Weave Making Black Women Permanently Bald #TeamNoEdges

I already know that some of you guys have already based on the title alone you guys have already constructed a five page research paper with citations and footnotes and everything else based on how protective styles are so good for you and how we does not damage your hair but take it from someone who actually has suffered from traction alopecia and breakage and damage that comes from hair weave I'm not even entertain it you can go ahead and we put a waste your time writing that trying to argue me down and tell me I'm wrong but that's fine go for it but for those of you who are just getting into weave and you don't really know how damaging it can be this video is meant for you so I'm going to go ahead and put the clip in there and spend lots of time and hundreds of dollars on their hair and even then there's a chance that something could go wrong tonight at a 16 wAPT special report we reveal the hidden dangers of hair weave it's dyed tied or laid to the side but is it natural some celebrities are coming clean and mitting they bought it women from Hollywood all the way to Jackson Mississippi are adding weaves or extensions it glam is the extra I never had a woman not local is the beauty is is total enhanced me ah they think I've changed my life Julie skipper is a lawyer and Latricia Brown works in health care both wear weaves or extensions but they haven't had the same results it's a chance to play a little bit mom here it's a different color than my extensions and so every six or eight months if I feel like playing around I can change color and then the damnit there it's not damaging my own hair Brown says she had to cut most of her hair after one treatment my sides was thinning and my um she was my hair I had no I had good hair like it was full and thick it was standing out some parts was sure in some part was long and she's not the only one in her family who's had weave woes these are pictures of damage to her sister's hair from years of wearing extensions her hair is damaged like very bad why is she to the point where she's embarrassed right now she can't know each other but we're weaving her hair cuz it's so dim it's really bad dr. Timothy Queen sent us these pictures of his patients who have traction alopecia due to the stylist installing the hair extensions too tightly stylist we talked to say the danger comes in with how the extensions are installed the treatment of the hair and how they removed some situations we have to send to a physician yeah they have to seek medical attention Sante Luis is a weaveologist and she owns celebrity hair designs they specialize in bonding so ends and infusions it can take several hours to put in and cost you up to $500 the weaving techniques that we use are protective styles we have products that will protect the hair from any invasive product that's just a mcpherson and he's part owner of the William Wallace salon he specializes in bonded extensions that will run you from 400 to $1000 that'll have you in his chair for more than four hours a few cases where you see someone who's adumbrated in too tightly or they've had the extension put too closely to the scale and that will cause like scalp irritation and it can cause you know hair loss determines traction alopecia and as I said earlier it's a condition caused by the hair being pulled to tightly during the installation technique where this actual follicles are damaged and that person can't have long-term hair loss the old saying you know you get what you pay for range free with extensions to you know there are tons of stylists in town that will put them in for almost nothing and you know you always run the risk of not knowing what what products they're using experts say there's nothing to worry about if your stylist puts in and removes the extensions properly okay so doctors say the hair loss may or may not be treatable contact your dermatologist for help yeah yeah I've told you I would love to have long extra hair like that but I think what I learned from watching this is this is something that you should not take lightly right and it's like Justin the stylist said you definitely get what you pay for when accesible extensions that brings us to our non-scientific instapoll we asked has your hair been damaged by weaves or extensions and so far wow that switched up from 6 o'clock yeah most of you say yes at 53% well join the conversation at 601 nine eight zero four four one six hit one for yes and two for no and you can also vote on our wAPT music now is it okay to get extensions or clippings or whatever and I mean I trust me I used to be a weave connoisseur you could not there was probably maybe two weeks out of the year that she would actually see my natural hair but for the most part I was always wearing clippings and weave and sew ins and half wigs and everything else not knowing the damage that it was doing to my hair flash forward about three or four years of doing that I ended up suffering from traction alopecia that just made that the day that I realized that I had basically lost an entire line of hair because I was wearing I had a half way that I would wear and it was you know it's like about here so this whole portion of hair was pretty much rubbed off and you can't really see it anymore because thank goodness the hair has grown back and my hair is so thick that even if I lost hair you wouldn't really be able to tell but I had basically lost hair and because I would always win so ends parted on one side this part of my hair is actually shorter than the rest of it and it grows slower than all the rest of my hair so trust me weave is not something you need to do all the time now granted if you want to do is you know for problem or wedding or a special event by all means do it do whatever you want to do with your hair but even but the thing is although you guys although you can grow your hair a little bit longer by not messing with it all the time the damage there comes from every single black hair reviewer within about a year or two of doing these hair reviews they always have tutorials on how to either a or regrow your hedges or B how to put a whole bunch of black eye shadow hairspray and what is it topic hair fibers on your hair to try to cover up the fact that you're balding in the front due to constantly pulling just go see the story about the women that stole $400 worth of hair now we're sitting here going permanently bald because of it and yet we don't see this as an issue anyway let me know what you guys think check out the links in the description box and I'll see you guys soon


  1. I’ve NEVER worn weave periodT! If it’s not my own hair I will not wear it not trying to offend anyone it looks good on some women but I’m not about that life never have been and never understood the reasons why women want someone to look at them in a different aspect just be you!

