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I am so cold is absolutely freezing this
morning it’s cold but back when it was super warm Ruth made me wear a jacket
made of ice so this video I thought I would get my own back I’ve challenged her
to wear as many clothes as possible challenge accepted
kids invent stuff welcome to the kids invent stuff fashion
vlog with me Ruth let’s go layer one I’m feeling very warm already feel about
like three layers on super maker when I’m cold I like to wear all my
clothes we’re not there yet though we have more I’m not sure I’m cut out for this
fashion vlogging could someone just dress me please Salopettes these are
really warm breathe in have you ever worn jeans over salopettes
it’s a great choice yeah hats one strong look oh hi welcome to Ruth’s fashin vlog beautiful
time to get my coat Shawn I need some help this is possibly the best thing ever
what what wow this is amazing as I zip it up every single layer of clothes is hugging me more It’s so warm if more fashion vlogs were like this
watch this it’s quite heavy stairs youve got to get the rocking momentum and use it to your advantage just after go run
some errands I need to buy some stuff for the shop I do you feel very warm
it’s definitely solve that problem we’re just here at Morrison’s the
supermarket and Ruth is gonna go and do some shopping are you excited can’t wait I’m having a wonderful day out. I think those dogs find me suspicious this is amazing Ruth how warm are you? About a 20 out of 10
the best thing about this is this is Ruth’s local supermarket so they’re gonna
be loads of people she knows here Ruth;s favourite asle is the freezer asle, I’m actually a decent temperature in here Now that’s my shopping done but I’m very warm I would not recommend
wearing all your clothes to keep warm so we’re challenging you to come up with
some invention ideas to keep you warm so any invention keep you warm
and as always here’s our top five for some inspiration funnily enough it
doesn’t include anyone wearing all their clothes Top 5 inventions wallace and gromit
like to stay warm by filling their loft with sheep this
baa-rmy idea is number five on our list this phone controlled heat up jacket is
like wearing all of your clothes except not as heavy and actually useful at
number three we have Sam’s flaming organ musical and it keeps you warm next we
have Colin Furze briefcase fireplace carry a warm fire around with you
everywhere and at number one who doesn’t want a cuddly toy that keeps you warm
and this is exactly what Allen Pan’s flamethrower Charmander does so we want
kids to send us their ideas for crazy inventions to keep you warm when it’s
cold and you can send your invention ideas as pictures or videos uploaded to
our website which will appear on the screen below and the close date this is
the 25th of December Christmas Day we hope you have an amazing Christmas and
please do send us your crazy inventions to give you up see next week don’t
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