Why New Jersey Sucks!

number ten driving in the state you must have money in your car at all times why do I say that because of tolls holes are fucking everywhere in this state as long as you have on the highway you just might have to stop and think and realize wait a minute I just may be paying a toll let me take the back route it's not like other states where you just hit toes going into the bigger cities no they're everywhere Hana like Freddy Krueger number nine if you live in northern New Jersey your neighbors are so fucking close to you you can go roof jump in the side of your house is your driveway the other side of your house in the neighbor's driveway the only places where you get fucking grass is the front and the back yard if my neighbors are having a cookout I can reach my hand out my bathroom window bring it back in somehow have a hot dog number eight the fucking Road let me show you in this up there not as bad as New York roads but they are pretty terrible still if you're thinking about recording while driving eating while driving being on the phone while driving doing anything else while driving other than driving yeah you might have a property's bumpy ice roads will make you lose your fucking hot dog your drink your hot coffee your hot tea your fucking baby in the backseat everything is fucking gone number seven can't even pump your own fucking gas I used to like the luxury of sitting in a car not having to get the fuck out and have a gas man do it for me but that shit gets really annoying when they take about five minutes and I got somewhere to be in five minutes time for some crazy reason you think you want some my pumping gas for you like it's a fucking waiter at a restaurant just think about this right here I tell them to fill my car up say my car stops at 37 no 2 they will keep humping this shit until 38 just to round it up say they missed 38 they will keep pumping that shit to 39 they missed 39 it's going to 40 now what if I didn't have $40 in my pocket say you asked for a shot of Henny and I just chucked the whole fucking bottle down your throat how you think you'll feel exactly number six if you think it's like this in every other state no it's not I promise you but the cops here are like fucking lizards I promise you this when you know you're speeding when you're going like 90 and you're expecting that you're gonna get pulled over you're not gonna get pulled over but when you're going five over they will find you and you won't know where the fuck they came from number five the drivers here are off the fucking model if you live in Elizabeth New Jersey you know what I'm talking about if you live in Trenton New Jersey you know what I'm talking about if you live in Newark New Jersey you know what I'm talking about driving in Elizabeth New Jersey is like playing a game of dodgeball in high school driving in Newark New Jersey is a freefall and driving in Trenton is like if I put my grandfather in slow motion number four at least in northern New Jersey if you see a nice neighborhood keep driving you'll be in the hood in less than two blocks one block you had a king supermarket the next block you had a Kennedy fried chicken next to a corner store with a guy scratching his neck number three chris Christie break it down number two now if you disagree with me hit me at a comment section but during the wintertime there is nothing to do we get snow but we barely have snow resorts we have big cities but I don't think you want to bring tourists to north or Jersey City or Elizabeth or Trenton or Edison and damn sure not perish only thing I can find to do Don and once the time is go to the mall that's it number one are so many niggers here you want to drive down the parkway I want a.m. for no reason that's what it's traffic you're gonna work at five o'clock in the morning guess what this traffic you wanna use the mall bathroom guess what this traffic no matter what route you take where you go what time it is there is traffic now you guys might say that's normal like in a City Chicago in the latest traffic but this is the whole fucking state if you want to do something guess what this 50 niggas in their car already ready to do it now you know what I think that's ten so thanks for tuning in now you have your own reasons why you hate New Jersey or even your own reasons why you hate your state wherever you live hit me up in the comments below don't forget to Like share and subscribe if you're familiar with me or if you like me my name is ejg and I'm getting the fuck out of here you


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  2. This is not always true.My neighborhood has a lot of space and my yard is very far from my neighbors.

  3. Just fucking get out of this state if ur going to talk crap about it we don’t want people like u in this state

  4. Oh really ? Every house is not very close, my yard is the size of three football Fields! Ya callen New Jersey’s houses close, come to colts neck boi!

  5. I live in south NJ. Down in Cape May, the winter is madddddd boring bc it’s like a tourist place down here. In the summer it’s crazy packed

  6. Dude you messed with the wrong state us jersians love it here and when we love it we will come after anyone who says anything bad about you must have not been in the right parts of it yet.

    Also yeah our rounds are bad but we can multitask while we’re driving that makes us really good drivers sorry we know how to drive. I’ve been loving here sense i was born don’t come after my state. If you gonna say shit like this your not welcome in jersey

  7. The thing that sucks the most about New Jersey is the people they switch moods so fast, talk annoyingly, and get fired up for no reason and basically suck and don’t get me started on crazy sports fans you hear and see at sports bars

  8. From nj and yes police and roads are fucking horrible here. Some places are really bad, but i can't hate it for obvious reasons

  9. I used to say the same thing about Jersey until I moved to Texas. Now I realize how I much I took my Garden State for granted 😭😭 I miss home

  10. It’s called over reach of government. We keep electing
    Socialist. Tax will keep going up the elected mafia needs more pensions and health.

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