Winy Smit-Viujk textile artist and her work

this knitted piece of work came about really a very long time ago I was helping Julia caprara out on the on the show and as a thank-you she gave me some Hanks of this yarn and I bought myself the needles and I played about with it and to be the part played about to get apart and then I hang it up on the wall like it is here on the three and I thought that's it that's the piece of work and then I started knitting all the rest so that's how it came about and the idea behind it is that I one of the themes I have in my work is motherhood and relationships and that's why this has called me and my offspring because I've done me and achill that the children I never had and the children the eggs that never developed and the children I always wanted I was robbed six children for example but never I've got three and that's really enough but the hankering was there when I made the sex that was it the hankering had gone the business it is that was for me really I what I do with my work it gets out of my soul and it's it's finished it's gone away and is a wool the only medium that you work this is not wool this is sperm sorry John you can they died no no these are used sarees or end of saris which they have spun and those the big ones these are really sort of ribbon sized pieces the other pieces are much thinner because they are much more fun than the big ones but you don't always knit no no so what's your other work no like no my other work is that I make in big installations of people and they are made of Dutch mosquito netting which is comes in white gray black all colors and these figures stand on on the skeleton of central heating pipes and the figures are usually white and I often make what I call roundels of patchwork with them to have the connections between them and the pieces in between the top and the bottom because of the central heating pipes they have to go in some way or another is machine embroidered yeah so that's the Bond theme and the other theme in my work is it has to do with the origins of religious when you know the cave people what what were they worshipping and I lived in Vienna for some time and they have got in the Natural History Museum the Venus of Willendorf which is one of the big finds of prehistoric artifacts and it's only that that big but it is so powerful so that's another theme in my work that I make you're not religious object but express my religion in you could say so one of the pieces of work I did was for prism a long time ago was the goddess in the nuggets of wisdom which is also a three-dimensional piece with with a cape and the Cape has artificial leaves and flowers and all that's an insight it's very colorful and there is a flat goddess in the shape of the goddess of Midland arms and then in front you will have black nuggets of wisdom and fortunately in Dutch I am Dutch and fortunate in Dutch it isn't the novice but it's the pearls of wisdom and they should be white so in Holland there was a big confusion when I had it the display there people didn't quite get even that's so it was a little bit lost in translation that was a little bit blossom translation yeah and the other big experience in exhibition I've had is an exhibition in Portugal two years ago and that came about because as a child I was between three and six I lived in Portugal and my father built a breakwater there for a fishing harbour and that little village called penny she used to have the political prison and it was in the time of Salazar and my mother befriended a woman whose husband was political prisoner in the prison and she said that I was going to visit him every stay and that's what I did until I was a child of five four or five until he was freed and I kept the friendship or they kept the friendship with my parents and later on with me and I'm still in contact with the family so I had an exhibition there a called friendship and freedom and that had all sorts of pieces related to friendship and to freedom and those pieces awareness they are still in Portugal because we want to try to get another exhibition there and there is an organization called a 25th of April because that is their day that Salazar or order the dictatorship fell and that's the end of the carnation revolution and we want to I've had three exhibitions how I want to have another exhibition there with pubs well thank you very much we'll watch your progress with interest thank you very much thank you

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  1. hi,   nice to see something similar to what I did a few yrs ago but still hangs on my lounge wall…………I knitted totally random wools, a scene from Scotland, it is about a meter square,    everyone loves and wants it…………….your work is lovely…..thanks

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