What is Poshmark and How Much Money Can You Make Selling Clothes

hey guys it’s Brian from BG media
innovation and I got a great one for you today so today I’m gonna go in a bit of
a different direction here I’ve been getting a lot of questions about you
know Poshmark and getting into Poshmark and some tips and tricks on how you can
increase sales on Poshmark if you don’t know one of the courses
that I actually teach and it was actually I’m still not even sure to be
honest but I think it was my first course and if not it was my second
course that I ever created so it’s a production value and you know production
quality wise it’s it’s not as high as some of the other ones but information
wise and sales wise and make money wise it’s phenomenal I’m telling you so the
premise behind the course basically is you know you take some of the the stuff
in your closet that you don’t use anymore that might not fit you that
might be outdated and you listen on Poshmark and I give you a bunch of
different ways to list it you know tips and tricks in the course and you know
how you can sell it and basically make money so what you do is you turn a
couple of those let’s say just RIT randomly you have you know 15 items of
clothing maybe like two pairs of shoes 1513 you know 13 other items between
shirts and pants or something like that and you want to sell them well you list
them on Poshmark and I tell you how and you know the timing and certain aspects
of that on how you can basically flip them to make money now let’s say you
turn them into about 300 bucks the idea behind that is you’re gonna make sales
on Poshmark because of the things that I teach you in the course you know the
list thing the sharing all sorts of stuff and we’ll get into that you know
in a second but you then you take that money that you made and you went you
reinvest it back into clothing products that you know will sell on the site and
then you relist them as boutiques basically new once you’ve built your
following and you’ve already made some sales in your account has good ratings
and you start you know flipping those those boutique items and making more
profit and more profit more profit so basically with it the business model is
that you start off with some you know you don’t need necessarily a money
investment or monetary investment like you would in other business models you
simply need you know old clothes from your closet or something like that that
you can flip to make profit that you then reinvest back into Poshmark
and clothing items that you can sell on the site and eventually you know maybe
two three months in depending on how fast you grow you can be making
dollars a month it’s not that far-fetched I show you my sales in the
actual course and you can see that I’ve made and I think that was the
experimental I have three closets now I kind of abandoned one so I really have
two and I haven’t really been hardcore back into Poshmark because I’ve been
doing so many other things but it’s still a phenomenal business model if
you’re looking for some side income some side money and you have some extra
clothes but really you can turn it into a sustainable business model that will
continue to pay you and the way that you do that is literally outlined in the
course but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about you know how tips and
tricks to increase your sales tips and tricks to get more exposure for your
products and continue to build your following and so I’m here to bring them
to you in the next couple videos but I just wanted to kind of give a Poshmark
overview for those of you that don’t know what Poshmark actually is so that
when I make these next couple videos you’re not going to be like where’s this
coming from what is this you know what where is he going with this so I kind of
just wanted to give an overview of the site you know the fact that I actually
do have a course on this if you want to check it out I’ll link that in the
description for you below as always a subscriber discount of only $10 you
don’t have to pay the full 200 actually I don’t think that one was 200 I think
that was like 130 or 140 or something like that but uh so the premise behind
Poshmark is basically it’s a clothing site there’s there’s I think they boast
about 10 to 15 million users or something like that I’m gonna go out on
a limb and say it’s more than that the amount of engagement that you
actually get on this site is ridiculous and you basically you form a closet and
then you start you know gaining followers and you share other people’s
items and it’s really a closely knit community and and really between all of
them and I do so much social media in so much ecommerce between anything like
literally anything like Amazon eBay you know Instagram Facebook anything like
that you get the most engagement on Poshmark the the community is unreal you
know there’s so many kind people that are willing to help and you’d be
surprised just how much sales and how and what things you could actually sell
on the site now you do want to stay steer clear of things that aren’t close
you’ll see some stuff that’s that’s not close listed on here but you should just
just maintain close you’ll start slowly building your following slowly sharing
your clothes and you know obviously engaging with other people on the site
and they’ll help engage back with you and you’ll be surprised like
how fast you can actually grow your closet grow your following and make
money I think in the experimental closet that I did to show for the course and
granted this was probably you know six seven months back I think I made close
to about two thousand dollars it might have been like 1500 or 1600 or maybe
even 17 I’m not sure but it was upwards of 1,500 getting close to 2,000 and that
was literally just in like two months I think starting my closet so it’s
possible it’s not gonna be you know necessarily right away it’s not gonna be
a sustainable long-term income stream for you but you can build to that
eventually but it will give you some good sign money on the side if you have
some extra clothes and who else you know who doesn’t have extra clothes to get
rid of or that they’re you know they’re not outdated or you know they don’t wear
anymore so I just want to kind of give you an overview of what Poshmark
actually is so that you guys aren’t lost when I do these next couple updated
updated videos on Poshmark because I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my
students a lot of emails if maybe I can add bonus lectures and to the course
which I will do but I just kinda wanted to outline a couple things on youtube
for my youtube followers that do actually are engaged on the Poshmark
site too so with that being said I’m gonna end this year I’ve kind of given
overview like I said I hope you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed the video
please like it comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one


  1. Great Video I love buying and selling on PoshMark.  Ill check out your closet so I can share your listings.My name on Posh is URBANSOPHISTICA.  I also do vids on Youtube as well . Check me out when you can.  XOXO

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