hi everyone welcome back to my channel and struggling to film this haul for like an hour it's also 80 degrees with no air conditioning so I'm sweaty I'm sweaty but anyway welcome to the huge summer haul I can't wait I have so much stuff to keep like putting this video off because I had ordered more and I was just like so good though it's all good in these I talk brands pricing sizing fabric all of it we're gonna do the realty okay so I might as well start with what I'm wearing I guess they do that every time anyway this top um actually just have shorts on underneath so don't mind me this top how cute is it like let's be real here how cute this top is from from princess Polly and if you can tell I am struggling I think this was half of my frustration I just couldn't get it to zipper yes I got this in size um us six which is like an Australian ten and it fits really nicely just other than this part I feel like if it was zippered I'd be good together I love Princess probably all of their stuff I've never had anything that was bad quality from them ever I will put all of the sizes of the stuff I got on the screen so okay so my bad mood was definitely because of that shirt while that shirt was really cute it was a total pain to take on and off just keep that in mind but anyway look at this little dress number okay not this dress also from princess Polly now the only thing is I feel like it kind of accentuates my stomach like I really don't have a big stomach place I thought oh no it's not form fitting to the stomach area it's like not doing a lot for that regardless it looks really pretty up top I love this neckline this is like my favorite neckline probably of all time and it also is like form-fitting enough but it's still stretchy like I feel like I could wear this like to a nice dinner or something it's given me a little curve right there alright for some reason it doesn't like accentuate well in the stomach area maybe I just need to wear like some shapewear or something because I swear I don't have much of a stomach it's almost like there's extra fabric right here let me see I can pull it down it's all better yeah when you pull it down look you like it's nice and flat yeah like it just bunches up right there but but yeah I really like this I think I might wear this for my birthday which is at the end of the month I feel like this is like a statement piece so like this with some heels I could pull this off for my birthday if you were wondering this necklace is also from princess Polly and it she's really big like the letter is big but it's cute like it's a statement oh who is she oh my god oh my god this bodysuit is from princess Polly and Wow obviously I wouldn't wear it with these shorts but like I just need something to throw on and it's also 90 degrees so I'll probably pair this with like a pair of black high waisted jeans maybe with like a cheetah belt or something I also feel like I need nails if I'm gonna wear this so I'm gonna wait for a fill I'm really into this this fits really nicely I think I already stained it but what are you gonna what are you gonna do drops are adjustable so we're good in the hood here while they're on this and now long comfortable I'm going to show you the bags I got from princess Polly these bags are not like princess Polly brand it's like a brand that princess Polly sells take the name Peeta and Janie I think I'm not sure I'll leave on the screen here but I got three of their bags they're all from the crocodile collection and this is the first one I got it's like a little mini satchel it's small but it's like not too small so I could fit like my wallet and like a lip gloss on my phone in here and be good to go I got this for like going out or like going like traveling and just having like a little side bag I have one like this that's red but like obviously red doesn't go with everything so it's like this was really easy and then please hold I had to get the matching taupe which is like more of a day-to-day bag for me because you know I stay I stay ready you know if you need something that's probably my bag yeah I got the matching tote it even has like this little I don't know is that nametag thing it's like nice gold detailing can you see that really really cute inside the Toyota also got the wallet it is really small I actually lost my other wallet so it has like card compartments this is where I've had my parking pass and then I put cash in here and then on the other side I put like gift cards pictures of the cheerleaders and all that kind of stuff wait let's see let's see who's in here today look it's ray ray and Cali oh they ran Cali oh we put you back into your home I just really am into this whole collection I bought all three so obviously I like it oh sit down I was gonna wall hot over here I'm gonna show two bikinis I'm not trying them on just because if you haven't noticed let me just say this right here right now just between me and you I've gained some weight and actually I'm not mad about my weight gain I'm a lot happier than I've ever been I'm a lot healthier than I've ever been I honestly call it happy weight and whatever I told my mom I gained weight she's like yeah but you're happy so who cares also I feel like I'm a little bit more filled out than I've ever been last year this time I was healthy and all but I was working out so hard that like you can see the bones in my chest like I had no type of chest at all I had you could just see the bones I'm