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all right I've had repeated issues with my webcam tonight see if I can get it to work now so there have been various comments we'll wear again majors this one is one of the many have purchased through full moon jerseys which is a reseller on eBay who sells brand-new jerseys but either the team's changed its Jersey in this case Arizona added black and got rid of the burgundy ones at a store level or a player's been trading so those jerseys get moved over to full moon now full moon currently has a lot of jerseys from this past season because now they're starting to move out Reebok getting ready for adidas so if you've been waiting to start a collection next month's the time so get ready because my collection may be over 100 jerseys but if you have decent amount of cash coming in you probably be able to buy jerseys at 50 bucks a pop if you're in the states ordering from full moon you'll pay less than half for your shipping did I'm paying and they're cheap the island is one I got was $37 Canadian so they're there are some really good deals to be found and they're all brand new and I haven't found a counterfeit among them Jersey barons another one they have more current stuff but it's a little more expensive because you're getting the more current stuff there's a lot of jerseys I still don't have that I want but I consider my collection complete the reason being that up until recently there were certain teams or certain things I'm looking I say please you know I really wish I had insert name of Jersey here I've really missed having you know like for instance the Kings one I showed today which has the silver peeling off the front of it I have kept this Jersey as a reminder that there is sella Jersey out there that I desperately want and don't have in good condition and can't wear I don't even like the game that's fun group like the game but I'm a hockey fan and this behind me is the board which shows my standings my standings meaning they're not going to happen that way that's my projection I'm impressed with the fact that I've got so much color on this board I've got all the logos up top not any particular order I was going to do alphabetical and then I couldn't find some of them so I did Reata me later and I've got all these ones down here that all came from panini stickers I got voted mukti a month and a half ago now I've got hockey cards I'm going to put on magnets so I can put them on the board too part of what this channels allowed me to do is really tap into that little kid a little kid who at 6 7 8 9 10 years of age let's hit this room play with hockey cards and basically just you know talk about whose favorite players were – nobody there's nobody else there why I'm able to do this on a webcam but it's it's sort of the same the same idea I don't perceive that I'm talking to that many people that's why when I'm in public and people recognize me it's weird because for me I do these videos and it's cool I see the subscriber count I feel like the reality of it I don't even pick up on that because then my brain just can't process it and I so my jersey collection has grown in part because of this channel and I've gained more affection toward certain teams because of certain subscribers on this channel – that's a funny thing even the Ducks even the Ducks and I you know for years have have talked tons of smack about the Ducks and it's softened over the last year now if your Ducks fan you might be like are you kidding me but if if you look back to videos I did a year ago where I talked about Anaheim it was pure hate and that's not there anymore I don't really purely hate any team which feels weird to me as a fan and it's it's it's funny because I found that I as this channel grows and as I discussed hockey stuff more and more and more I get more and more objective like mark on Andrey Markov announces today he's going on to the KHL my response to that good he wouldn't sign anywhere but Montreal that is so admirable he could have continued his career somewhere else probably made six six and a half million dollars and he said now I'm good I'll go home I respect that I'm not going to mock Montreal for losing their potentially best park handling defenseman debate whether it's him or Webber sure whoever's got the best shot but I'm not you know not making fun of Montreal and not make a Doakes boat Markov it's what it is and I as a hockey fan think Markov had a really good career and I can probably do a really good video about his career which a year ago I wouldn't be the thug no I do the amount of videos I do now because I want it to be that if a person comes to my channel no matter who they cheer for they can find something in a video of mine over the last week where I've mentioned their team something has been said hopefully during the regular season it's easy during the postseason it gets a little difficult for the ones that missed the playoffs and during the offseason it kind of gets easy again depending on whether or not your team is really active your team is not active in the offseason I don't have a lot to talk about except for the previews and then after these previews are done I will challenge myself to do other series and discuss other teams I've done you know previews I've done team histories and I don't claim to be a hundred percent right underneath it ever I think you know the fact that