah soooo none of these outfits were business casual… you can dress cute wearing business casual but THIS isn’t it

  2. Is it possible to do that with more sustainable brands/thrift shops? Like it is 2018 and people are trying to wake up so keep doing video on those huge brands is not doing a great service to the planet…

  3. Probably wouldn't be so "out there" and "not professional" for the first outfit if you put something on under the blazer/shirt thing. It doesn't look like something intended to be worn on its own. That being said, you do you fam. I ain't the titty police. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

  4. Truthfully I don't think any of these outfits were business casual, and maybe that's because these girls are used to dressing more artistically. Perhaps it would have been more effective if others had chosen their outfits for them; for someone that works in a business casual space, I wouldn't wear any of these outfits and feel appropriate.

  5. Ahaha that is NOT business casual, try going to work in an actual business environment that isn’t an internet company where everybody ‘slouches’ on a couch for 3 hours a day and they would literally send you back home.

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  7. Ummm yeah. That first outfit needed a button down shirt.That is not business casual. Banana Republic and J Crew are great. Everlane as well. Forever21 just looks cheap

  8. Looking at those pieces you can do buisness casual, but they just chose horrible outfits (for buisness casual). If you're wearing a croptop or no shirt, you are not buisness casual. If your blazer is longer than your skirt, you are not buisness casual

  9. A lot of people are harping on the outfit choices for their sexiness. But the gals weren't doing a dress business casual video they were trying out a business casual line from forever 21. Maybe it's the line

  10. Ladies, avert your eyes and walk past that store. You look like cheap Tinder dates. Which is fine, if you’re looking for a little side booty, but not for work.

  11. I would not have done that my dad works at the warehouse for forever 21 here in Lincoln heights California. And he has told me forever 21s clothes come from China in disgusting conditions and it smells really bad . He told everyone about that in my family and nobody shops there now .

  12. I am not a negative commenter but these outfits are a negative :/ not business casual at all. Very unrealistic

  13. My style depends on my mood sometimes I'm edgy sometimes casual sometimes cozy sometimes hipster sometimes a pink girl sometimes I like wearing darker clothes or a bit of all

  14. Second and third were business casual. Except if that was a tube top. The first one was not business casual at all lol

  15. That woman with the double breasted gray checkered jacket. That is NOT business casual. Where is the shirt underneath and where are the pants?

  16. I know buzzfeed is cool about talking freely about breasts but that can be uncomfortable for some people like Sheesh. Lingerie all day, new bra etc etc all the time

  17. You can make business casual look super artsy and fashionable. I’m an illustrator and graphic designer who has to wear business casual every day, I never have an issue putting fun outfits together that I feel put together in without sacrificing my own personal style. Buzzfeed is really reaching with trying to pump out content

  18. I wasnt a fan of the blazer and miniskirt look. The blazer wouldve been super cute with something… longer… but not because it was inappropriate, but because the outfit felt unbalanced (asymmetric is still a form of balance). I saw some really cute biz casual clothes and i think they just shouldve picked something they knew theyd feel comfortable in, not go too outside the box

  19. I feel like they just didn’t know how to style business casual like they had pieces that could fit but they didn’t wear them right

  20. I mean the outfits were horrible agreed but reading the comments of peoples dress code they have to follow. God dann. Not to tight, not to loose, not to short, no open shoes, not that much fluff, too much skin, no shoulders out etc. god damn I don’t wanna work in an office anymore.

  21. Honestly, maybe the second outfit would be business casual, but none of them really hit the mark. I work as a school counselor (which let me say, working in schools puts the CASUAL in business casual) and there is no way I could get away with any of this.

  22. I give them props for trying to get business casual from somewhere as trendy and young as Forever 21. I immediately knew that none of the looks they would choose would be appropriate for a business setting because it’s from Forever 21. That store is hit or miss… and you can’t get professional attire from there unless you get blazers and maybe some slacks or long skirt. You gotta pair their stuff with pieces from somewhere more business like express, Nordstrom or h&m. Let’s remember who forever 21s customer base is….

  23. Is this video just meant to drag F21? I've been in there before, and you can definitely put together a business casual outfit without all the boobs and legs. These ladies didn't try.

  24. Who was the Buzzfeed employee who thought to shop at F21 for business casual and not H&M and try to make it a serious video?????

