look at this little guy coming look at him how fast he is Wow look at this little guy where's it going hey guys what's going on I'm Justin and this is my main man Jersey can you say hello everybody hello my main man and you know my main man is 19 months old and guys as you see from the title we are a little bit concerned about something we're going to tell you about that in the video we're a bit concerned before we start the video everybody wants to know can you give everybody a ba ba ba ba can you give everybody of it yeah yep yep he's the cutest everybody make sure to subscribe turn on your notifications so you can see all the videos of the jurors man thanks for coming back for another episode of playtime with Jersey and as we said we are a bit concerned about some things are some things that we have seen and it started at daycare so we saw some stuff that got us really concerned and we're gonna show that to you but first let's have a little bit of fun jersey's outside and we got some butterflies out here I don't know if you guys know but Jersey knows about butterflies he knows how to say butterflies and he likes them so let's go let's go find the butterflies buddy okay yeah let's go there's a butterfly both fly guys he's saying butterfly but flag you see the butterfly where's the butterfly that is the butterfly yeah oh boy that's right butterfly he's flying around but if I look at him again butterfly that's right Georgia the butterflies are coming over here to get some food for themselves the flowers are food for the butterfly what is this what is that ah it is a rock that is a rock you're so smart little buddy ah that is a rock and then what is this right here buddy what is that key stick that's right thick stick you can pick it up that's okay you can pick it up yeah the plant though so guys so right now Josie's playing with his mom I want to talk to you guys for minutes you know we found something that's very concerning it all started at daycare oddly enough and you have to as parents you have to play close attention to your kids at all times like you cannot blink you cannot ever blink with your children because you just never know what you're not going to see so the daycare provider sends us clips and we saw some things in the clip that were very concerning for us and I don't know if she knows that she even sent us these clips and so that's another thing that we have to address like you see so many instances on the news or wherever and in parents on their back and like you just never know what's going to influence your kid or what can hurt your child so you cannot ever blink and with Jersey and the girls always eyes laser always eyes laser on what they're doing will always focus so in this clip that I'm about to show you from daycare we were blown away by what we saw and that's why we're concerned and I think I'm going to take you inside to the computer and show you this clip so you can really really see and we can dissect what's going on in it so follow me guys [Applause] so I'm gonna show you what's going on because we got this clip and I need to show it to you really so you can really see what I'm talking about girls me thank me okay yes fast as you can't roll hey Marky where would be you guys want jerseys outside playing I'm gonna show you this clip that concerns me you might watch this and might not see anything and that's what we're going to talk about because I think it's parents you really got to be on your game all the time so this clip is Jersey at daycare I playing Parcheesi y'all remember that game Parcheesi right Parcheesi spin around forever so let's roll the clip okay 1 2 3 4 5 good job jurors what do you guys see in that probably nothing just a door bonus it is adorable no doubt about that very adorable but did you see what I saw like how many parents of you out there saw what I saw which I'm about to tell you what I saw cuz you don't know what I saw yet cuz I haven't said it yet and I'm about to tell you there's anybody out there on their game like I am let's play it again ok so first he puts the dice in the roller here okay picks it up and shakes it what 19 month old knows how to shake like that what does that tell you guys that could be a professional gambler that's what I'm talking about and this is what's concerning me right now what 19 month old can pick up dice and roll it like that in Parcheesi I did have the dice hits and how confident he was I mean that cannot be taught look at his all adorable face like this is just par for the course this is just what he does this is what is inherent I mean this is a 19 month old ready to go to the craps table that's what this is he's playing Parcheesi now but what's it gonna be in a couple months when he's 22 months old 26 months old craps okay move move 1 2 3 4 5 and then look at the way he's moving the piece that skill cannot be taught the precision in the mobility that he's able to do that and look at him looking with that concentration good job good job ders here good job George good job Charles being a professional gambler I'm his dad I don't want that for my son this is what you see here but do you know what I saw during the week because during the week I paid attention closely to Jersey after I saw this clip do you know what I saw the next day the next day I see Jersey on his iPad it's got iPad he's got YouTube kids that's it we don't do her kids anything else they don't need anything else their kids YouTube kids didn't know but you know what he was that he was able to do he was able to find a clip on YouTube of this guy teaching you how to play craps how to roll the dice how'd it get the perfect roll Jersey is sitting there watching this clip I come over and I'm sitting beside him he doesn't even change it it doesn't even change it he's sitting there watching this studying the moves so then what's he gonna do take this skill back to daycare beat all the other kids at Parcheesi that's where it starts you know what I saw after the iPad him in the corner practicing his dice he's picking it up rolling the dice I mean he's got this shape down like how does a baby know that shape he knows that magic shake like he just knows as he's shaking okay this is gonna be the numbers that I want and they just magically releases it I saw him in the corner practicing that over and over and over again like he didn't just practice like it was a hobby he was practicing like this is my job he was doing like three sets of ten different types of reps he was doing a circuit training picking up the dice with different hands moving into different places different numbers in different orders like he was not playing around with this dice but then you know why the next day I saw playing Domino's playing Domino's with his mom out there playing Domino's lining the Domino's up perfectly and then he's going Amanda who's that's how it says Domino's he's 19 months old I Munoz putting down the Domino's like that is perfect you can put it up here for Domino's what kind of 19 month old is that I am concerned I don't know where his head's going I don't know what he's thinking about I do not want to lose my son to Vegas I don't want him packing up his stroller in his crib and packing 6 to 8 diapers to go to Vegas I don't want that from sign because the final straw was later in the week I saw him playing chess yeah Jersey little Bobby Fischer over here playing chess I was watching him and I was watching his movement in his eyes and he was so focused just moving the chess pieces and I was like how does he know to do this is unbelievable he's checkmating IVA and Alexis he's playing both of them I gotta say guys it's just it's a bit concerning and now I need to reach out to you guys and ask you like what would you do you know if this is your child what would you do hmm I don't know where this is gonna end up is he gonna go to Vegas is he gonna go to Reno is he gonna go to Atlantic City let's hope Vegas if any of those choices because Reno that dump into the space Atlantic City is going down so if anywhere it would be Vegas I would hope so but I don't want him to go to Vegas what can we do with this child guys let me know in the comments what you think I should do if you've had any experience with this and you know we're gonna pray for him okay I wanted to continue to be play time with Jersey not gambling with Jersey and losing the house in the car I don't want them you


