Women Try Extreme Yoga

– [Selorm] Ghost twerk on a friend. We’re doing yoga, yogi, yogi, yoga. – [Maya] Eww, I don’t
want you booty juice. – You know what, I don’t
have juice in my booty. That’s a lie. (hip hop music) – This week we’re trying
three different types of yoga. I don’t yoga ever. Is that how you say it? – I’m not a big yogaer. I don’t get why people
are so obsessed with it. So it’d be cool to see something that is a little bit different, but, still yoga. – I’m just gonna dive head
first into some extreme yoga. We are doing aerial yoga. – I saw Pink do this in a video once. If Pink can do it, we can do it. – We’re gonna be Pink. The YogaScape, I guess it’s
like were in the room and it’s dark and it’s gonna glow
in the dark and the last yoga we’re gonna do is aqua yoga. I’m a little afraid of the
water so, uh, definitely gonna wear a shower cap ’cause um. – That’s when Downward Dog
turns into Drown-ward Dog. Get it? – I think that this is going
to be less scary because we are doing this together and we got this. We’re gonna do it and we’re
gonna do the thing well. – We’re gonna do it well. (beatboxing) – We’re gonna do some aerial
yoga and some aqua yoga, maybe some Yogascape and we’re
gonna be super exhausted. Exhausted. – Exhausted. ‘Cause it’s yoga. – I’m half excited and half like, damn, what did I get myself into. – [Khalia Frazier] I’m Khalia Frazier an instructor here at Air. The posture we’ll be doing today is a combination of yoga and then,
our Air Foundations Class, which is a lot of upper body,
core and stability work, some lower body work, some inversions and tricks to get you upside down. – [Maya] You ready? – [Selorm] Yep! – Let’s do it! (rap music) (grunting) – [Khalia] Hands up, chin to your chest. Lift your feet up off the
floor, open them legs up. – [Selorm] One of our first
challenges was being upside down with our legs spread out. Oh my God! Maya, save me! – [Maya] I don’ know what’s
happening over there. – [Khalia] Open your legs
wide, okay, there you go. – It didn’t feel that great. I was like has she been
doing some pole lately. – Shut up – I’m too holy for that, my abala taught me not to open my legs. I got a lot of weight
down here in my bottom and I have no core strength. I don’t know how I’m gonna lift myself up. (screams) – [Khalia] Feet up, feet up,
bring ’em off, there we go. (screams) – [Maya] It end up being really difficult to get ourselves up. – [Khalia] There we go. – [Maya] Oh my gosh. – [Selorm] We know how to do it. – [Khalia] Give a little
lift to your hips. – Yasss! It won’t go! I’m falling down! – [Khalia] You can do this sexy body roll. – I don’t know. We need a break for a second. I ended up having like a lot
of bruises on my legs and my hips which is fine ’cause
they’re all battle scars. – The hardest thing for me was
the last thing that we did. We got in a cocoon and
then, we just had to lift ourselves up with our abs. (screams) It looks like I have abs you
guys, but, don’t be fooled. I struggled with it. (chattering) But, Maya and the
instructor really helped me. – For bootylicious Beyonce’ come on girl. – I was able to get up
at least for a second. (screams) – Yes! (screams) – It was great that we were
tryin’ to support each other, but, her foot was in my face, like the entire class challenge. – I told you, I have bata sucias, which are like, dirty feet. It’s hard Selorm, my feet. – Maya, your feet! Get off me! – This is the life. – I feel like the baby with
no support for my head. That was awesome. – On to the next yoga class. – [Steven Earth Metz]
I’m Steven Earth Metz here at Earth’s Power Yoga. We’re gonna do a vigorous
power yoga session in our Yogascape, which is our
surround video wall system. – It’s hot ya’ll. I’m from Arizona. I thought I got outta the heat. I always get moody whenever
it’s hot and I sweat. Looks like I’m crying, but, I’m not. – And tilt to the front. That’s good, now, we
don’t wanna make you cry. – [Selorm] She’s crying – [Maya] When I started
doing the first couple poses, I kept wobbling, but, the
more I just focused, I’m like girl stop thinking and just
think about where your body is going to go. Steven’s gonna help me. It’s gonna be chill. If Selorm falls, I’ll laugh at her, I’ll feel better about myself. It’s okay. (record scratch) – I like the heat a lot. Doing it in a hot space,
the Yogascape, the music, everything really came together. I feel like I’m in tune with
the physicality of my body. Slipping! I’m sweaty. – [Steven] Just lift your
feet up a little bit more. Yeah, like that. You’re gonna slide a bit
’cause you’re sweating and that’s normal. Don’t worry, if you weren’t sweating, then, I’d be concerned. – It’s almost like a detox. – And I kind of felt more
like calm and less stress. – See how easy that was. You guys did fine. – I taste my sweat, it’s very salty. – The warrior pose, I felt
comfortable with that, but, with all the poses, I still
got unbalanced at least once. – I feel like in the aerial
one, I did that last pose. I was like, yes. In this one, you like totally rocked it. – [Steven] Lean in your
left foot and just try and just lift this leg up. Now, straighten up your back. Straighten it up. There it is. – I got half way there. I guess it all takes practice. Like honestly, if we both did
this a lot more, we could do what all those other people are doing. – Come up to a simple seated pose, just with your legs crossed in front. Bring the hands in prayer position and we say the word Namaste. – [Class] Namaste – And that’s it. That ends our class. – I need a nap. – I need a nap and a pool. – [Sue Gisser] Welcome to H2yOga. My name’s Sue Gisser. I’m the creator of the program. H2yOga is a completely
unique form of water yoga. We combine water weights
with traditional yoga poses in dynamic flows to create
a virtually gravity free work out that’s not like anything else. – So, as you can see right
now, I’m wearing a cap and Maya decided that she’s too cool for caps. – I’m a little afraid of
the water so, uh, definitely gonna wear a shower cap,
shower cap, shower cap. – I’m not bitter. (instrumental music) – Let’s do this In the beginning, I was like, what are we putting on our body? I’m gonna look like a fool with this. – [Sue] Zen frog arm is one. – [Maya] It was kind of a learning curve. There were moments when I didn’t know what the (beep) we were doing. The direction was really fast. My head was going in all
these different places because I was trying to remember all
the little things we were supposed to do. – Superman arms is three. – We had to really focus
and think about our core, so that we wouldn’t fall over, so that we wouldn’t fall forward. – [Sue] Rolling like a
ball, over it and back. – -[Maya] We almost like
hit each other in the face – [Selorm] Yeah. – Bring your legs open. Keep your legs straight. Swan your spine. – I poked your butt, I’m sorry! – She poked my butt. – I did! – I had no idea how are we
gonna do these yoga poses like downward dog in the water,
but, we ended up doing like, the upside down, downward
dog, which was really cool. – [Sue] Exhale plank,
bring your legs open. If you’re holding your
breath when you transition, it’s actually harder. The only thing we can ever
control is what we let go of and that’s true with our breath too. – So many life quotes are so true! – [Sue] So many life quotes. – [Selorm] So, in the end, we
were able to put everything we learned together to get
through an entire venyasa flow. – [ Maya] But, we started
floating away from each other. – A vinyasa float. (record scratch) – At one point, we looked at
each other because we were facing our back towards her. It was just a total, like, oh crap. – I was like, where are you? (laughs) – Life is wobbly. – At the end of it, I got
super emotional because we started talking about how your strength correlates with life. – Unlimited awareness in
me, creates new strength, new flexibility, better balance
and greater personal power alongside the unlimited awareness in you. – And, I was like, yes, this
relates to my life right now. I’m like literally tearing up! – This is me clapping with my noodle, yay. – It’s a salt-water pool,
feel free to add to it. – That’s why it was salty. I was wondering. – Wow! Every single
yoga was an experience. The water yoga I loved so much. My body and the water just,
like, vibed so well together. The other two, I feel
like, man, do I just suck. – Maya, we’re polar opposites. My favorite one was actually hot yoga. I loved being hot. – The fact that it made me moody
right off the bat, I was… – You can’t stand the heat,
stay outta the yoga studio. (giggles) – The only thing that really
made me feel comfortable in the hot yoga was seeing Selorm there. She was a familiar face and um (meows) (giggles) I really enjoyed seeing her, like, kill it on this one move. That was, like, your moment. – You know what Maya, you’re
down-stepping yourself. We both have such different
strengths, but, I think that when we try different
things, it really shows. – We swung up in the air, we
sweated our booties off and we swam like memrmaids under water. Weird yoga… – Rad or fad? Rad! – See you in the next episode. (clicks tongue) (pop music) (pop music) (pop music)


