Wearing The Ugliest Jeans In The World For A Week

Okay, I’m seeing a few headlines in German, which means that this has gone international. Hello friends, and welcome to another video. I recently made a video where I wore what some people thought were the ugliest shoes, in the world, ever made for a week. And soon after I released that video, these pants exploded on the internet. They’re from Topshop, they cost 95$, and they are called the “Clear Knee Mom Jeans.” Some people really love them, a lot of people really hate them “Topshop’s clear panel mom jeans might be the worst of all time.” “Look a these ‘clear knee mom jeans’ from Topshop and tell me that God isn’t dead.” “Mom jeans with plastic knees: a sign of the end times?” I don’t think that these jeans are single handedly harolding the apocalypse. Um.
I think that Topshop was just like “Mom jeans are a trend, clear material is a trend, and also people like ripped jeans.” Clear material, mom jeans, ripped knees, all together, you get “Clear knee mom jeans.” And so of course I had to get them. And now without further ado , the infamous Clear Knee Mom Jeans. Oh man. Here they are. I’m pretty sure I’ll get roasted again, I’m sure I’ll get some some funny looks. But I think that we can definitely survive a week, in the worst jeans in the world. Okay, let’s try these badboys on. [Tyler]: How do they look? [Saf]: I don’t- [Tyler]: Oh my god…
[Saf]: I don’t know. [Tyler]: It looks like your legs are Saran wrapped. One thing that I’m noticing is that I’m gonna have to shave my legs, Maybe I should just shave this window right here. The rest of it, like the mom jeans itself with the denim is pretty sturtdy I think, that, you know, it’s pretty cropped, as you can see they only come in one length.
If I just keep moving your eye doesn’t know where to stop Crusty, what do you think of them? They kinda have a ground turkey look to them In that like there is a meat and there’s a plastic I do feel… a little cool [Tyler]: You feel cool?
[Saf]: Yeah, a liitle bit like I feel, it’s a very confusing feeling The thing about the shoes, is that the shoes were very comfortable These are like so many elements put together Will we be able to find a use for it? Okay so it is Day One of wearing the ugliest jeans in the world. Day One, I wanted to keep it kind of casual. Just ’cause I was testing the waters. I haven’t really gotten any weird looks I haven’t really gotten any comments No one’s said anything to me… or at least to my face Something that I didn’t think about was the fact that the knees are exposed to the sun, and it’s quite a sunny day today So I’m getting really worried that I’m about to get really strange tan lines But I shaved my legs so you couldn’t see the hairs through the jean windows, and then I moisturized my legs after shaving them – which is what I usually do and it’s creating some moisture in the pant… The plastic is definitely sticking to my thighs. So I actually just got complimented on my jeans by the cashier at a coffee place, – um He couldn’t be in the vlog because he was at work You know, the only feedback I’ve gotten today has been one positive comment, so… Today is Day Two of me wearing these jeans… I chose a top that says, “stay weird.” because it just felt appropriate [Tyler]: It is appropriate. Yeah that’s about right There’s a bolder element to these than with the ugliest shoes The ugliest shoes were kinda like, “Oh, are those casts? Are those orthopedic? Are you ok?” And these are like, “YOU CHOSE THAT.” I didn’t moisturize my knees today Just trying to get a – uh, a smoother situation going Even without the moisturizer, they were still sticking to my legs [Tyler]: It looks like your knees are stuck, in like, in a bag, they’re like….. *escape noise* I wouldn’t say that it was ‘steamy’ but it was definitely a little bit wet. We just got out of the car and it’s really stickin’ I was sweating I think in the car [Tyler]: So that’s a shimmy you need to do to release the stick This is the shimmy to try and… …get the plastic off I don’t know if you guys ever wore Mom Jeans before but they’re not the best to sit in because they’re like, right here when I am sitting it’s just like… [Tyler]: Yeah, they don’t look comfortable to sit in They’re ok. [Tyler]: They ride up so high, it feels…
[Saf]: very high, very high
[Tyler]: …like your butt is sitting in an unnatural location in your jeans I don’t know where my butt is. So, we’re home now
[Tyler]: I finally figured out what I think Saf’s jeans look like Tyler’s just been staring at my knees [Tyler]: No, it’s like, it’s like a – a hot dog in a plastic bag… I don’t think they’re as atrocious, fashionably, as people think they are [Tyler]: They’re kinda cool It’s more, just like, the *feeling* of the plastic that I’m just like, “….Why?” So, it’s Day Three and it’s been raining all day long, so I haven’t been able to go out in my jeans I’m gonna go meet up with my friend Dan ’cause I haven’t seen him in a while And we’ll see what he thinks We were going to like, a bar/restaurant type thing so I decided to try and take my jeans out for a nighttime spin. This is my nighttime style. I thought this, like, top cut-out would balance out the bottom cut-out It is kinda rainy out so I am gonna have to be like, … Like, not try and slip and die [Tyler]: Yeah, you don’t wanna die in those jeans. You think that would make it into your obituary? That is such a literal take on the expression, “You wouldn’t catch me dead in that.” *Tyler laughs* Dan noticed the jeans right away [Dan]: I… cannot with this. Like, Like, I do not understand this. [Saf]: Ok, what do you think of the whole, my whole outfit though? Or something, like it’s just, it’s just not right but it’s happening Did you cut the bottom? No, that’s how they come I gotta take a picture of you, hold on *Saf laughs* So Day Four rolls around And I’m thinking, I haven’t gotten enough feedback on these jeans it’s mostly just been Tyler, Dan, the guy at the coffee shop.. And so I’m thinking it’s time to ask you guys what you think. And by asking you guys, I mean another installment of me posting on Instagram without mentioning the jeans and seeing what you say. When I wore the Teva Uggs I was feeling pretty good about them until up to this point, then I Instagrammed and you guys really didn’t hold back. So I’m excited to see what you guys think, but I’m also a little bit nervous because I think I’ve been living in a little bit of a bubble. I think a lot of you guys were onto me. There were a lot of comments knowing exactly what I was up to and you guys were right. [Tyler]: How are the comments? They are… mixed. The thing about these jeans is that they illicit a strong reaction. Like, a lot of comments… immediately.
