Why New Jersey REALLY Lost Their NBA Team


  1. Dude you sound like you're from NJ and you experienced it all. I can relate to the traffic and Newark being a dangerous place.

  2. You got your facts wrong. One's Rather took over he made it clear he's moving Nets to Brooklyn. He failed with Coney Island location but had it going in Atlatic. That's pretty much Proky bought Nets and invested heavy into Atlantic yard project. Get your facts wright.

  3. Jersey needs an NBA team again. I don't care to argue my point. I was such a Nets fan in my teens.

  4. As a jersey native I have been mourning this for a long time and have found out that although highly impossible NJ has the assets to have an nba team

  5. The whole traffic thing I agree with I live here in Newark and it's dangerous and lots of traffic, I live a couple blocks away from the projects, but it's still a great area for basketball, kyrie Irving grew up in newark from Austria

  6. Well to make things clear south jersey fan base is predominantly 76er fans since south jersey is closer to Philly as far as north jersey most fans like he said in the vid would rather have the luxury of going across the waters to mid town NYC and go to a Knicks game at MSG during the early 00โ€™s era both teams sucked really bad anyway after the nets made the finals lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ so tbh attendance for both the Nets and Knicks wasnโ€™t as high Ik this bc Iโ€™m a Brooklyn Born Native NYer lol

  7. The Nets have the worst T.V. ratings and attendance in the NBA. The video is correct in that driving to the Meadowlands is horrendous during rush hour. However, the Prudential Center is in downtown Newark and just two blacks away from Newark Penn Station. Fans can commute from work or their home by way of NJ Transit trains. The commute would be one-stop less than going to a Knick's game, no matter where in North Jersey you would take the train. At least the T.V. ratings for the Nets were solid while in New Jersey. The whole idea was to put the Nets in Brooklyn because Brooklyn is a trendy place to live right now. It is not working, despite the Knicks being awful, they are still NYC's # 1 Basketball team. See here for the T.V. ratings https://www.netsdaily.com/2018/2/19/17027174/nets-local-tv-ratings-still-worst-but-growing and here for attendance numbers http://www.espn.com/nba/attendance

  8. Those who chide NJ for saying "it's in the same metro area- – the Sonics moved to Oklahoma!" and "it's only 15 miles away" just don't get it. If it was only 15 miles away, then why did they have to move? The Nets could've stayed in NJ, and New Yorkers could've just as easily come to Prudential and have been expected to support the New Jersey Nets, since Brooklyn's only 15 miles away, right?

  9. With the Sonics and Grizzlies, it was moving to a different state. With the Nets, it was moving to a different neighborhood, but still remaining in the area.

  10. New Jersey as a whole is seen as a 2nd rate New York by many people unfortunately. The only NJ team that gets as much if not more respect than their NY counterparts is the New Jersey Devils.

  11. New York Knicks average attendance at home this year is 18,952.3
    Brooklyn Nets average attendance at home this year is 14,256.5

    Now it could be that Brooklyn only claim one borough out of 5.
    Could be that the Knicks are the original and been the only team in New York for years.

    Either way, we have the worst of the 2 records and we still bring in more people to our games than the Nets. That's saying something about them playing in this city, though as I stated, there could be multiple reasons for that.

  12. I feel like NJ has basketball culture now. All of my classmates are bigger basketball fans than football and baseball fabs

  13. I live in New Jersey and just to say we donโ€™t give a crap about the nets I live closer to philly so everyone here is a Sixers fan

  14. But for real though. New Jersey Nets fans really have nothing to be worried about. The stadiums are only 15 MILES AWAY It ain't like your team moved from Seattle to Oklahoma.

  15. The New Jersey Nets played the home games first at Rutgers Athletic Center (1977-81). Then the Byrnes Meadowlands Arena (1981-2010)
    and the Prudential Center (2010-12), in Newark. Interestingly, the franchise originated as the New Jersey Americans in the ABA in
    1967 and its homecourt was the Teaneck Armory. People simply could not drive out of New York City and into the Meadowlands on the New
    Jersey Turnpike and face pregame traffic. The Nets had some talented
    players in their Jersey era: Bernard King,Buck Williams,Mike Gminski,
    Kenny Anderson,Mookie Blaylock,Michael Ray Richardson,Derrick Coleman,Jayson Williams, Vince Carter. The Nets have never moved outside of
    the New York City area.

  16. The NBA just doesn't feel right without basketball in New Jersey. The Nets in Brooklyn just feels weird and so out of place.

  17. The picture of the guy crying is sad, but then I remember they moved just 15 miles east. From NJ to Brooklyn, still a fan!

  18. Hey Andy if the Nets make the playoffs this year can you make a video on how their rebuild went? ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. did you ever go to a game because they played in seacaucus. they played in newark for like 1 year. also newark is not a suburb.

  20. Bruce Ratner only bought the team in order to secure eminent domain for that area on Atlantic Ave. He never cared about the team and David Stern actually letting this happen was pathetic.

  21. 3:18 WTF thatโ€™s the greatest in game dunk Iโ€™ve ever seen howโ€™ve I never seen this before

  22. you missed a huge part of the fan situation. You should have mentioned that South Jersey is closer to Philly, so most fans go to 76's games instead of up north. Its shorter and easier to get to. Great vid tho

  23. The bulls suck, but weโ€™re the most loyal fans there ever was, every year weโ€™re either the best attending fans or top 3

  24. I grew up in Union and dad took me to bunch of nets games at Rutgers. Went in USAF and would go to games at meadowlands when on leave. But just like the devils, and Iโ€™m a big fan – itโ€™s hard to support a Jersey team since for years prior north Jersey was Knicks/Rangers territory and south Jersey 76ers/Flyers territory. Itโ€™s hard to make their fans switch allegiances if they have been fans for generations. The devils could win 10 straight games but most NYC sports media would start with Rangers first. Most other states and cities that support teams donโ€™t have this problem

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