gonna insert a picture here from my birthday where you can like legitimately see my bones I am not ashamed in my body at all I would try these on and show you but I know they're gonna be super skimpy and I know I've got some little kitties out there watching first bikini is also from princess Polly but it's from the brand lioness and I feel like their stuff is really cute it's like one of my favorite brands on that site it's like a snake print detail and it look how cute it is oh my god so it's like adjustable here so you could have like less coverage obviously you could have more coverage and the color of this is coming off very grey on the camera but it's more blue so it's like a blueish yellowish cream really different I'm excited I'm gonna have to like take an Instagram in this or something you know yeah it's really cute and then the bottoms they're not soft I doubt that would boo that would make this perfect of these bottoms for self tai but they're not but I did try it on the other day I think do fit and yeah there I got a size medium because like I said I gained some lbs but that's all good also bikini wise do I have to say anything else this bikini is from Babyboo fashion I'm gonna insert it on the model here I have worn this now I'm gonna fair warned you it is skimpy like this is skimpy like this isn't I'm going to the beach of my dad now I'm going to the bar pool club I don't know but you happy with any relatives when you're wearing this but the thing I like about it is it is like the best fitting skimpy bathing suit I've ever worn you show you also got this one from fashion Nova and this is a Navy mean I started lime green one from fashion Nova and like okay it's cute and all but the material is not like the material it doesn't like stretch and conform to my body the way I would want it to so sorry if I didn't put that in this hall but I think I'm a profession of us so this one like the straps are super thin it's self tie it's not too tight like it just it just how do I describe it it complements your body the best I feel like this would come with my any body type like maybe you're a little bit thicker or you're super skinny whatever it is like this will work with like every body type it also reminds me I don't know if you guys have seen there's this girl her name's SEL Duvall she's like a designer in New York City she's like kind of starting off on her own and she makes these chunky knees and they're like super super stringy like very revealing bikinis a lot of celebrities wearing them I just saw sweetie wearing them like on her trip with Cueva or whatever they just looked it looks so good on her this kind of reminds me of it I feel like hers would be like obviously I think a little bit better I think her like $90 and this one was like fifty but I do want to get one of those because I feel like hers was the original and then everybody else kind of knocked them off really really like this I also ordered it in black and it's not here yet but I'm planning on wearing that for my birthday because we're going to like a pull bar so okay okay high angle water before we talk about this one these are a brand down shorts which I have a pair of their jeans that I actually really like but holy you these puppies are tight I can't even button this oh my god I don't even eat anything really dip too so not like blogged it these are in a size six and yeah these are these are just too tight from me they're supposed to be relaxed fit so I need to call my trainer probably gonna have to return these they're really cute I feel like a lot of people would like them like if they fit me they'd be nice but like this is even up a size from what I'm normally just so I don't know like definitely definitely go up a size for reference I used to be a 26 waist yeah I'm a 27 now so it's okay they're like a four or a five um I can't really wear three he's anymore do like pretty much of that so these were a I thought these were my hurt size but no and putting these on was honestly a big pain because I'm so sweaty and these are way too tight like one step back from all the princess Polly stuff because there's a lot of it and we're gonna talk about these shorts these shorts are from H&M I got them actually in store automatically grab for the medium because that's typically what I wear and they were so big on me so I had to order the small actually my friend bought the small so I just said I'll order the small they're really cute I had a lot of people on my Instagram asking me where I got these so hmm and the best part let me show you the best part hold on oh I thought I had the price on this I guess it doesn't as part as they were honestly $9.99 $9.99 can you beat it you really can if anybody has suggestions I think for my birthday like I keep talking on my birthday but who cares cancer season what's up for my birthday I think I'm gonna wear these shorts with that black bikini top because I'm gonna be like at a pool but like is there anything else I should use to accessorize like I'm envisioning the black bikini top and the nice high-waisted little leopard number maybe like I don't know I don't know I need I need feedback some big chunky glasses maybe I don't know talk to me these pants are princess Polly pants let me just say that they might have the best pants I have a pair of leopard ones from there that are like super stretchy too so yeah these pants super stretchy they're like a gang on me print is a honeycomb was like