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– Latest research has shown
that most women are ugly unless you use this cream. Buy it now! 20% off! Oh, hello. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of sick and tired of being told that I’m inadequate every
single day of my life. It’s kind of boring. And when you look in the mirror and you’re not happy with what you see, maybe what you’re comparing
is apples to oranges and not oranges to oranges. Let me explain. But first. Okay, that’s better. You see, the problem lies in the fact that we are bombarded, every single day, with perfectly polished images of models with a massive team behind them who create these magazine worthy photos, and we compare our selfies, greatly poorly lit selfies, to those photos, and we think I’m so ugly. But have you actually really
considered how much effort goes into creating those
spectacular photographs that you compare yourself to? Well, this whole video’s
about giving you guidelines about how you can look your absolute best and take the best photos so that when and if you are comparing yourself to models and all those other billboards, you can bring your absolute best to the table and say hey, now
we are comparing the exact same thing so there is
a level playing field. And you’ll probably see
that there’s a smaller gap between what you think you
look like and the models because you are going to
be so perfectly polished by the end of this. It’s a lot more fair, so
you’re not gonna feel ugly because girl, you’re not. You are the best. Ain’t no girl gonna be
called ugly on my watch. Oh hell no! After this video, you’re gonna walk away with guidelines of how to pose
optimally for your features, basic retouching skills
to polish your photos to bring them up to
the magazine standards, finding the right outfits
for your body type, finding the right colorings
for your skin tone, picking up steps on how to
embrace what your mama gave you. Without further ado, let us begin. Learn to photograph yourself. We all want great photos of ourselves. So if you’re like me, you’re
scared shitless about posing in front of people. It’s so awkward, so I have had to learn for myself and perfect the craft of taking my own photographs. If you would like to find out how to do that, you can either do it here or in the link in description. Learning how to pose. Time to get friendly with a
mirror, and I know a lot of you are probably freaking out at
this point because you haven’t looked in the mirror in 30 years. It’s okay. The mirror is your best friend because it gives you the ability to look at what you love the most about you, and I don’t care what you say, there are features about
you that you love the most. You just need to start focusing on those and photographing those and putting them on
display when you’re getting photographed. If that means your butt,
maybe don’t show those photos to your mom. Although my mom has seen
these ones so you know. Also, you need to use your phone and take selfies from different angles to figure out what side of your face, for example, you love the most because, for me, I know
I don’t like this side of my face, and I love
this side of my face. So when I’m talking to a camera or when I’m posing for a camera, I’ll usually turn to this side. And this is over time. I’ve got beautiful
photos from photographers from years ago that they’ve taken, but unfortunately, it’s on this side because I wasn’t aware that this side of my face, I didn’t like. And I don’t like those photos. But they’re so stunning. It’s just my own perception
of what I look like, and I don’t like that side of my face therefore, I don’t like those photos. So for you, sit down
in front of that mirror and find out what you love about your face and what you love about your body. Actually, I have a little exercise about how to get comfortable
in front of the mirror, which I did years ago. Kind of love it so check it out here. When it comes to posing, it
also incorporates elements of lighting. You need to get familiar with lighting. As you can see, I have a
great light presented here. If I take this light away, I mean frankly, I start looking pretty bad
because there’s the different shadows on my face. It’s just not as pretty. Wherever possible for you. If you’re taking selfies of yourself, if you’re taking photographs of yourself, I would just rely on natural
light as much as possible. Stand as close as possible to the window and just start looking out for shadows. If there’s shadows cutting
in across your face, you kind of generally wanna avoid those unless you’re being artistic and you know what you’re doing with lighting. But I would just stay away
from it if you’re a brand new It’s because sometimes
you can end up having bags under your eyes, and you
don’t actually have them. The shadow gave it to you or a weird nose because the shadow cut across weird. So start looking out for
those kind of elements. And there’s small things that
you can do with your face is if you have a double chin for example stick your face forward. Looks kind of weird from the side, but you’d be surprised how
many celebrities actually do this. This is a thing. I’m a turtle. And then you can tilt
your chin up and down in different angles to
get the perfect shot. When you’re posing, in
general, it’s always best to kind of, like, be on an angle because it doesn’t make you look as wide. Also, please stand up straight
and pull your shoulders down, get those princesses out. I don’t have any, so I can’t do that. But I’m still gonna stand
up straight and pretend. This is obviously just the introduction. There are so many different things for you to do when you’re posing. But what I recommend
