Wedding dresses swiped from local shop

(2-shot) (Kevin) Turning to news from the crime beat… A family-owned wedding shop is recovering after a second burglary in recent days . (Stacey) This time, the crooks got away with what some would call a priceless item. Ryan Smith is live tonight with the details. (1-shot) (Ryan) According to police… The suspect busted through the back door here and… Got away with two dresses… Wedding dresses already reserved for two soon-to-be brides. Foto Fiesta, a family-owned and operated store in east des moines, has just about everything for a blushing bride. 12.53 “WE WANT TO MAKE THEIR DAY SPECIAL.” The store is run by sisters committed to improving the quality of life in the latin community. 3.54 “TRANSLATING , WRITING LETTERS, OBVIOUSLY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY NEED FOR THEIR WEEDING.” Wednesday night – this neighborhood staple was burglarized. The suspect broke in the back door and got away with jewelry, electronics, and the cash register containing a few hundred dollars. 7.01 “IT’S JUST DISAPPOINTIN G FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER THAT PEOPLE HAVE THE NEED TO STEAL FROM OTHERS.” But believe it or not – it wasn’t the monetary loss that stings the most. The thief snatched two wedding dresses – already marked for delivery. 9.14 “WHICH IS DEVASTATING TO THE BRIDE WHO ALREADY PURCHASED THE DRESS AND WE HAVE TO SOMEHOW MAKE A MIRACLE HAPPEN.” The store’s cameras and alarm system was not active. Turns out… This is the second time this year Foto Fiesta was burglarized. Staff was in the process of switching out their current security system for a new one. 7.18 “I JUST THINK AS A HUMAN RACE IT’S REALLY LOW THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THAT.” (1-shot) (Ryan) Staff here say they are in the process of installing a new alarm system – one with around the clock surveillance. If you have any information, call the des moines police department.

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