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  1. Im sure , if u dressing like this in here
    Everybody will think you crazy wkwkwkkkkkkkk

    But i love it, you guys looks so cool and confident wow , its really fun, dont care about what they think wkwkk

  2. For me, wearing extremer styles means knowing not everyone is going to like the way you look. I could accept some people would judge me for my appearance and therefore, I felt like I was free to be myself. I was gonna be judged anyway, but my clothes already inclined I don't care about that, which enabled me to actually not care about it.

  3. I always wonder why people always think extreme fashion should always be something to cope or hide something. Sometimes it’s just fun and nice to live féroce and colorful. Just saying. Does not mean it cannot be used as a coping mechanism or to hide something deeper. But some people are just creative people who likes to live a colorful life…. and that’s okay. Life would be dull and boring without creativity,colors and people like that. I a former decora boy myself and it definitely was fun and all I would definitely do it again. I just got interested into other fashion styles. But yeah

  4. I really like it , it’s fun and just makes you feel like you came out of a video game lol , obviously Clairs is their favorite

  5. A nice theme for birthday parties or any party….play dress up Decora style💖💋🎀💍🍭

  6. If your reading this now pause for a moment. You can be you you don't have to change, become whatever you to!

  7. it's nice and cute but my personal opinion think that is too many accessories put on the head.. and face

  8. I live in the states, and if I ever did that my parents, friends, and overall EVERYONE would be like, screaming.

  9. It's very sweet and fun and innocent. I like that they can go out with their friends and have fun and show off their looks.That doesn't happen too much in the US unless it's a specific festival like a comic con or anime festival. One thing troubles me, though…do these girls have jobs? Do their parents pay for all these accessories?

  10. i just tried this fashion for the first time on a cosplay event a few weeks ago, i love every moment its so cute and many people took pictures with me, it was the best!!!

  11. I like how the interviewer was nice and nonjudgmental. Especially with her being non-Japanese. I like Harajuku myself, like the aesthetics with pastel colors. I'm very diverse when it comes to certain color themes though

  12. I REALLY wanna dress like this but my mom and dad HATE the idea of me dressing like this cause they say that this style makes people look like circus clowns :'(

  13. Happy to see people truely enjoying their lives. Extra barrettes, colorful clothes and fuzzy shoes never hurt anyone. It's their style, have fun while you can cause life is short.

  14. I wish America was like this I’d be great to just walk around bursting with color without being judged

  15. I find this quite disturbing… Fashion is one thing but being young adults and dressing like a crossbred starbright Skittles clown is another matter..

  16. I've recently started dressing in a fairy kei fashion and I love it! It makes me feel happy and confident, of course I don't go all out but it still makes me happy!

  17. I REALLY want to dress like decora ppl dresses.. but im too scared what my family&friends would think. Please help me!! And sorry if i have some mistakes in my English!

  18. I'm pretty sure fruits stopped publishing because the style became so popular that it made the uniqueness dissipate

  19. I love how one minute the interviewer has no hair clips then the camera pans back a few seconds later and she has a bunch of clips hap hazardly all over her head 😂

  20. So basically if you look like a unicorn covered in pixie dust took a big steaming rainbow colored shit on you, you're doing it right?

  21. If I tried wearing this where I live (Las Vegas), I would get bullied to the ground, also considering the point that I’m Black. Idk, I guess I can’t try anything.

  22. I've always wanted to try this, but I have no idea where to start ;-; Nobody I know is into J fashion or any kind of alternative fashion so it feels like there's no gateway for me to get into it.

  23. Boys look like they're gay and everyone in my school hate gay people and the people who dress like they're gay, this is not hate comment this is just an advice for the boys.

  24. Why do these harajuku girls actually look cute? (i mean no offense but the otger people i see aren't really that cute to the eye)

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