Why Parents Don’t Buy Clothes For Boys? – Indian Maa Explains. | boys wearing girls clothes in india

[Mom eating food] Yugvijay ” (Singing Lady Gaga Just Dance) “Gonna be okay, da-da-du-dum, just dance!” [Lower got rip] Yugvijay Indian Maa Explains “Why Parents Buy Clothes More For Their Daughters Than Son?” Hey,eh, yo! It’s Maya. I’m Yugvijay’s mother and I am fed up. He can’t keep an underwear clean for two days and he is asking for me to buy him a coat worth two thousand rupees like hasht! Just forget my son Every single boy complaints about this. Why parents buy clothes more for their daughter than son So, today. I’m a mom. Let me just explain you in detail. Point by point. Let’s get started! Look here… These are my daughter Shamaya’s clothes. This. Alright Now Look at this dress. I bought it to my daughter three years ago and it still looks new. and she still wears it and it fits her. Because her height doesn’t grow by three inches every single month like my son Yugvijay. and now look at this. These are all the clothes I bought for my son Yugvijay. These are all of his clothes because most of the time he is in his underwear. Look at this. This is the pent which I bought for my son three months ago and it is more like his underwear now. because he got taller. and his underwear, well we now use it as a cleaning cloth [Cleaning from Yugvijay’s underwear] Girls are more careful, tender and they deserve to look beautiful. I mean hundred of boys check us out throughout the day. and even if I buy expansive clothes for my son he won’t change his bad habits like these. Show Look I got boobs! I was just checking if I can tear it apart. and I can! Butterfly stretch. Yugvijay [Singing Hindi Song : Agad Bam, Bagad Bam] and about his innerwears he keep switching them inside out, he’s real savage. Eh, what the hell are you doing with my camera? Son, I was wondering how about we go shopping today? What? Somebody is calling me. Ha? See! He doesn’t like to go to shop. Then he cries, I have no sleepers, I have no clothes, do you want me to go outside naked? So, it’s all his fault basically. Try to just see it from my side you know. You are my buddy. Eat healthy food. What are you staring at? Subscribe to the channel na? You can’t even subscribe, unless you are already subscribed? I love you. [Burps] Shamaya : OMG! Mom, look. I bought new clothes! Beta, your brother also… What happen?! Shut up. I bought you new sarees. Pink and red?


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  3. Ur mom has the best saree collection πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..and nice concept and act alsoπŸ’™β€

  4. I saw your comment on Lizzas nee video so I came and this is nothing like Lizza…I cant see how youd say that you are inspired by her as people can NOT see in your vids

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