Women Find Out How Much They Spent On Clothes in Their Closets

I didn’t realize I had a denim finish today we’re gonna take stock of everything in our closets and figure out how much it’s worth including our clothes bags and shoes shoes they’re gonna kill me you’re spending in small amounts yeah so I feel like you forget what what the total is you spent over time it’s probably scary I am really really curious just see like how much it’s worth I feel like I’m at this point in my life maybe spending a little bit too much I’m like I’m close I do a lot of retail therapy where I’m like feeling a little sad today looks like browse online I feel like I’m the opposite though I literally always go to the back of the store to find a good sale so we’re gonna take all of our items and put them in a spreadsheet and if we can’t remember the original price or we don’t have a receipt we’re gonna use a comparable item from the same brand and use that as the price I don’t know 2500 god I feel like I’m gonna be so off oh my god I forgot shoes oh yeah let’s say 3,000 my guess is very specific okay my guess is that my closet is worth two thousand and 983 I’m nervous I don’t know why this like gives me anxiety I just really want to be accurate with my number I know I’m gonna have to spend less I can already feel it there’s some stuff from like a while back ago and I feel like a lot of things that I’ve only worn once which is a shame this outfit has been there for me throughout all my job interviews I think I’ve worn it for like three job interviews usually got him with this outfits I think this was probably 1999 didn’t realize I really like buying denim shorts every summer way to shore next they all look exactly the same Sheila did I buy so many of these shorts I don’t know why yeah I didn’t know I had an obsession for denim until I actually looked through my closet I’ve never even worn this there’s one item that I got that I spent a little too much for I felt like I spent $80 on this and I’ve only worn it for half a day you know it just doesn’t it just didn’t look as good as it did when I tried it in the sitting room who knows I might need it for a 70s party I got this for like 200 probably almost $300 love Selena Gomez she wraps Texas I love her and she were just very similar to this morning probably a few times since then so I’ve definitely got my money’s worth some of the issues I’ve had for years years oh this one I’ve definitely worn this way many times like it’s already falling apart but I still find a reason to like wear them these I spent like I think nineteen dollars at Target this I got a really good cell at urban you’re not gonna believe how much this cost me just cost me three bucks this is my closet [Music] another bodysuit they all just have like I love wearing black and they feel like they all have like their own uniqueness to it is style this is your house of Seabee black satin dress floor-length marley looks like a retailed for like $2.99 how many hundred and eleven I’m going to take these numbers and crunch them and we’ll figure out how much human fell away how much how much from your analysis I don’t know I’m not a scientist I’m just gonna I’d tell the spreadsheets add it together I don’t know these are all my precious friends I love them very dearly I’m a little nervous because who wants to put a monetary value on friendship there’s a lot of crop top I have this crazy billowy sleep thing that I love to wear I mean I have this it’s a co word I really loved it because it was so hard to get yeah I don’t wear it super often but it’s really cool expensive it wasn’t cheap okay this I haven’t worn and there’s still attack on it this is my favorite jacket that I own I feel like it must have been in there like 58 $60 range in and it has these amazing Gold’s TAS lead things as I wear it all the friggin time probably too much this is our coat I impulse bought this at Zara for our holiday party two years ago however we’re all the time now okay here’s a black dress that I bought recently casual a black dress a little body pawn off the shoulder black trans velvet off the shoulder black dress that I wear to fancy things a black dress with a cool striped collar I don’t know I think there’s probably like 15 or 20 places [Music] it’s a doable amount of things to catalogue at least I hope [Music] so we’re going through Nina’s wardrobe and I’m really excited about the next item when you saw it what were you like what drew you to this it was it was unique and it was interesting it was different it seemed like a good way to spice things up without like doing too much so we’re now looking at the your famous graffiti sort of pop our crop top set how much do you think it was for you looking up your 20 jacket is 87 and the skirt is 45 okay so you’re right as close we did it we finished now what I don’t know how many I didn’t do that I think up my upper the upper limit of my guess was 150 so how many of you I have 96 96 oh just kidding 95 95 Wow so that was under what I thought oh you do have 96 actually just come in like nothing you don’t have as many things as I think that I do I’m going to calculate these numbers and I put them through the system and we’ll see how much it all is [Music] yeah how much you spend okay that’s not terrible it is a lot probably for the average person who like doesn’t do retail therapy okay that I do all right give me the shoes then again not terrible for the amount of shoes that I yeah I mean I guess that makes it I had two bags what’s the total a lot of money things that are where I think that’s right in the ballpark of like what I guess I’m aware of what I spend I don’t spend a lot at one time I just spent a medium amount over many times now it’s your turn to do this oh my god I’m nervous let the world see you for what you truly are 3118 and 57 how do you feel about that wait what Xing thing what remember we need for the ice but I didn’t say fairly I have like how many pairs of shoes not even now it’s like six pairs guess 400 is probably how much I spend in like five years so that’s not too bad yeah 193 is not bad dang I guess I said more than Nina I mean I don’t think I was too far off for my original guess I think that never like a thousand dollars off wait how much three thousand what eight hundred Oh I shop on the on sale section so this is kind of a revelation for myself I guess it kind of changes my mindset in the sense of how I shop because I buy a lot of like inexpensive little things and I kind of want to start investment or more quality things and actually wear it more often rather than just have random things in my closet that I think I might wear you know my number is probably pretty high but again like a lot of those pieces in my closet I’m worn a lot they have either happy memories associated with them or they make me feel really good about myself I feel like having a lot of clothes or things like for your aesthetic is something that’s very associated with women is anybody like shaming men for having like fancy watches or like buying expensive sports cars you know if that outfit that red top or that black shirt it really like makes you happy and makes you joyful putting it on I think that there shouldn’t be any shame and like buying something that makes you feel confident [Music] [Music] you [Music]


