Winter Clothing Hacks You Need to Know

Winter Clothing Hacks You Need to Know

guys guess what yeah that's right winter it's coming it's coming for us that's cold the snow the wind all of it which means we need to prepare ourselves we've got some hair in my mouth though I have actually lived in the North my entire life so I've done pretty good and you know preparing for winter and dressing for the colder months and so I'm gonna share some of my favorite favorite favorite hat to make dressing for the cold weather a little bit easier let's do this okay so our first hack is for your button ups and your flannel I love flannel and the cold weather the only problem with button ups is if they don't have any stretch and they're a tiny bit tight you'll get buckling sometimes between the two buttons and it creates this big hole really easy fixture this is just to keep fashion tape around I have fashioned tape in my house at all times it saves you from so many fashion blunders the cool thing about fashion tape is you can use it to adhere fabric to fabric or fabric to skin so in this case we're going to use it to adhere fabric tip fabric to stop this buckling place the tape on the bottom half of the top piece of your button-up and then go ahead and stick it to the bottom piece this will keep everything laying nice and flat you don't need to worry about any gapping with your button ups all right this next tip is going to help your itchy sweaters now my style icon is Comfort so if something's not comfortable it's not gonna fly in itchy sweaters are honestly the worst and I know that people will like just put a t-shirt on underneath it but then your arms are still itchy and then you're having to wear two layers and you don't want to listen there's no time in my life for a few sweaters you can fix it with a really easy DIY all you need to do is take the sweater and soak it in some cold water with about three tablespoons of white vinegar let it sit in there for about 15 minutes and make sure that the entire sweater is thoroughly saturated remove the west's sweater and gently massage a ton of hair conditioner in to the sweater and all of its five you want to be very gentle you want to avoid any stretching because you don't want to stretch out your sweater let that conditioner sit on the sweater for about 30 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with lots of cold water very gently again don't stretch press out the excess water from the sweater once it's completely dry you're going to do one final step and you're going to stick it into the freezer put it in a ziplock bag and put it into your freezer overnight and then take it out the reason that this works is sort of the same way that conditioning your hair works the conditioner is going to penetrate the fibers smoothing them and just like cold water helps to tame frizz and make your hair look smoother it's going to do the same thing with the fibers of your sweater all right this next hack is all about Larry when it comes to the cold weather Larry is boss but sometimes getting in the lair and look just right can be a little bit tricky so here are my two tricks the first one is if you are layering pieces that are closed in the front so like sweaters and sweatshirts the tip here is whatever garment is closest to your body should be the longest and then you're gonna get progressively shorter as you work outward now the hacker reverses if you were wearing items of clothing that are open like kimonos or cardigans or blazers in this case you want the shortest garment to be closest to your body and you want to get progressively longer as you work your way out so maybe you're going to wear a tank top that hits you right above your hips then you're going to put on a flannel that's a little bit longer hits you just below your hips and then wear a long cardigan that goes down almost to your knees so in general the tip is if the items are open in the front you want to go from shorter to longer on your way out and if they're closed items in the front you want to go from longer to shorter on the way out all right this next pack is how to wear your favorite summer dresses in the winter honestly I like getting dressed up I like having clothes I like shopping but I hate having way more pieces in my closet that I need to I just get overwhelmed it's like more laundry and more things to think about so any piece that I can find that it's versatile is cool by me so when it comes to your favorite summer dresses there are three ways that you can make this work for colder well the first one is to put a really cute blouse underneath a sleeveless dress this immediately makes this dress plenty warm enough obviously you could throw some tights on to the next tip is to take one of your favorite cozy sweaters and you just throw this right on top of one of your favorite dresses this immediately transforms the dress into more sort of of like a skirt and I also think that sweaters just look really great with dresses underneath I think it's really feminine and cozy and cute not to mention it is so so comfortable my final tip is to take one of your favorite button ups whether you take a chambray top or you take a flouse and what you're gonna do is you're gonna put this on over top of your dress you're gonna button it about half of the way down and then you are going to tie off the button up sort of like you're doing like a Daisy Duke sort of like tie off and then you can just sort of flip it inside out so you're flipping the tie piece up underneath this immediately transforms any t-shirt or sleeveless dress into something with longer sleeves not to mention it makes the dress look like a totally new dress you guys next act is like my favorite thing that I've ever discovered ever girlfriend over here is tall and 5/9 I got pretty long legs in high school I had the nickname of daddy longlegs when I say I had the nickname of daddy longlegs I mean like two people called me that because I wasn't that cool but I got really long legs I'm not complaining I love my log legs I do but it makes find certain things a little bit tricky like finding dresses that are actually just t-shirts on me the other thing that's really hard to find is cute over the knee boots that are actually over the knee really easy fix to this you can turn pretty much any boot into an over the knee boot all you need to do is get a pair of over the knee socks in the same colors this tensor is the best with grey or black boots and it's gonna be really hard to match your brown boots with socks but over-the-knee socks always tend to be really really long and they have a lot more give and stretch them so you can pull them up way over your knee and then just put on a pair of the same colored boots you can even just put on a pair of booties it doesn't even matter you immediately are going to get that illusion of the over-the-knee look I totally love this hack obviously for all my long legged friends but really it works for anybody why buy him you can just get the same appearance doing this my next tip is for all of your tights I love tights this time of year I layered them with all sorts of things my tip is as you put on your tights and you're actually in the house always give them a light misting of a strong hold hairspray what this is going to do is not only remove any static cling from the type but also sort of gives them this like protective layer which is going to help prevent any pilling or running of your eyes alright guys that does it for all of my cold-weather fashion hacks I hope that you enjoyed this video and it helps you out a little bit as we get prepared for the cold months ahead of us unless you're one of those people who live somewhere where it's not cold I don't know why you'd want to do that I live somewhere where it's sunny all the time and you can wear shorts all the time full pumps ice that just seems ludicrous I don't know why anyone would want to do that I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and watch this video if you liked it please give any thumbs up it really means a lot to be when you do that and if you're new to my channel I would love love love if you hit the subscribe button join our but first coffee family I post new videos every single Sunday you can also join over on Instagram as well I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day and I will see you all in my next video

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  1. for my new Zealand trip in autumm (16 degrees) I actualy got used to the cold ness and just wore a t-shirt so I had un used layers of jackets and sweaters (btw I am from a tropical country so I am used to the heat)

  2. Thank goodness another tall gal!!!! I'm 5'8 and super skinny people never realize there is some things that suck like pants that are not an extra 50 bucks for an inch more material!!!!

  3. Keep the buckling in the flannel ! I say again, keep the buckling in the flannel! Us hetero guys, are drawn to that little peep hole, that does not show anything, but riles imagination. Please!

    – Lonely single guy.

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