I don't claim to have sources inside the NHL I would love that I would love that and I've had some insider information given to me by subscribers which is kind of strange but I've never reported it on the channel because it's not something I've verified with the team or with a player or with a coach that's mentioned to me in these rumors it's just fun I'm like wow that's that's a good story and I'll have to take that one to my grave or to a book I write after this channel explodes or something where I'm covered although in some cases it could be you know somebody come after me go hey that was here saying you published it as if it was true so that's what you got to watch out for I try really hard not to do that so why don't people ask me about rumors I do my best not to discuss them unless it's something everybody's talking about and I just want to say you know what no the Ovechkin rumor just said started the P summer always going to Calgary know the recent goudreau is going to go to Philly no no he's not Tavares is going to trial did early for that kind of talk and Toronto's kind of got a lot of guys at center and they've kind of got a worry about cap for their young guys new year too so picking up Tavares on a huge long term big expensive contract probably not on Toronto's agenda right now next summer anything could happen but I really think that that the New York Islanders this team right here I think they're going to find a way to keep them because big star players very rarely if ever actually hit the hit the free agent market until they're older till they're in their mid to late 30s and then it's a matter of the team doesn't really want them now so yeah things have changed so much in the last year I am amazed at how things have changed them last year and I try to make sure that if you're a new subscriber that I make information available to you I know there's a lot of comments now it's a lot to go through I don't have a ton of time to do it there possibility in the next couple of months time that I will have more time for the channel I may have less time for work but I have to make sure that everything will be okay the last thing I want is to devote all kind of time to the channel and watch my income would whittle away and then end up where we're just surviving check to check and wondering what's going to happen if our vehicle breaks down or if one of the kids get sick like I don't want to be in that position so yeah just stay tuned I appreciate all of you guys who hit subscribe over the last two months because half of you come in in the last two months which is mind-blowing and the other half the veteran beyond two month people yeah I'm very very blown away by all this and I will reveal as many sources of my jerseys as possible I'm going to do a countdown of my jerseys once the ones that are being that have been ordered or here especially the one to replace this one which is going to be the new number one overall Jersey because did to me there is no Jersey in the world that's better looking than this one none and when they put the crown on the front set of the coat-of-arms I understood that because the lion there in the middle its goofy looking it's goofy looking if this was if this was something else and a Sun and a crown and then this was something more legitimate maybe just the outline of a guy playing hockey but the lion thing is weird even if it's the lion State it's still weird the crown though it's it's solid it's going to be fun to have that I really look forward to that and I'm going to do a countdown and when I do the countdown I will reveal the source of every single Jersey as I can remember as I give you that phantom so stay tuned for that thanks for watching hit like and subscribe to your browsing way through and wondering what the hell my key vote I'll talk to you guys again tomorrow


  1. Just check FullMoon. Really looking for the Mighty Ducks jerseys. It's been a struggle as I don't want a knock off or fake. Not sure who to trust on Ebay. Any other jersey place you've come across recently? Jerseybarons I believe someone in your comments said turned into a dhs website for knockoffs.
    Edit- Just found your recent video.

  2. If anybody is actually looking for dirt cheap knockoffs that are actually pretty good try dhgate, everything's $20-$40… Buddy had one and I didn't even know it was fake till he told me. Definitely check reviews if possible and pick ones with more orders and reviews if I possible

  3. How did hockey went South? The whole evidence is people from Northern states. This is why Northern Americans tend to live in Southern states like Arizona, (southern) California, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, (northern) Texas and even Georgia. My reasons are snowbirds heading there when they retire and staying warm and never deal with cold air for many years. This is a common trend since Gretzky went to L.A. and the Winter Olympics as well. Think about that.

  4. Do yall think big jerseys are alright or do y'all prefer the more tighter fitting jerseys (like normals size)

  5. Ya you don't hate us as much any more I noticed. Especially in the Playoffs you didn't want us to win but You took it easy lol thanks HG.

  6. I assume you did this video from my comment (haven't watched video yet) but thank you Shannon I appreciate it very much

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