  1. Those aren't bad at all, especially if you account for how long they've kept some of those items. Also, this is retail value and not necessarily what they actually paid.

  2. My closet is worth more with less items. I tend to buy quality basics that will last me YEARS and it also helps I have a more classic style (ie I’m not too into trendy things). There are a couple of cheaper items in there but they’re few and far between. I tend to find that T-shirts from places like H&M and Target fall apart after two washes, so I avoid them. But a gal is all over more expensive pieces around Boxing Day etc

  3. @As/Is I haven't spent more than $30 on any single item in probably 5-6 years but I definitely have over 100 (maybe over 150) items in my closet. Kuddos to you for keeping it trim on how much you have and my stuff isn't even as cute

  4. If they did my huge closet it would be insane. Their closets are much smaller than mine. I have about 100 bodysuits to start..

  5. I don’t think the numbers are that bad idk, they didn’t buy it all at once, if they value the clothes they wear they are worth it 🙂

  6. I loooove this, I hope this becomes a series because it's interesting to see how many clothes they have and how many they've actually spent. I think it's a really good and reflective experience for the people doing it too, hehe.

  7. I never buy clothes and when I do it’s usually from Walmart. This video is definitely not for me!! My kids don’t care if I’m in something fashionable or clearance leggings.

  8. Yikes my closet is at $6000 and I don’t even buy expensive things I just have too much 😩😩😩😩😩 and bags – she only has 2? Teach me how to be practical!!

  9. The calculating part was so stupid… it's like: = SUM(columnx)*1.08 (or however much the California tax is right now)…

  10. I have my wedding dress in my closet. I live in a 4 season location, so I need a winter and summer wardrobe, including boots and jackets (winter jackets). I believe in investing in good (not designer) shoes, so they last longer. I would guess my closet would be over $5000 (being very conservative). It's not that hard to get over that. (I would say the worth of my wardrobe is over $8000 (conservative) since I get almost every single item on sale or clearance. Even my custom wedding dress was a steal).