  1. My dad jokes are getting out of hand! 🀣🀣 But WATCH what Jersey really gets into in daycare? https://youtu.be/SRs9RGE7EjU

  2. This video title gave me anxiety and I delayed watching it, I mean I haven't seen the video of him visiting the doctor cause I won't know how to take it if it was anything terrible. Papa McClure you play too much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. I really thought it was something serious than he hit us with Jersey might be a professional gambler….I hollered. The whole video had me laughing with real tears. Justin you are hilarious. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. i seen the video and wondered who's been teaching him how to shake the dice. That's Vegas moves he doing. Anyone in the family like this? Don't let him play anyone of those kinds of games.Talk to him when he gets older and understand. He needs supervision. Is this serious or a joke?

  5. Jersey his vocabulary is expanding so much and he is saying butterfly, stick, rock. Like you said prayer is the best thing to do and read him and the girls a foundation that's built on God 's word. The bible says train up a child in the way they should go, and when they grow old / up they want depart from it.

    Make so time to teach your child about God and his goodness etc he has shown you all. Praying for you and family.πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ’ž

  6. Jersey is a mathematician he learns with numbers and organizing patterns. Now you can maximize on introducing more numbers which will draw his attention to the direction you want him. He got interested because it was very technical and unknowingly it made him focus on the moves and the patterns.

  7. Jers: Buf ly
    Me: 😳😳😳🀯🀯🀯😍😍😍😍😍🀩🀩🀩🀩

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  9. LOL Justin is so funny but jersey is just having fun that's all and the technique shows he has great learning skills and I'm so proud of him and happy to see him grow β™₯οΈπŸ’—β™₯️❀️

  10. Sorry to say maybe he could have some kind of Austism. Just keep loving on me and giving him attention. May he is also going to be a genius with a high I.Q. someday.

  11. Justin you know what, You ain't right. Lol. Awww Big Jersey poor sweet baby πŸ‘Ά he Knows when hold them Know when to fold them Know when walk away And know when to run. You never count your money When you sitting at the table There'll be time enough for couting When the dealings done.πŸ‘

  12. This is why I don’t watch jersey’s channel. Justin thinks he’s a real funny guy. He’s not.

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  14. Jersey is a Scorpio, so he’s a master observer, and a master mind. No kidding! He’s so freakin cute!!

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