what you call it look a good if you work like corporate like you don't just film yourself talking in front of the camera they they're kind of not doing the best for my crotch area but how cute but the print here if you can't tell like the print is a little bit more bluish than it is black like when I pulled them out I was like oh okay so right sorry why am I like this why why does everything I do get covered in makeup and this looks a little different if I look a little different because yesterday when I was finishing filming the hall I got really hungry and then my mom and I decided to go get drinks so I'm gonna finish the other half of it today so yeah let's keep going this is the last shirt from princess Polly that I got and you know just casually got a bunch of foundation on it I love that so I got this top in a size six and it's like really loose I probably could have size down a little bit honestly and the sleeves are like puffy here at the bottoms so if you're not even – like that pirate like type look then you're not gonna like it but that's okay it's not for everyone I move on to shoes I have three bears of shoes to show I'm not gonna try them all on because why would I the first ones are these um snake print likes type sandals and these are from a boutique like they're local to me she's actually a hair stylist locally she's really good a hair so I need your hair done go to her – she has a boutique and she sells online she sells really cute trendy stuff and usually like the price is really good so if you've been looking for somewhere like pressure to shop and you like supporting small businesses like not giant corporations totally go for this boutique she is incredible choose I will put the name on the screen I don't really know the name of them but they were not expensive and they're really nice they rhyme like a little bit bigger like I cut a 107 they're just a little loose even the tightest one I got eight so how about pretty snake print detail I love these but but I think my favorite shoes that I've purchased recently are these these bad boys their platform little sandals they're not a huge platform like they're not it's really not that high of a platform it doesn't this sounds really weird but I swear it does have make me look any taller like I don't feel like I'm like clunking around in heels and these things but these are my Instagram I'll put a picture in and I love them like I feel like this would have been so good for like a graduation a graduation party like a family function something you have to look nice maybe if you go to church like things like that because they also come in black I'm pretty sure in tan but I got the white ones I need to go get the black because like oh my god I wear these all the time I feel like somebody in a more professional setting like not in a YouTube setting would probably even wear these more than me and I wear them on me take a minute this romper is also from all things and the boutique it actually reminds me a lot of a playsuit like jumpsuit I had from my collection like about a year ago this is like very similar to that one so if you weren't able to get that one I mean this is like very very similar I guess it makes sense I try to pick things that stay in my taste anything about this is obviously there's a cutout right here and you can see my bra so that's great think what I would gonna do tomorrow's just take some fashion tape you can get it like on Amazon and I'm gonna just fashion tape it in so that like right here so that my bra doesn't show and I won't be good to go not long ago I actually went to a Nationals game and I feel like this that would have been the perfect little I mean it's dressy but it would have been perfect to wear there because it's super red and it was morally weakened – wow I missed my shot honestly didn't iron this so the if you see like you know it's because I didn't iron it it's not super sure my button either okay it's not super it's not super long my but don't get me wrong but it's not like up my butt gonna move on to forever 21 stuff because I have a bunch of that stuff too it's got these shoes from forever 21 nothing like fancy I mean I don't have any designer shoes or bags and I'm honestly okay with that like shoes I just beat shoes up and if you know me I lose one of every shoe and not the other one so like anyway I like these shoes from forever 21 I will insert a picture of how they look on the website because obviously they don't look like this on my feet going to wear these for my birthday I believe and then you know they just lace up around the ankle super cute really really cute look at these for a while on that website and I was just not sure cuz I for some reason I thought they had a platform but if I don't want to be like too tall but this is perfect and I'm gonna wear these with like a slip dress I think from my birthday or that one I already showed he's pretty comfortable too like I tried them on the other day yeah I think I think we're gonna make it we're gonna survive the 22nd in these this is me this top makes me feel this could not be better like what I dream of this neon we're doing me on this summer hey so this is what it looks like it's coming off orange on my camera it is like fuchsia bright-pink it is also a halter a little halter moment right here okay am I gonna medium probably gonna done a small but a medium definitely fits so not mad about it this is like I'm on an island somewhere leave me