Wedding Dresses Across Asia

(“Mink and Shoes” by Psychemagik)


  1. 1. Was that Safiya Nygaard for Afghanistan?
    2. I'm a half Indian and I can tell that the blue dress that she wore is more of dress to wear when attending a very fancy party, mostly Indian teenagers wear those.
    3. They spent a lot of time on doing this so please don't complain that they haven't picked your country wasn't picked

  2. Indian wedding dress doesn't look like that.. Its very very grand compared to the one you've shown. The dress is worn on party or for a function. We don't wear that from r wedding. Only the wedding guests wear like that…

  3. In North India red in a commonly worn color during one's marriage ceremony. And in South India women wear beautiful white sarees. I was shocked to see that vibrant blue! Usually sold at local stores no bride wears that weird blue!

  4. Indians wear sarees on their wedding day 😁 not fancy anarkali..lehngha is worn mostly on sangeet. Saree is our wedding dress. The dress given here is a wrong one

  5. im sry but indian dresses vary from region to region and all of them are more elaborated. TT i understand tho its hard to find indian bridal gowns in the us

  6. I want to see China, Japan, Hmong, Cambodia and other wedding gowns. I know that China traditional Outfit is beautiful or maybe I watch too much historical movies lol. I love love love Thai outfits.

  7. If you think these outfits are exotic, look at Indonesia’s!!

    I was expecting Indonesia’s wedding dresses in here.

    Kinda disappointed..

  8. Have you done your research properly before selecting that Indian bridal lehenga… cause that's not exactly what lehenga (bridal dress) looks like….and blue anarkali kurta looks so cheap..we don't wear blue for the weddings….
    Don't show wrong stuff..pls

  9. The dress shown as Indian is very narrowed, Indians wear saree also….. Actually we have so many varieties of wedding dress and it varies from region to region.🙏🙏

  10. In Japan most people have Western style weddings with a white gown. But usually half way through the banquet they will change clothes, either to kimono or more commonly to a big poofy ball gown for the girl and matching suit for the guy.

  11. I think the wedding dresses in this video is a bit too normal than the real ones. For example, Thai wedding dresses usually have a lot of accessories and little detail of the dress like lace and there are many ways on how to wear the dress.
    But it’s understandable,It’s too hard to get traditional wedding dresses from every country.

  12. Nhìn hai bộ áo dài thướt tha lộng lẫy thấy hãnh diện ghê gớm dân tộc Việt, cá nhân tui là thấy ăn đứt bộ váy trắng phương Tây ❤️

  13. Both bridal dresses are so beautiful according to their culture and religion and models who wore these dresses are also so cute but I want korean dress to wear because I like south korean culture LOVE FROM INDIA💜💛💚💙💕💝💞💗💗💗💗

  14. INDIA IS COMPLETELY WRONG WHERE ARE THE SAREES AND THAT BLUE DRESS WAS ALMOST OFFENSIVE I just realized caps is on but I don’t wanna rewrite ;-;

  15. From Vietnam and I am proud of our ao dai, I hope to wear it on my wedding one day ^^ I liked all the dress too, especially Thailand's wedding dresses.

  16. 1:34 i am from Iraq and before the white dress trend came to iraq and other parts of the Middle East, this would usually be the dress’ style especially in northern parts in the middle east and the color doesn’t have to br green because people at the time liked more like teal, red, pink, etc…

  17. I actually understand why they didn't have Chinese traditional wedding dresses — cuz they are too expensive😂😂😂 the dress take months to complete because of the embroidery (which must be handmade) and the as the accessories are mostly made of gold and it will be out of the budget😂😂😂

  18. It's so racist.

    There is a poor study of Asian culture

    have no respect for Asian culture

    What a profit from these treaties. Sell Asian Culture!!!

    It's a terrible video.

  19. Youtube started recommending a lot of videos about wedding. Is it a sign? 🤔😂

    I think every dress is unique and beautiful in its way, showing the diversity and culture of every country

  20. I'm not Indian. But seriously, that blue Indian dress is not a good at all.. there are much much more beautiful Indian wedding dress i saw on TV or inet

  21. When I saw my country(Vietnam)
    I kinda felt jealous since the other countries were so detailed and Vietnam was just plain

  22. They were right about the Afganistan's dress but people mostly in countryside wear those dresses and its more tradishional.🇦🇫🇦🇫
    Now days people in the citys wear white dresses.🦢👰🏻

  23. Wait.., dat was nothing close to Indian bridal outfit, looks lik Dey ordered cheap online.., Indian bridal outfits are very grand elegant, beautiful heavy embroidery lehenga in North India, and a Grand variety of Silk sarees in South India.., hell with da vedio..

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