  11. I think that at least 30% of the clothes in my closet cost me $0 because I got them from my siblings or friends. Surely, Nina and Shila have done the same thing? Or did Sara calculate the cost of each piece, assuming that they have spent a similar amount on clothes they traded with friends or gave away?

  12. Watch me with my shoe addiction rack up $5000 just in shoes.. doesn’t help that I work I a shoe store 😁😁

  13. I don’t think that’s a lot of money. I think it’s also interesting if you see what they paid versus what it costs too. Like I have 1 expensive bag, but I bought it 60% off so it didn’t cost me what the bag would be full price. Also I don’t know about them, but a lot of my clothes are stuff that I get from people so I don’t buy a whole lot.

  14. I calculated mine and it was $10,021 and that's not including workout clothes or swimsuits.. Also I literally own 78 dresses.. I have so much anxiety right now.

  15. I can look at any outfit in my wardrobe and tell you quite accurately how old the garment is and where I got it from. I don't tend to buy frequently but when I do by I make sure it's something that I'm actually going to love and wear and at that point cost is relatively small object. When I shop I also factoring any cost for alterations and repairs as that is part of the price of clothing. Speaking of which I currently have a dress waiting for me to repair my closet.

  16. These are actually really reasonable compared to what I spend on my clothes. It all depends on where you shop and how much you spend on each piece. Professional clothes also cost quite a bit of money so there’s no shame in spending more on high quality items.

  17. im sitting here thinking this is way too much money but actually I have probably spent the same amount and possess maybe more clothes bc I haven't decluttered since I was 13 so

  18. I’m scared to add up my wardrobe clothes 😬 maybe I should stop me from shopping here and there which adds up to a lot

  19. The bags for me would be the most. I have a lot of bags that cost waaay too much money. Bags and jewelry are the only nice things I buy for myself. With clothes and shoes I cheap out.

  20. I donate a lot of my clothes. I buy clothes that are on sale for less than 20. The only thing I splurge is on my business suits. I have about 5…. I get great use from them. I have an addiction to bags, but I used them a lot. I probably change them out more often than a normal person, but hey at least they are getting used.

  21. They arent accounting for how long they've had those clothes or any of the clothes they got rid of already, even from one year

  22. I'm a woman that only has one week worth of clothes and they all look pretty much the same (black t-shirts, jeans, hoodies). I just don't care.

  23. Dang….I was expecting more like $12,000+ especially living in L.A. and being on camera, I kinda figured they would buy more expensive boutique or some designer clothes every once in a while.

    …I guess I spend too much on clothes :/

  24. This video can't be completely factual! Unless they kept all their receipts! Clothing could have been given, on clearance or on sale!

  25. I feel ok spending now because I’m trying to build a wardrobe for a full time job and my professional life which means slowly phasing out sweatpants and leggings and replacing it with kitten heels and pencil skirts etc

  26. A "Spreadsheet Master" … and the sheet only has two columns? Brand, item type(dress, top, pants, skirt, shoes), color, retail price = at least 4 fields.

  27. Oh boy.. this was scary considering I have almost 500 items hanging in my closet alone.. that's not even including my shoes and folded stuff😬😬😂😂

  28. Beyonce reps Texas lol, I barely hear Selena talk about Texas unless someone ask where she's from. Anyways, I might have to take a look in my closet now after this.

  29. How do some women have so many shoes and clothes? I literally keep clothes until its ripping, and I have about 2 sets of shoes, being vans and converse. And why does one need so many purses and make up?! I dont wear any makeup, and I have one messenger bag, and I've probably saved myself lots of money.

  30. I would absolutely love to do this with my closet, but I'm terrified to find out the results even though I'm mainly shop at discount at stores.

  31. I've done this before. My parents made me. I could literally buy a large house. That was a year and a half ago. I am now thirteen turning fourteen in a few months. It has gotten much worse. Send help please.

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