[Tyler]: Good or bad. But I think there was a decent amount of you guys who were like, “I don’t know how I feel but I’m feeling something.” I think the general consensus is that they’re just… mystifying They’re just confusing They’re like the clothing item version of a Jaden Smith tweet Day Five I decided to try and fix my little knee-sticking situation I don’t think they’re tight enough at the bottom to truly ‘fog up’ but you can definitely get some droplets of sweat going… on the actual window I do remember this one interview, where Britney Spears said when she was wearing her vinyl, red, ‘Oops, I Did It Again’ jumpsuit They would baby powder her into it so she could get in and out of it so I’m going to CVS right now to see if can find some baby powder, miscellaneous talcum powder type thing to try and just, ya know, powder my knees a bit Cornstarch baby powder How’s that? That seems kinda fun This is gonna be really visible Oh no… no no no All right so, change of plans… So, we’re just gonna have to do it like really mildly, like a really small amount And just put it on the knees Ok… *pause* so we got the jeans on. Can you see the baby powder? [Tyler]: You can’t see it on the outside I don’t think. It definitely doesn’t feel as sticky so this might be a good solution. I’m just gonna stick this cornstarch in my bag and um, go about my day [Tyler]: That sounds like a terrible move. The cornstarch baby powder was really helpful for about 45 minutes to an hour, and then it wore away. The only problem is that it is hard to get in there you can’t really just casually re-up your baby powder You kinda have to like, go to the bathroom, de-pants, bring your baby powder with you and then, like, rub your knees. I think I’m gonna keep doing it. So I had a meeting today and I wore my ugly jeans I met a lot of new people and nobody said *anything* about the jeans The only bad part about today is that I’ve had to sit a lot and sitting in these things aren’t the most comfortable because you could kinda get sweaty and stuck to the plastic and the plastic like, stretches over your knees I tried the baby powder trick again but, once again after about 45 minutes to an hour it kinda went away So my knees were just chillin In honor of today being the last day that I’m gonna be wearing these jeans continuously I wore… my ugly pants… with my ugly shoes The Teva Uggs When I thought of these, I didn’t know what to wear on top and what I decided was a cold shoulder top because… what do these two things have in common? Unnecessary cut-outs. The toes are out. Oooh ya, I didn’t shave my toes. And then the knees are out, I did shave my knees, please pan to the knees So what else? I’m like, “Oh, I’ll put the shoulder out” Now, I love a cold shoulder top, this is not me saying that exposing your shoulders is weird in any way But it felt, like, right on theme. [Tyler]: I call it the Swiss Cheese Look I think that that was my destiny that day was to bring together all of these items and just have my head, shoulders, knees and toes exposed. I thought I was really flaunting these controversial clothing pieces I definitely noticed a couple of people maybe, like, glance and look away but I didn’t really notice anyone giving me any long weird stares [Tyler]: It’s like you’re walking around in an Elvis suit It’s like I’m walking around in an invisibility cloak It’s kinda like, “No, we’re just gonna ignore everything that’s happening over there.” *Tyler laughs*
[Tyler]: Yeah So I wonder if people just had given up on me altogether Like, they were like, “Whatever she’s doing over there, just let her do it and don’t talk to her.” [Tyler]: uhhhh, this lighting really does your jeans justice. Oh look, we could have gotten baby powder here for $1. Did it wrong. When I was wearing these jeans, only one person who I didn’t know in real life talked to me about them I think people either just kind of either assumed you’re going for something and they just sort of, like, let it be… Or, maybe people just don’t naturally look at your knees. So they don’t even really notice that you’re wearing these strange knee windows For all the internet hysteria, they didn’t seem like that big of a deal in real life. I think when I saw them online they seemed like such a centerpiece but I really think you can wear them with other pieces that make them seem kind of, normal…ish After wearing these things for a week, I actually don’t mind the style of them. I thought it was fun when I wore them in like an evening situation I really liked wearing them with heels I really liked wearing them with kind of, crop tops, or like, body suits Even though the knee windows are impractical and cause you to shave… which I don’t like I don’t mind the knee windows. By far the worst part of these pants is when you’re sitting down in a car, or at a restaurant, or in a meeting and the plastic is stretched over your knees… TAUT And that’s really when the sweat happens I think the best use case for these jeans was standing and taking a picture I definitely think the price is a little bit questionable I know that there’s at least one YouTuber who’s done a DIY version of these So I’ll link that in the description below I think that one of the big reasons to wear these pants right now are the fact that a lot of people will have opinions about these pants and they’re like a really trendy item. But when you really consider the pants …they’re just pants with knee windows in them… and they’re not that terrible looking but they’re not that comfortable to wear I think that the ugly shoes had some utility in that they were really comfortable and they were really warm And these are just… slightly more impractical pants You also may be buying a lot of baby powder along with them Unless, you are an actual mom buying these Mom Jeans… in which case you may already own baby powder Thank you guys so much for watching If you enjoyed that video, please go ahead and shmash that Like button And if you wanna see more video’s like this Go ahead and shmash that Subscribe button And if you’re already subscribed make sure to shmash that little bell icon to turn on post notifications so you get a notification every time I post Here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my next feat, I do a lot of daily vlogging, and Q & A’s on there Thank you Mandy for watching… Thanks Mandy Appreciate it And I will see you guys, a-next time


