1. not sure if puting ornament hangers thru your ear is sanitary but ok. I thought the tinsel on Ryann would be itchy. Alaina's is pretty cute, fun to twirl in

  2. cool body confidence. But what is this sheer knit sweater with a bralette at a film shoot!? Distracting, in an unprofessional way. No one wanting to watch a christmas video wants to see everything on display.

  3. All the people in the comments need to stop shitting on her for wearing that shirt. Yes, she's showing pretty much everything except her nipples, but there's nothing wrong with that. She's in a youtube video, she's not an elementary school teacher. Also, they're just boobs, It's not like she's showing her vagina to the world.

  4. I've been seeing quite a few rude comments on this video talking about Alaina's clothing.

    1. She can wear what she wants. Don't be rude.
    2. Why even talk about how it's against the dress code? If you scroll through the Buzzfeed channel, they literally have people wearing lingerie as clothing.

  5. " I cAn sEe hEr bRa " oml I swear people these days, so tf what? If it really was "bothering" her coworkers she wouldn't have been aloud to film this, but surprise honestly no one cared other then you haters😂

  6. All the comments about her shirt need to go. They were half naked at the end of the video I think their work environment is pretty chill. 😂😂😂😂

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