is for you to research on YouTube how to pose,
and you’ll find a girl that’s your body shape
and then you can look at what she does in photographs,
how she poses herself, and then you can copy her. There’s so much information
available to you. This video is literally just guidelines of what you should look out for so you’re aware of how to look your best. I’m not an expert in all the fields, but that’s why I always research and find out who is an
expert in their field and then I copy them. And then you wanna
retouch your photographs. Do you think that magazines don’t put up retouched photographs? 99.999% of the time they do. But if they don’t, they’ve
got the perfect lighting, the perfect styling, the makeup artists, the hair artist. They have it all. Retouching, it takes a little bit longer. The dedicated a video for
basic retouching is coming next week. So you can look your absolute best. The magazine worthy photos
are coming your way. Body shape. We all have different body
shapes, believe it or not. Variety is the key of life. So for me, I am a column. I have no boobs, no hips, and no ass. So for me, I need to research
what clothing looks good for a column? Look in the mirror. Familiarize yourself with your body shape. Research what body shape that might be and then find clothing
that suits that body shape. This gives you a very good framework when you go shopping to make sure that your clothes that you’re
buying will flatter you, and they’ll make you look scary. Your skin tone is gonna dictate
what looks better on you. I can’t wear yellow or orange. There are certain colors
that make me look scary. They make me look washed out and bad. Like beige? Honey. Blonde hair. Honey. It’s a disaster! So for you, same dealio. Research your skin tone. When I was young, I went to a stylist, and I asked what the hell my skin tone was because I didn’t really know,
and they gave me a color palette that I could reference. So whenever I go shopping,
I had this little swatch and I could choose the
colors that looked best for me for the clothes. And they gave me one for my hair as well. Unfortunately, I have no
idea what these swatches are anymore, and I don’t know
what company that was. But you can just find
out your local stylist and luckily I memorized
what looks good for me so I kind of stick to those colors now. So we are mean pricks
and within three seconds, we judge someone according
to what they look like. That’s just human nature. It’s kind of like survival instinct. Whenever people are coming into our tribe we need to assess very quickly
if we like them or not. So it is built into us to judge. What are your clothes saying about you? Are they portraying the right message that you wanna say about you? Right now, I kind of look
like a quirky weird artist that I am. If I need to put my big girl boots on, I’ll put out a completely
different message about who I am. Watch the old episodes of Love, Lust, Run. Really cool. Just to get an insight into
what clothing says about you and then whatever you want
people to think about you, start dressing according to that. Embrace what your mama gave you. Okay, so almost all of us
think that the grass is greener on the other side. Like, some days, I
desperately wish I had hips and boobs and a butt. That’s just not gonna happen. And so many curvy women
sometimes wish they were petite. We always want what we don’t have, but this is the point where
you have to put blinders on and just be like okay, this
is what my mama gave me, this is what I look like,
I have to roll with this and that’s it. So find more models that appeal to you, that look like you, that have
a similar body shape to you, and see what they’re wearing. Celebrities are great to follow because if they have your body type, a stylist has helped
them to look their best. What looks good on them will
probably look good on you. I look at Ruby Rose for example because she kind of got my
hanging ears, she kind of got my style going on. So I looked at her quite a lot. For curvier women, Micheline
Pitt is a great example. Tess Holliday for the bigger girls and Winnie Harlow just because
she’s a general goddess. For me, every time I figured out that beauty is kind of
just like a process. Hair stylists, makeup
artists, hairdressers, they all begin with a structure, with a basic foundation of
what looks good for people, and they build upon that and
then they develop their style. It’s a system. So if you wanna look your best, you kind of have to follow their system. If you’re brand new to this,
I would really recommend just starting at the
basics and the foundations and getting all these
things that I talked about down pat and then progressing from there and developing your own style. I mean, I want you guys to look your best and feel your best. You deserve it. It’s no point going through
life and feeling like shit. Work with what you’ve got, embrace it. You are a sexy mama. I can guarantee you that. You have just not been given
the right opportunities or the right information
to make the best decisions to look your best. And then once you look your best, it’s time to resume conquering
and improving the world because that’s ultimately
what it’s all about. It’s good to look and feel great, but you also have to
give back to the world. Anyway, no woman is
called ugly on my watch. Because we’re not, we’re goddesses. I hope you liked this video. I kind of find it intriguing
myself, to be honest. Now like, subscribe, and
check out my Instagram for my photos, and until next time, I shall see your pretty,
pretty, pretty, pretty faces later on.


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