  1. one of the best things buzzfeed has done lately, sick of the same old formulas and groups, this girls are great!

  2. I spy that gymshark and also ive been doing ariel yoga for like 4 lessons and i actually really enjoy it after the first lesson ❤

  3. I can't imagine how long it took Maya to straighten her hair and when you sweat, your curls come back to life 🤦‍♀️

  4. Been doing aerial yoga for a few months, totally love it! It's a lot of fun once you figure out exactly where to sit the hammock on you so it doesn't bite in (she mentioned bruises and stuff).

  5. Maya with her hair straight, it looks so good (don't get me wrong, it also looks incredible curly, don't get me wrong)

  6. I'd want to try aerial yoga, but I'd get tangled up so quickly it wouldnt be funny, and if I did do it right, I'd tear so much many ligaments.

  7. I am Indian and I f*cking hate yoga! Just because of my heritage everyone expects me to like it. I don't. The only people who do yoga are already thin and flexible with a few exceptions. Not for me.

  8. I litterly had a ad saying …… exercising is bad for you because pushing yourself to exercise is bad for you

    only exercise when your body is fully healthy.If you have been eating unhealthy and push yourself to exercise , you can pull muscles

    Exercise if you know you have been eating healthy.

    Suggested to eat healthy for three months then exercise because you will be nourished enough and won't pull any muscles

    Your friendly friend

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