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fade-in I’ve heard worse here during a fashion truck through the magic of the American postal system our jackets are here we ordered the jacket off Amazon and they are here they have a bribe so now and we gotta try them on now I’m really excited kinda I knew going into this that I wanted to order a bomber jacket there’s actually a decently large selection of bomber jackets that are within our budget whoa Wow there’s such a cool jacket I ended up going with a pink and black bomber jacket with like flowers and broidered on the back and it’s kind of got like a striped collar which I also really like so I’m excited to try it on and see how it looks on my body I want to know my body so I was either gonna get a trench coat or a moto jacket even though I have 50 moto jackets I’m so many I’ve like at least three but like I was looking at the trench coat why are these trench coats so expensive all the jacket I want are $100 which is way over budget plus size clothes tend to cost more than Chris has closed because of more fabric and more design so I found this jacket off Levi’s because they distribute on Amazon I’ve wanted a white moto jacket for a while to add to the cousin of jackets so I bought it and it’s here because it’s me nothing can be simple so I picked out a couple jackets earlier this week women’s winter lapel wool coat trench jacket fake pocket overcoat out there those are all the SEO keywords to what I’m looking for Amazon was like hey girl no I had to go and we shop and then get it in a different color and blah blah blah but I finally got my jacket I got something buzzy I got something I don’t even know what this is called it’s kind of like a police dip up jacket and that’s just what I wanted I wanted something soft and something kind of like outdoorsy and slouchy give it to me Jan here you go yeah thanks Hey look at this jacket I got a 2x that I was like no no no so 2x gonna work you never know sometimes I’m a 2x goal and sometimes I’m like some sort of other size that was pulled out of nowhere ah what do you think I’m 20% cooler I mean this zipper is industrial you could zip up the truck the one problem I have with all jackets is that my arms are quite short and so usually I’m like I’m a scarecrow oh yes exactly what I wanted because this is essentially a blanket but a jacket look at this slouch look at it zoom in on it Jen yeah oh yeah it is warm it’s warm and shapeless and perfect okay also the fun fact about the jacket I ordered is that it’s reversible I know so it’s two dragons in one I like it I think this is cool I would prefer this more a little bit more fitted but as it goes trick time it’s pretty cool all right I will try the reversible side just for fun for fun and for Kristen oh yeah I love Amazon nailed it shall we zip it up the we are excited about the up in oh we’re having zipper issues issues so this may be a little bit of a knock on this jacket but who needs to zip when you can do this Wow this check it rocks yeah I love it this looks good I like it a lot it fits nicely it’s warm um let’s find out here the pockets before I can put my hands we can do it up here just get myself a little if I want it but like here’s the thing most the time pockets aren’t really for putting your hands in unless you want to look cool they’re for storing little objects you might lose and that happens to me frequently so I appreciate them all four of these pockets are real I mean I’m excited good jacket this is fun as I mean yeah there’s no denying this is a cool jacket I like it this way too but for what I’m wearing it works best the other way I honestly do think it’s gonna be warm because it’s actually a little cold in this room and I felt pretty good with this jacket on and now that it’s off I’d goosebumps do we all love our jackets we like tell you ready to go out and see what the world thinks yeah let’s go and see what the world thinks Nina where do you think I got my jacket from Jack first put your face in it feel it it’s hard to say because honestly these jackets are like super in right now Amazon you feel so lots and expensive I am lexan expensive way to get my jacket oh that’s what I’m really just I never know what I’m reacting to until I come up here I’ve loved this it’s also just very fitting for the weather you know we’re transitioning it the way to fall winter this is this is it goes everything like a change into this dress and like I feel like it like you’re like oh it’s a loop what’s up yellow what do you think it’s very like feel okay Bob okay all right you but it looks cool then I think it’s a good I think it’s a good look I rely on okay actually that’s really cool on you okay everybody so right here you’re here yeah we’re at an ice rink with our jackets we’re gonna wear them we’re gonna see how they hold up how warm they keep us we’re in a place that’s will be cold I have we mentioned that Jeff and I cannot ice skate surprise [Music] all right so I’m holding the camera because I have found out that I might be the better of the skaters fade-in was here during a fashion truck there’s a and she is skating circles around me one day [Music] is it good how’s the jacket you feel arm I I really enjoy skating this jacket is PVC for a warm jacket very comfortable and you’re getting better this end eject it looks great you’re doing it these jackets feel warm they feel comfortable they’re doing a good job in the exercise we know this is work so I’m literally sweating [Music] [Music]


  1. Get their jackets here:

    Kristin: https://bzfd.it/2Am1g8T

    Jen: https://bzfd.it/2TK1PlV

    Devin: https://bzfd.it/2BvXbRt

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  2. Kristen🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ obviously PLUS size clothes are bigger bc the person is bigger that’s like saying a house should cost the same as a brick cmon u can’t say it should cost the same

  3. Oh no…. Kristin's gone to the "more fabric shouldn't equal money" groups.. I got sad hearing that..

  4. Every time Jen says “I like it!” It sounds when my mom made terrible food but I need 5 dollars so I must act like I like it

  5. Ok is this just me or did it bother anyone when..I don't know her name but the bigger one said that a plus sizes cost more because they "used more material" They do use more material because…will there is more to cover.

  6. I like that most ladylike videos are just excuses for their work to pay for items and outings and it’s so funny

  7. I got so excited when you went skating because I’m a figure skater and got so happpppppppyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  8. Omg you are sooo brave jen last time I went j's ice skating I fell on my butt and it was one of the worst pains I've ever felt

  9. I love how they just always turn even every day things people do into something awesome and funny with a bunch of energy

  10. I’m good at roller skating and not ice skating but I haven’t been ice skating for like SEVEN years

  11. Devin can wear the ugliest outfit and it'll look like a $1000000000 outfit, in my opinion.

  12. Y’all should order bathing suits off of ROMWE and see if the quality is good and just do an overall review. ROMWE is a really cheap and VERY cute. Hope y’all try it out!!!!

  13. Ladies go to a ren faire (and make an effort, not go there to Laugh At The Nerds™) like Bicolline for a few days? :DD The dress-up! The character creation! The actual vlog! That's three videos already!

  14. Did anyone else hear Jen call devin babe 6:23 🥰🥰🥰 at that point in the vid it looked like a couple vlog

  15. Did anyone else notice how when Jen was coming up to Deven in the ice rink she said how you doing babe…🤔😳

  16. pockets aren’t really for putting your hands in unless you wanna look cool

    I can’t live without putting my hands in my pockets
    Not to look cool

    Because my hands are always cold

  17. So if plus size clothes is more expensive, why aren't children's clothes cheaper than regular size adult clothes? It's just a ploy

  18. This video is unbelievable, ladylike are cool gals, but this video had me rolling my eyes. Of course it's going to be a good jacket it's from levis!!!!!!!!

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