We Tried Dress Weights For Windy Days • Ladylike

– So y’all know that
iconic Marilyn Monroe photo where her skirt is flying up? – [Voice Offscreen] Aaah. – But y’all don’t see any of her goodies. – That does not happen in real life. – IRL that scenario would result
in undercarriage exposure. – [Voice Offscreen] Aah. – Is there a way around that? – Maybe. – It’s Ladylike and
we’re trying dress downs. – [Offscreen Voice] Aah. – I wear only dresses and skirts and they fly up all of the time. – The thing about skirts and dresses is when you put one on, they elevate your look a little bit. For me it feels fancier than pants. – There’s probably countless people who have seen my underwear and/or butt cheek and/or vagina. – When you’re walking out and you’re feeling like a thousand bucks and then the wind comes
around and trolls you, it is like not today,
and your vag comes out, it’s just, it’s a
humbling experience y’all. – When I wear dresses
and skirts, just in case, I try to wear underwear
that has the most coverage. Those aren’t the days when I get cute and do like a little thong
or a little lace on the side. Usually the days that I’m
wearing a skirt or a dress I’m like, yep, granny panty. – So today, I know the
product is called dress downs. I don’t know what it looks
like or what shape it takes. – How does this work again? – Dress downs are little
weights that you put in the hem of your skirt and
they keep your dress down. – So that when wind does
come it doesn’t fly up. – The one thing I worry about is the weights messing with
the hemline of the dress. It’s sort of the line of how things fall. I think it might look like I have two little things going boop. – My worries are that I’ll feel weighed down when I’m walking. I don’t want to feel like
I’m wearing more clothes than I actually am. – These dress downs may
work but if they don’t it’s because of man’s own hubris. We can’t pretend to play God. – So since this is a highly
scientific experiment, we need to bring in the fans
before applying the dress downs to see just how much my dress would fly up without the dress down. – Okay, wait, okay, so I didn’t realize this was gonna come from the bottom. I thought the fan was just
gonna be blowing at me from the side. – No. – What? – Wow we’re really doing this. Okay, let’s do it. Let’s turn this baby on. – Walking to the car. (thunder) (laughter) – Yeah you’re seeing them. – Oh no, dropped my keys. (thunder) (scream) – Stopping and admiring a rose. – That was gusty. – Dress downs. Four garment weights. – [Woman Offscreen] Self adhesive backing. Is this gonna stay on the dress though? – Does it stay on the dress? I guess you remove it with each wash but I’m wondering how long
the adhesive stays sticky. – Oh my gosh. They look like the shoplifting things, those shoplifting magnets. – They have little dresses on them. – Remove backing, press
firmly to the inside hem of clean, dry fabric. I can’t promise that this dress is clean. – So it’s inside the hem. Do I put it along the line
of the hem or up and down? – Okay so we have two placed. There’s that. I’m gonna put two more in the behind. – See, this is what you
have to watch out for. Now it’s bunching. – This seems like a hassle. Men have clothes that when the wind comes they just stay put. Women’s clothes it’s like, oh, it’s like a hot air balloon festival. – Honestly I don’t know
if these are gonna work. Now that I have them on it doesn’t feel, like I think I need a couple more weights. – It does feel too light. – Take two. – It’s kind of keeping it down. – Ah, oh. (buzzer) (thunder)
(buzzer) – Like oh, like I’m walking up the stairs. (ding) – I’ll do my steps. I’m going down my steps. I think marginally, right?
(ding) Like a little? (thunder)
(buzzer) – Yeah let’s try more. – It’s not bad. Let’s keep in mind, people,
this is also an industrial fan. – Oh yeah, I definitely need more so I’m using Kristen’s. (thunder) – It eventually
(ding) resolves itself. (rain sounds) – One two three four five six seven. Yep, seven. – I feel like the areas of my dress that have the dress downs on them, I feel the dress downs touching my legs. So they’re definitely working. (ding) They’re just like uh,
stay down, stay down. (singing) (ding) – I feel windblown. I feel tousled. I feel dry. – Okay, I think what we’ve learned here is that you have to be really precise about where you put these because the wind will find a weak point. – I don’t know if four dress downs for one garment is enough. I’m wondering if six or
eight may do the job better. I think it all just depends on the day. It depends on the material. I think it depends on
how windy it is outside. – These aren’t skirt anchors. It doesn’t hold it in place
but it does keep it down, which I guess is all
you could ever ask for. You still want your skirt
to have some natural motion. – I feel like maybe if
I had a heavier dress, like a sweater dress or
something, it might work better. – If the wind was more like how it was in your typical outside springy day, I actually can see how they would help. They were trying. They were trying really hard. But when you have an industrial fan, it’s like, you can only
expect marginal success and so that’s what we got. – Dress downs. – Lady tested. – Lady blown away. – Maybe I’m born with it. Maybe it’s dress downs. (lively music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. Subscribe here. – That was my part.



  2. One time I wore a dress, I went to school, and then a wind blew, I pushed it down near my that, then, it flew backwards while up, and then I had to push it down near my butt
    And I got nothing under besides an underwear

  3. I hate that on a video that focuses on womens dress hemlines, that Chantel wore one with a huge missing ripped piece. SO DISTRACTING

  4. Or you could wear skirts/dresses (short, midi or maxi) that don't have allot of fullness in the first place if the forecast calls for breezy to windy conditions. Just my two cents worth.

  5. Or use coins bc you don’t have to buy them and they’re EVERYWHERE. You’d do this by lining the bottom of ur skirt or dress with coins by sewing them to the dress.

  6. I love how comfortable they are in doing things like painting with their period blood and being Marilyn Monroe😂

  7. It is a bit unrealistic cause Devin's and Freddie's dresses were pretty short to begin with. Plus the material is really lightweight…It won't take a lot for the skirt to fly up. Just wear those biker tights !

  8. 3:04
    One of the many reasons I dont wear female clothing, I'm a girl
    I legit shop in the men's section 99% of the time

  9. A lot of royalty wear these and are hemmed into the bottom of skirts and dresses (not this exact product) because we don't know if the wind will pick up or how high those speeds will be. Normally if it's gonna be super windy I wouldn't wear a dress but if I had to these might help in a way. Usually I'm with most of the commenters in that I'll just wear shorts under the dress or skirt but I could see these working

  10. Y’all this is what spandex/biker shorts are for 😂😂 I wear spandex under all my dresses and skirts and I have for 5 years now 😂😂😂

  11. I mean for a channel called lady like in almost all the videos the refer to a lady part they call it a vagina when they are referring to the vulva it is so irritating. I wish they would learn to call it the correct term. Vulva vulva vulva

  12. I wear mens tight boxer shorts if im going drinking, but sober dress days I wear thongs cause it looks better and I like to live mildly dangerously.

  13. Am I the only one who has given up?
    If someone sees my underwear for a second I don’t really care.

  14. I wear bike shorts under my dresses and skirts because it makes me uncomfortable when I don’t wear them.

  15. I don't think women should feel like they have to wear shorts under dresses, they should have the same freedom as men can wearing trousers/pants

  16. Seriously?!? No one is going to mention the girl wearing the Blue Flowered Dress… The Lace on the bottom of her dress was ripped. That was making me insane! I think it’s time to increase my medication. I’m wondering if the “Dress Down” ripped her dress?

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