  25. The Style is nice, but the material of these looks horrible as is usual with forever 21 clothing. You have to have the right material to look business-like as otherwise if it creases or looks badly made you might as well have went with a tshirt and jeans.

  26. Strange idea of business casual. It depends on the industry too. The creative industries have a lot more leeway. In the UK for all else, it means not a suit but still smart and very business like eg a grey/cream/white wrap over top with a grey pair of flared subtle checked, trousers and sling-back, patent kitten heels and some nice jewellery to compliment is typical smart, casual in the City of London.

  27. I swear As /Is employees physically cannot wear anything that's not revealing, extra or extremely form fitting. It's like their brains shut down any time they have to be "professional", "business" or "modest". They never do these challenges right because it's just not in their vocabulary apparently 😥😪😫 it is so frustrating. Wish they'd do these things right! Still love the outfits tho

  28. I was so hopeful for this video because I've been really needing more clothes for work. I'd probably be in big trouble if I wore any of these items to work.

  29. You can see how cheap and thin the fabric is.

    If you wear a t-shirt or a button shirt it might be more business-y. Sucks how women's business clothing is meant to be sexy and form fitting. Like we can't exist unless our shape can be judged.

  30. How bout don’t buy from f21 and other fast fashion that is clogging up landfills and continually violating human rights in their factories. Buzzfeeders are always such loyal SJWs til it affects their convenience or fashion choices.

  31. The problem is, these outfits would only work if your personal style included elements of business casual but your institution had no dress code.
    For me for example, three out of three I would wear because my personal style includes pencil skirts, blouses, blazers and trousers on an everyday basis, but I'm at uni and we have absolutely no dress code whatsoever so I can be creative and wear bright colors or a crop top with a blazer without anyone complaining that it's not actually business-appropriate.
    But if your actual employer-prescribed appropriate attire is business casual, you can't show up in miniskirts, crop tops or just a bra and a blazer, cause technically none of those are business casual as whole outfits, they just combine a bunch of business/business casual pieces with some casual/trendy ones, which does not make it business casual.

  32. Omg I have Kristen’s dress! It’s from the plus size section of forever 21. Wait is everybody in the video wearing F21 or is it just a coincidence…?

  33. The girl who was saying she was more artistic so she liked wearing whatever she wanted…. uh yeah that's literally everyone. I don't think anyone is crazy about dress codes…

  34. Guys forever 21 actually has a ton of cute blouses and pants that will pass as business casual. This is not a good representation of what they offer. This is buzzfeed business casual but not real work business casual

  35. I work at forever21 and you can definitely find business casual outfits. What they picked is what they assume would look good or what they wanted to wear. If they had someone helping them with styling they could of landed the looks.

  36. Why are there so many videos of buzzfeed and forever 21? Don't you guys know how forever 21 makes their clothes in sweatshops paying their workers under one dollar a day and forcing them to work extremely long hours? Do you ever wonder why their clothes are so cheap? Because they trap children in their business and force them to make your clothes. The next time you think about all the deals at forever 21, think of the people in sweatshops barely surviving. Pay just a little more money for your clothes and you might just save a child's life.

  37. As a business student, I personally saw their attempts as fails. Did they even look up what business casual means? There was too much skin and clubbing vibes and not enough business.

  38. This flop had nothing to do with Forever 21, but the ladies. From what I saw, the website had quite a few pieces they could've put together to be business casual. Come on now 🙄. I'm 18 and know you're not supposed to dress like that. The long skirt and blouse was the closest to something that worked and was still a no

  39. You’re showing your cleavage at your work place and expecting people not commenting about it? It isn’t either business or casual!!! It’s unusual and inappropriate

  40. Joyce has such a nice voice. I want videos of her reading fairytale stories about girl knights and princesses and dragons.

  41. Okay, but there are SO many things at F21 that could actually be considered business casual. If they actually tried then maybe they would have been more successful in their attempt to dress like they work for a company that doesn’t allow you to wear sweats to work. 🤔

  42. "people tell me I look sexy or sassy but those are honestly words I dont want to have associated with me" well then honey put on an actual shirt for starters I know its shocking.

  43. to everyone saying that you couldn't wear this… well the point of the video was seeing if forever 21 could actually have appropriate clothing for business. obviously not but alot of people were confused lol

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