What Does John Hynes See Early In Development Camp? | New Jersey Devils

well first few days have been fantastic it's a very good group of kids it's things to see a lot of guys to be able to come back and it's fun to see a lot of the draft picks that you have since we've had so many over the years of players to be able to come in and I think our returning players that have been here and some of the guys that have been in the organization for a while now we're in leadership roles they're doing a really good job they're excited to be here and you know I think the atmosphere and the energy has been has been excellent on and off the ice so it's a it's been a great start to a very good week a lot of the kids – talking about the devil way and something that you yeah it's you know it's it's something that we really take a lot of pride in that that you have to have an identity and you have to be understand what does it mean to be a devil on the ice off the ice and how we do things and you know there's certain words and things that we you know we like to keep private but there's certain things that we do believe in of the characteristics that we feel like now five years into that going into our fifth year that a lot of these kids are players that we've drafted and they have the style of play that we like they have the physical tools that we like and also the personality characteristics and now it's letting them understand this is how we've gone about our business these are the players we have now a strong team and a strong organization is built on a strong culture and to us it's not a word to us it's a living breathing thing that we want to make sure we indoctrinate the players into it and it starts here and it goes right up into our NHL team well it's nice because you know my job here one is is to get to know the players which is important and also a lot of it is the cultural thing so what we do and what we believe in so I do meet with the players I do meet with with the groups and with the team separately and really indoctrinate them into what that part of it is and it also gives mark and his staff an opportunity to be able to get on the ice and work with them with some of the things that we want to instill on the ice in the camp and it's your Linh a little bit more of a relaxed role where you're kind of overseeing some things implementing cultural things but you're not so much have to run you know you're not focused on all the ha nice day-to-day stuff you can spend more time in the locker room more time in the lounge you can see players and then focus on different aspects of what we do here building individual relationships at the same time as well yeah and and some of it some of it is is being able to talk with guys that have been here but it's important too that you know as a coach you don't get a chance to see the kids play or you don't really get an opportunity to meet them when they get drafted so you know this is the first time you have a chance to get a name in the face and and who they are and what they do and you know that's a that's an important part of what we do here also what you make of the interaction between Jack the fans and the prospects oh it's great I think both the the fan energy was fantastic I think every time we've had something that's been open to the public the reception has been fantastic I think it brings energy to the players the players were certainly excited to be able to do it I mean to play in front of that type of environment in the middle of summer is really special it was nice to see Jack come in and there's been a lot of things on his plate since leading up to the draft through the draft and now and you know he does a very good job he's a he's a really sharp kid I think he feels comfortable in those environments and it was nice to see a strong connection there


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