We Style Savage x Fenty Lingerie As Clothes For A Day


  1. Did you know that it is impossible to breathe whilst smiling! 😉😱😱

    Only kidding! I bet I made ya smile though! 😱❤️😂😁😉

  2. Destinee’s second outfit (sleepwear)
    you could of wore a long a-line skirt or pencil skirt or super loose straight leg pants
    with pumps, lace up booties, etc.

  3. Not only is this weight-loss doubling method 100%-Biologically-Guaranteed to work for women between the ages of 20-65 years old

  4. Destiny looks sick but I feel like I've seen the first outfit before on Fred but she's still beautiful it just looks the same but on a different body

  5. when she was trying to make it different from jazz's she could have taken a black tight skirt and tucked the lingerie into it so its pretty much what it was supposed to be

  6. This is so sexy! If I get to 100 subscribers, I will film myself smashing my guitar on the ground, I will really do it! Please subscribe to my channel NOW!

  7. I'm sorry, but like if you are a size 4x and up, you can't expect an average brand to carry your size! Like I am a tall girl, 6ft. I don't expect to buy pants at a forever 21. If go to a tall girl shop! Like we can't expect all clothing brands to be able to cater to everyone. Like I know Rihanna is known for inclusion but damn!

  8. Why so desperate to make this a thing, you guys look like a spectacle, these looks aren’t flattering and I’m not sure what you guys are trying to say when you enter a room but I know if I ran into you I wouldn’t be listening, how unfortunate smh

  9. Destinee you should have put on a light breathable coat and a dress or a skirt with your night look 😊. But I liked it. Jazmine you looked good, but with your night look straight black pants or skirt? 💖👍 another video like this

  10. I think I'm too normal to ever work at BuzzFeed like I'll be honest when girls don't wear a bra I do get uncomfortable idk

  11. I’m sorry but destinee went hard. Jazz kept it safe and her second outfit wasn’t flattering. But hey fun little content

  12. The only thing I can wear is a corset. She should've and could've styled the corset better. The eyebrows vanish into her skin. I would like to wear lingerie as clothes

  13. Oh Xfenty has xccessories like hand cuffs,straps and pasties in case y'all were wondering what other items they have.

  14. People are talking about how Jazz rocked those outfits— even in the video. But can we appreciate how she rocks bleached eyebrows? Like, how does she manage to do this?

  15. Tuck in the nightie in pants, roll up the sleeves of a shirt.

    Wear it over leggings with a shirt or loose sweater, etc.

    Take ideas from Charmed, that was a thing. :/ Do it! ^.^

  16. Savage X Fenty pretends it’s size inclusive. It isn’t. It starts at the same bra size everyone else does (32A) and therefore doesn’t cater to us smaller ladies. It also doesn’t cater to much bigger sizes than most shops. I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. I don’t think it’s in any way decent at size inclusivity. It’s just not inclusive. I just hate Savage X Fenty because it pretends it is just to get more attention.

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