  1. HELLO LOVES! ah, what a night! what do you think of these "meme jeans" IRL? i thought they weren't that bad! but they were pretty sticky… (and i wish they had a bit of a longer inseam).

  2. I have mom jeans but they aren't actually mom jeans theyre just my dads jeans that didn't fit him so I have them but thetre too big 4 me but idfc so theyre just super high on my waist but I just wear a belt lol

  3. Your final outfit made me go…….

    head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes eyes and ears and mouth and nose head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes!

  4. I actually love these jeans. With the right shirt i feel they can be very cute. Though be honest i wouldnt wear them personally because one: i hate jeans and i am a really big patterned leggings fan and two: i live in the south (the southeastern USA) and it is ridiculously humid here, and it is not that humid down in California and if they are have problems with moisture already i dong want to deal with it down here

  5. I think they would be really cool if you wore thigh highs or tights underneath, or put band-aids on your knees

  6. I will be honest, the jeans are not that bad. Surprisingly, I would probably wear them! What the hell is wrong with me! Lol

  7. god never existed. the jeans aren't so bad it's kind of cute. more purpose than the absolutely useless and clueless extendo jeans.

  8. Those jeans would be great whit some fishnet tights or whit some weird knee socks whit some patterns on the knee part

  9. Ooo what if you had a cute upper thigh or calf tattoo and you had a cutout on your jeans specifically to see it?

  10. I don’t know if you still have those jeans since it’s 2019, but since it’s nice fitting around your thighs if you want to wear them again but don’t like the plastic part, then you can cut them and make them into shorts but don’t cut right above the clear part cut it to a good shorts length that you would like to wear.

    Just a suggestion

    You don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to

    You probably won’t since this is an old video


  11. I have another thing to say,

    Can you guys post more frequently plz?
    I really like your videos but whenever I search Safiya Nygaard there’s no new videos

    Plz think about posting videos more frequently!

    I luv you!


  12. You know what would be even worse than jeans with clear knees? Clear pants with jeans fabric in the knee area.

  13. “Shut up, count your calories, I’d never look good in mom jeans”
    I don’t think anyone could look good in those jeans

  14. I think it's cause these jeans / shoes were not…too insane? Like strangers / people who you don't know you that well might raise their eyebrows at it but it's not going to garner a big reaction from the masses or even long weird looks. A friend would say "WHAT the hell are those?!" But most people who see you on the street surely won't do that. It's a bit odd but not really terrible.

  15. I think the reason new people didn't talk to you about them is that they thought you just wore things like that normally. My reaction to seeing the jeans was: Why. Just why. I actually didn't mind the jeans or the Ugs. They weren't bad but I wouldn't wear them myself. Those jeans are certainly a fashion statement.

  16. Oh my gosh! I realised when you said in a sentence head, shoulders, knees and toes. When I was in great school we had a song and it went like: Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, eyes and ears, mouth, nose, head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. And yes I am German maybe someone noticed it as well. Oh, it's just me ohhh ehhmm 😅

  17. Honestly I think they're atrocious. But if that's what you want to wear that's what you want to wear I have no say in it. And I still love you the same staff. At this point I hate autocorrect it's making my life miserable.

  18. What do you think the manufacturers do with the knee cut-outs? Did the jeans have extra pockets perchance? 😂😂

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