alone I'm pretty sure this was really cheap so so I think this is the last thing I have from forever 21 this is a yellow bodysuit and this is the yellowest of all yellow body suits this is the yes okay like the figure of this is everything so you see that and then this come kind of comes down like your stomach area but that's okay because I was where I wasted pants so there it is and these like lines I feel like they just make you look skinnier more snatched it just sucks you in like the shape of this is nice this is more expensively this was $22 from for every wonder one which I feel like is a lot for a body from forever21 but it's all good oh I actually wasn't gonna mention this top I might as well just out in here it's actually just a forever21 bralette but i got it in a medium/large so that it would be have like more coverage but it has these like growth thin spaghetti strap straps and it's like a pretty lavender color I put this on my Instagram story like couple days ago and people were like oh my god where'd you get your top and I was like oh it's like in the basic collection from forever 21 and it's like seven bucks so I think I might have to go and get every color of these this is like I learned these when I workout too which is very often but I'm just preferring my like little things but don't get your way when you workout but are still like form-fitting but don't slide so it's good option all right last three things so this top mm-hmm I know I said we're doing me on but this is Neon Neon just from winds or Windsor yeah Windsor sorry I'm really really really cute I like the material all that a lot it's like spandex II and it like sucks you in makes you look snatched the reason I bought this was because I wanted this now like I think everything about this just does it for me okay let me go into detail I was looking for a gray and white snake print bodysuit and I'm just like just like the general body suit like spaghetti straps there's nothing crazy and everyone I found just had too much brown mixed in and I was like no I really wanted to be super neutral like I don't want the tan the brown I want and gray and white even texted the owner of all things Envy boutique because she has one it's really cute but it has like some tan mixed in so I was like I need one that is just grain white so I found this on Windsor and I could not have been happier with the result number one the straps are that real thin strap which is in right now I'm into this it just makes your chest look so much better and also the neckline is great so like it doesn't dip in but it still sits low so like it it just it's so flattering and also it is a thawne so like it doesn't you know how you know I've talked about this before but you don't have four butt cheeks you have just to it was really affordable I'm pretty sure it was like it couldn't have been more than like 25 bucks because I'm pretty sure I bought this to get the free shipping and I was pleasantly surprised that their shipping was so fast I'm pretty sure I had it I get ordered it and then three days later as I might overstep shout out to you Windsor Windsor is killing it right now not gonna try this body suit on because I'm honestly sticking into my own self right now but it's really cute and if you're looking for one without any tan here you go last but not least if you know you know I'm actually really busy so these are my keys and I am so happy these are finally getting the recognition they deserve because wow so I've been rocking high keys probably since freshman year of college the first launch desi Perkins did with key oh by the way everybody's like oh it's Quay Australia no honey it's key with key whenever she launched the first like set of high keys I bought two black I was like give it to me let's go then I bought I think high key fades and black and I was like oh my they just keep getting better started to notice like they were just beat up I am NOT gentlemen my items it's not like I know that so I bought a new pair and I actually got them from misguided and with misguided you can use like a student discount and it works on key your key sunglasses for men because usually he doesn't have like special deals like that unless you can get it from key for discount that I would say do that obviously but super nice and they come in this little pouch these are just huge like that's why I like them they cover your whole face so if you've no makeup on if you've no makeup on here you go it's your best friend we love key okay honestly there's more like there's seriously more but this video is gonna be seven years long anyway if you would like to see more hauls more bikinis more this cuz I am actually buying things on like every single day because I'm insane just let me know you say Hannah more hauls I say yes ma'am yes sir yes whatever just encouraging me to do what I already wanted to do thank you guys for watching if you haven't already I have a giveaway running on my most recent video so click one of these two screens to watch it and enter the giveaway I will see you all in the next one which is gonna be good the next one we're talkin Kylie skin and why I don't do Kylie skin and we're also talking how to get over a breakup and we're also gonna try on some we're gonna do a lot so you shouldn't miss it okay I will see you guys next Wednesday thank you for watching leave a comment it helps me so much I thank you


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