What to Pack for Winter in Yukon, Canada (Clothing)

Hey everyone! So I recently got the chance to go to Whitehorse
Yukon and one of the questions that came up for me when I was packing was what clothing
should I pack for winter in Yukon? So now that we’ve gone to Whitehorse Yukon
and come back and experienced the minus 40 degrees celsius plus windchill temperatures,
I think I have a little bit more insight into what to pack in terms of clothing, so I thought
I’d share what I packed. Before you go, always check the weather forecast. For us it was forecasted to be as cold as
minus 40 degrees Celsius plus windchill. I don’t have winter clothing for that temperature,
because living in Vancouver it doesn’t get that cold and it doesn’t get that snowy. So it doesn’t make sense to go and buy expensive
winter gear just for that trip if I’m not going to be able to use it at home, but they
do rent out winter clothing so that’s what we did. We went with Men’s World, but there are some
other companies as well that also rent out clothing like Arctic Range I believe, and
so they usually have two packages. All the companies that do rent out clothing
are pretty much equivalent, I think, they vary a little bit in pricing but the clothing
that they rent out is about the same. So there’s two packages of clothing based
on temperature ratings really so I just emailed them and asked them which one would be more
appropriate during our stay and they recommended the colder option. I think the boots were rated to minus 100
degrees celsius or something. The packages included a fleece lined toque,
fleece gloves, mittens that were waterproof but had fleece lining in it, big waterproof
snow boots, salopettes, snow pants, and a big winter jacket that was waterpoof and wind
proof. So that actually kept us very warm during
our stay. Package for us for 5 nights costs approximately
$200, so it’s not so bad. It is really important that you stay warm
right, so. In terms of what we packed for clothing, we
followed a few general rules, which was, number one, we needed to dress in layers. Layers because you can peel them off easily. If you’re going from outside to inside, add
on as needed or take away as needed. And number 2, to avoid cotton material because
when it does get wet it doesn’t dry very easily so if you get it wet or you sweat, you might
get cold. So I’ll show you what I packed and it worked
well enough for me. I often wear camisoles or tank tops as my
base layer. I know that a lot of people recommend also
like a long sleeve base layer so you might want to do that instead of this, but this
is just what I did. It’s a basic cami, it’s not cotton, it’s from
Uniqlo. It’s from their heattech line. And then, on top of that I would wear a fleece
turtleneck also from Uniqlo, very soft, very warm. And then, on top of that, also from Uniqlo,
is this fleecy zip up. So, it’s like this, it’s very soft very comfortable,
very warm. I think I wore it like every single day. And for the bottoms these are like tights,
and they’re also from Uniqlo they’re also from the heattech line. These are like thin ones that I could wear
underneath like snow pants. But I also have a pair of thick ones, they’re
also from Uniqlo from their heattech line, and these are fleece-lined so they’re warmer. These are actually the ones I wore the most
when I was in whitehorse. I just wore them under the snow pants. And then, for socks, I had these ones. I bought these a while ago like years ago,
and I think they were labelled like thermal socks or something like that, they’re fairly
warm, I don’t think they’re wool socks, so if you get wool socks those also work really
well. I brought my ski pants, which I only used
mainly if we were just going around town or if it was a little warmer outside and I didn’t
wanna wear the full salopettes, so I also brought my ski pants. And then, I brought a toque. The clothing rental package included a toque
too but I just brought my own. For your neck and face you’ll want to cover
it because if it’s gets windy it can really bite at your skin, so you can get either one
of those neck warmers, the ones that you just like loop over your head and pull over your
face or like a balaclava. But I didn’t have one of those but I just
brought a scarf, and wrapped it around my face and I could pull it over my face when
I needed it. I brought these mittens that are fleece lined
mittens, they’re really warm, but I mainly used the gloves provided in the clothing package
because I could still use all my fingers and those fleece gloves were actually really warm. So last but not least, here are a few other
things you might wanna pack. Sunscreen and sunglasses because if it’s sunny
and then it reflects off the snow it’s gonna be pretty bright. And then you might wanna bring, actually you
should bring moisturizer and lipbalm because that cold is gonna make your skin drier and
you dont’ really wanna have cracked lips. And the other thing is if you’re planning
to take videos and photos, bring extra batteries because in that kind of temperature, they
run out really quickly. K, so thanks for watching, and I hope that
was helpful. If you wanna see more, please subscribe so
you can follow Daphne Xplores. Bye! Also stay tuned for the vlog.


  1. The tip about sunscreen and sunglasses is so good. I went on a helicopter ride once when I went to Alaska and forgotten them. Damn, my eyes was shot within minutes. And I had to cover my eyes the rest of the way cause everything was turning pink. Yikes~

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