  2. It is really sad seeing companies like Her Imports financing weaves. No matter what the income, women will shell out a ton for their hair

  3. As a child, I thought it would be great to have long flowing hair. As a grown women, I'm glad I never fell for that standard of beauty! While I do have that nice "Good Hair", I can't seem to get lenght, but It's all good, beacuse the European standard of beauty, is not something that I subscribe to!
    Black hair is beautiful, in every shape of curls!

  4. The term "protective style" in and of itself is nonsense. It's a catch phrase that was developed to hood wink women into accepting wearing other people's hair.

  5. Black women have been brainwashed into thinking hair equals worth. It doesn't. And wearing someone else's DNA on your hair in my opinion is unattractive and obvious. The amount of money spent trying to elevate self-worth through hair is ridiculous.

  6. Black women are not original in the things they do. And since high school I have seen that. I never followed the crowd and never will so they had nothing to do with me or other free thinking blacks. You must follow the crowd even if it means hair lost. People with kids will take the food money to pay for a 300 dollar weave without thought. Blacks tend to act the same and listen to the Sam music and talk the same and you better stay in play. We need to venture outside the ghetto and spend time seeing it and learning whatnot has to offer and learning to make any good decisions. People who can’t see past their two blocks they live in can’t grow and are open to just bring a copy cat.

  7. I had locs for 16 years and the twisting caused some thinning in areas so I cut them off. I also moved to Copenhagen from Toronto and the first thing I was told is the stylists are sub par at best. It’s definitely not like Toronto or better yet like going to the salon in Maryland. Unfortunately I’ve tried some protective style and was told I have traction alopicia and the follicles are dead! I still tried to have a protective style that was loosely braided but that circular braid around the whole head is a killer! Do we really need to have that all the time? Honestly wish I could just wear my own hair again and not have to pay double the price I did when I compared to when I had twice as much hair and my hair was healthy.

  8. Well no argument here but just like you've had bad experiences I've had no bad experiences that were permanent and I know people who've worn weaves the same 20 years or longer…I have from the same stylist with ZERO problems. #TotalCareSalon #TotalCareTwoSalon #Sophia ….. Wichita Falls, TX…… your hair will NEVER be damaged and she does great restoring jobs.

  9. I had the same thing happened to me from wearing weaves. The stylist would put it in super tight and I would have to take Ibuprofen or Tylenol after a weave. Now I do my own hair. I don't trust anyone in my head

  10. Its so sadd THAT the weave have become the culture for black Women, theirs something in the hair its self, or the products used to maintain the WEAVE, but it damages black women's hair to no repair, and they will be wearing weaves and wigs for the rest of their lives, but they use any excuse not to blame the WEAVE,……..food for thought….black women have become more aggressive and more VIOLENT, could their possibly be a chemical placed in the hair to generate MASS DESTRUCTION, IF YOU WANTED TO INFECT MILLIONS OF BLACK WOMEN IN MASS ,HOW COULD YOU DO IT,….EVEN IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IT ,THINK ABOUT IT..( WHAT % OF BLACK WOMEN WEAR WEAVE )……

  11. I'm personally a wiggy, I just simply sew an elastic band to secure my wigs. I also had sew ins from time to time. My hair grew, never experienced hair loss from weaves or wigs. I think the problem is that women allow braiders to braid their hair extremely tight or sew in their weave extremely tight causing pulling& damage. Then some women even neglect their real hair by leaving their weaves in for 5 or more mths, now their hair is matted🤔

  12. come on now, WAPT news, I need your spelling to be on point "hair pulled to tight". It's 'too tight'

  13. That is horrible!! Is it causing your hair to fall out because it it too tight?? I have never had a weave, so I'm curious. I feel so bad for women this has happened to!
    Watched the video, and have the answer to my question….I feel bad for the ladies who have lost their hair from this procedure.

  14. For the most part other races of women wear extensions to add fullness to their hair and the extensions look like it could come out of that persons head, but our women wear weave to totally cover their head while lying saying it's a protective style. Anything that totally covers your head for months at a time is not a protective style.

  15. Fat black women who have weave stink the most because of the sweat and oil that’s trapped in the hair.
    Try and tell them that and they will punch you because they can’t smell it because they live with it.
    But all that bacteria is in the blood and it makes their body odor smell sour and the vagina reek.
    I was trapped in a elevator with one fat corn chip sweat smelling she whale.

  16. Let’s ditch the weaves and wigs please ladies. Protective styles is another trap of the addiction . Black Women are addicted to weaves and wigs. And it’s not even cute , it’ looks ridiculous. We have all excuses for a quick fix. Get sisterlocks or dreadlocks, wear your fro, be you for once. Plus whoever tells you look good with weaves on lied to you, the world is laughing at us pretending to complement us. The next thing I can’t stand after the devil is a black woman with a weave on simply because she would be so much more prettier without it even shaved .

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