We're Switching to Cloth Diapers!

I love fun I am starting off today's video at the hospital for an ob/gyn appointment I am going to be 25 weeks pregnant on Sunday and it is Friday today July 5th so happy fourth of July to anyone who celebrates it anyone in the USA I think that pretty much covers everyone who should celebrate that but today I have an OBGYN appointment it's probably my last one at this hospital ever because we're going to be moving in a month to Illinois and I actually have all my paperwork next to me after a request to transfer my medical records because I will be seeing this new doctor when I'm already 30 weeks pregnant and it's just kind of a hassle I am finding out to move when you were super pregnant I also in the back seat here have a box of baby boys stuff that I'm going to be taking to the post office after this appointment to ship to my parents house because this is a box of stuff that we don't really need for the next month since he's not here yet I'm just trying to make this move as easy as possible so I'm gonna go into my appointment now I will update when I get out or maybe I'll keep that information and film a 25 week pregnancy update on Sunday we'll see I made it in the office I am waiting for the doctor looking at uterus is everywhere I've actually never seen this doctor before so basically anyone could come in the room and tell me that it's my doctor and I would have to believe them because I have no clue what he looks like and we are back in the car let's turn the air conditioning because this is Texas and I am pregnant I just had the most handsome doctor I have ever had I am so glad that he has never been my doctor for any of like the yucky parts of pregnancy but I'm glad I got to look at him today because he was gorgeous everything about my doctor's appointment went well I've actually gained 15 pounds since my last appointment I think my last appointment was like two months ago so that's not that extreme and I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy thus far so it's just been 15 pounds in general but Wow looking at the scale was quite a shock and they actually asked me if I wanted to do my glucose test today which is the test for gestational diabetes they draw your blood after you drink some sugar juice but apparently you have to fast for that and I had a brownie like 15 minutes before my appointment so that probably would not have gone so well but now that I'm like thinking about it I don't think I fasted for my one-hour test with my daughter Stella or my first pregnancy and I think that might be why I didn't pass the one hour test I had to end up doing the three hour test right now I'm just rambling so anyway I'm gonna go to the post office now and mail this box and then I will see you at home I just made it to the post office and judging by the parking lot it is packed I'm parked like all the way in the back to the side of the building but I'm already here so I guess it when we go in it is 92 degrees today and I am out here suffering because Stella's favorite thing to do is to play outside regardless of how stinking hot it is and a favorite thing to do is play with grass even though I have set up her kiddie pool over here she's got her picnic table we have a swing there's frogs all over the yard tons of fun stuff for toddlers but she just wants to play with blades of grass and I'm okay with it as long as she's happy but mommy is really sweaty okay so starting if you can hear a ton of drumming nick is in his office he just got back from a two-week trip to Missouri that I didn't mention before because I kind of feel iffy about announcing when Stella and I are home alone so he's back now as you can hear I'm trying to have a discussion with myself about cloth diapers here can you guys get along okay so I had to switch rooms because my whole family wanted to be a circus in the room I was trying to film this in but I wanted to share with you guys the reasons why I have chosen to switch Stella from disposable diapers to cloth diapers because it is kind of weird to start doing at this age that she's at but it makes a lot of sense to me and so I wanted to explain I feel like most people who decide to cloth diaper do it right from the very beginning when they're newborns I have reached this decision later on in her life because I just think it's gonna be so much easier for us now one because she is two-and-a-half years old and she only poops once a day if not every other day so that's just kind of like the main reason why I was avoiding it to begin with is because thought of scraping poop out of a diaper and then we're using it sounds really disgusting to me so this will be easy I have to deal with one poopy diaper a day and the rest of it will just be pee and cloth liners and everything yeah it's just gonna be really affordable and sustainable for our family and it's also gonna be really good for the environment also I think that cloth diapers are really cute so I just want to show you the ones that I picked out this is actually not the full amount that I've ordered I have more coming so I'll show you them as they show up but these are the basic ones that I've ordered they're from the brand Alba baby I ordered them on Amazon so I'll link them down below if you guys are interested as well so this is what they look like this one is a basic gray one they are super adjustable you can go from a newborn baby to a baby that is around Stella size so a toddler so newborn to toddler size with all these adjustable snaps which will be really cool because once Stella's potty-trained I can save these for her little brother to use once he starts making solid poop on a regular schedule so when you unsnap it this is what it looks like and there are tons of different cloth diapers I don't know a whole lot about them this is just the one that I thought would be the best for our family and I keep saying our family but I know I'm gonna be the only one changing these diapers so this is what I thought would be easiest for me so when you open up this brand this is what you see there's two microfiber cloths like this and then the diaper has a pocket on the inside that you put one of the liners in and then you lay the second liner on top of that and then I also bought disposable liners that go over that to catch any solids I do not have those liners yet I believe they're shipping to me tomorrow so I got this little set in six colors I've got a grey one a blue one a lime-green one a white one and then Stella is actually playing with two of them she has the yellow one and then the aqua one didn't want to take them away and cause a fit before leaving the room and then I also purchased two wet bags this is what I'm gonna be keeping the wet or soiled liners in before I wash them at the end of every day so I got this little Daisy print one just waterproof laundry bags basically so you can use these for swimsuits as well and they're washable with the liners and then this one is just another floral pattern and each of those diapers comes with two liners I also ordered extra liners and then I ordered another kit of six and then one decorative diaper that has pumpkins on it because I thought that was really cute so altogether I have sweet I said six and six right so altogether I have thirteen reusable diapers coming my way and I'm gonna be using those soon and if you guys are interested once I get the hang of it on me doing like a cloth diapering video explaining like my process cleaning and how easy or difficult I think that it is because right now I'm hopeful but I haven't done it yet so I don't really know what I'm up to but I've done my research and hopefully it goes well so if you guys are interested in cloth diapering videos let me know okay it's a little later in the evening I took my glasses off so I can't tell if the cameras focus and fellas doing something you could think she's cute okay so we ate dinner Estella had a bath and then I put her in her very first freshly washed cloth diaper and of course she decided that my very first cloth diaper change should be a poop and that went okay it's a little more awkward than changing a disposable diaper with a disposable one I would take the dirty wipes and throw it in the disposable diaper make like a little diaper bundle and throw the whole thing away you can't do that with cloth diapers if you're using disposable wipes which I am so it's a little weird but we got there I'm sure I'll get quicker they do look really cute and she seems really comfortable and they've been containing the bathroom situation stuff yeah I'm thinking tomorrow I will film a day in the life video of my first full day using just using not disposable using cloth diapers so if anyone's interested I think that's what I'll be filming tomorrow but I think for today we are done for the night so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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