What WINTER CLOTHING Do I Need to SURVIVE WINTER in Toronto? #Winterclothing #Uniqlo #Columbia

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel I
hope all of you are doing awesome today it’s December now and we’re in the
middle of winter and today’s video is about what kind of clothing or apparel
you need to survive the winter in Toronto and the GTA many people friends
from around the world ask me about the snow and the snow here what can I say
it’s it’s awesome I love the snow in fact when it’s snowing it doesn’t
feel as cold because it’s not as windy so the real challenge over here is the
wind and I would also say the slush on the street so today I want to share with
you from my own experience what kind of clothing in terms of jacket shoes and
other apparel that you need to survive the winter in Toronto especially in the
upcoming months of January and February where it gets even colder and these tips
here are especially relevant if you do not own a car and if you use public
transportation most of the time and you are outside a lot if you own a car then
you might get away with a bit less of preparation but if not then you really
need to be prepared so when I first arrived in Canada and I heard that it
can get as cold as minus 20 degrees and colder here my first instinct was that I
need to get the Canada Goose jacket because otherwise I won’t survive but
after experiencing my first winter here in Canada I found out that that is not
necessarily the case the most important thing is your ability to layer your
clothing and also the fact that your jacket should be waterproof and
windproof in fact when you do get a jacket that is too warm too big and too
thick it can be an overkill especially if you take a bus or the subway you can
notice all the sudden that it gets too warm there is a minimum standard though
if you for example look at this lightweight jacket this will not cut it
or this jacket this will be not enough because it’s neither windproof nor
waterproof the jacket that I got last year is from the brand maanteeeca I
personally don’t think that the brand itself is that important what’s
important is the features that the jacket has for example it should be
waterproof and windproof waterproof because if it snows you don’t
the snow to melt and then seep through your jacket into your clothing and onto
your skin and windproof because what actually makes it feel really cold is
the wind the fit of the jacket is also very important it has to be snug enough
so that the wind doesn’t come in but at the same time it has to allow for enough
layers of clothing inside moving on to a very important thing which is inner wear
so in the winter you want to stay warm and cozy while not looking too big and
bulky I mean we still want to feel good but you do not want to freeze right even
before I got to Canada I already prepared myself with a couple of very
good long-sleeved t-shirts and for this purpose I really recommend to use a
brand Uniqlo and the reason is because Uniqlo has a very extensive collection
of inner wear and there is a brand called heat tech it’s a special
technology that is designed to retain warmth and based on experience I think
that it did a pretty good job what I liked about the collection is that they
have a very large selection of silhouettes to choose from so you can
choose from scoop necks turtlenecks and other kinds of silhouettes but the most
important thing is that they come in three different level of warmth so they
have the regular heat tech and then they have extra warm and ultra warm they also
have a lot of different colors from which to choose from and I like the fact
that because the quality is so good you can even just wear the t-shirt like that
so not as innerwear but just as a regular t-shirt but this one I’m wearing
right now here is the scoop neck this one is a crew neck and this one is extra
warm so it’s slightly thicker than the regular one I showed you before and this
one I’m wearing is also a crew neck in black and it’s regular it’s not extra
warm actually I just have one extra warm t-shirt and I have never bought any of
the ultra warm ones and the reason is because last year the regular and the
extra warm t-shirt actually worked just fine for me and take this from a person
who is not good with cold weather at all I get cold very easily but using that
layering technique which is basically to put on several layers of thinner
clothing items really help me to stay warm but this
I might go and get one of those ultra warm ones and in case you decide to get
some of these heat tech t-shirts I would really recommend to mix and match
between different silhouettes and also between darker and lighter colors you
don’t want to be wearing a dark t-shirt like this and wear a white sweater over
that because once you take it off you will notice that you will have all these
fuzzy white part sticking to your black top which is not nice okay so let’s move
on to what I think is perhaps the most important thing and that is shoes at
this time of the year I’m sure that you’re seeing plenty of really cool and
fancy looking shoes in the store but here again what’s most important is the
fact that the shoes are waterproof certainly you can still have a few pairs
of fancy shoes that you might want to wear to a party or at the office where
you work at but for daily use on the streets when it gets really slushy and
wet then it’s really really important that you have one pair of really I would
say heavy-duty and waterproof shoes these are the boots that I bought last
year they’re not really from a famous brand but they were pretty good but
after one year of heavy usage this pair of shoes started to leak a bit if you
bought these kind of boots which are I would say regular boots and not winter
boots then I would recommend to you to buy a sort of inlay which you can get
from Shoppers Drug Mart and other stores this will help you to give you extra
insulation and keep your feet a bit warmer because I really cherish having
dry and warm feet this year I decided to invest in a pair of Columbia shoes I
read a lot of really great reviews about them and it seems that they really know
what they’re doing I bought them from shoe company and they were on sale and I
also signed up for birthday rewards so I got an extra 20% on them so what in the
beginning would have cost me $150 before tax now only cost me ninety three
dollars already including tax so these boots are waterproof and they
are extremely warm and also lined I would really recommend that you in
in a pair of very very good waterproof winter boots so that you can survive the
winter here in Toronto you can always add a hat and a shawl but I think if you
have a winter jacket with a very very good and warm hoodie on it then you can
actually do without it but it’s always better to have one just to be safe so
that was it for today and I hope you were able to get some useful tips on how
to survive the winter in Toronto if you use public transportation go outside a
lot and don’t have a car if you enjoyed this video please do hit the subscribe
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