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– My mood has not changed at all, and my clothes don’t match (chuckles). That’s funny (laughs). I know (laughs). – I’m exhausted (laughs). (energetic music) Today we are going to be changing our looks based on our moods. – Mood rings are sort of a childhood relic for anyone that grew up
in ’90 to the early 2000s. They look like this, and you wear ’em, and they’re these huge stones, and they’re supposed to change color based on what your mood is. – I thought that it would be really fun to give us an opportunity to
experiment with makeup again. Just the pop of color in mood rings lends itself pretty easily
to changing up a makeup look, to changing up an outfit look, perhaps. – So, you’re gonna have to take off your beautiful cocktail dress. – Maybe, well, look, Jen
told us to wear white. And this is the only
white thing I have on me. – I think I experience about 17.5 emotions in a span of 45 seconds, so this is gonna be quite
an Olympic activity for me. – The rings come with these little guides that have the colors
corresponding with the feelings. Fortunately for me, the colors that I don’t own very much of, are also the feelings I
don’t have very often. – Oh, well, that works out. – Yeah, I’m not really
very peaceful or relaxed. – (laughs) We’re gonna put ’em on, see what happens, like kind
of see what color pops up. – After that, we’re just
gonna make our look match. – Let’s do it.
– All right. So, let’s pop these bad boys on. – Ready?
– Yep, doop. – When I look at it straight on, it’s this weird pinky green color. – [Devin] Mine is straight up pink. – So, our rings are
different colors currently. – But it seems like they’re getting closer together in color.
– They are getting closer. – The closer our bodies get together. – Okay, maybe we should not
touch bodies then (laughs). (upbeat music) – Okay, so we’re gonna start to figure out what our looks are gonna be. I’m gonna kind of do a
hodgepodge of blue and purple. And then you’re gonna do sort of a hodgepodge of black and blue. – Yeah, I’m gonna do a little
black and blue situation. Very Backstreet Boys, circa 2000. – I don’t think green and teal is something that totally suits me. But we’re gonna try. – This is definitely a color I wear often. And I think jewel tones are like, a musical theater major’s best friend. I feel very comfortable with this color, just not on my face, so
let’s do it, we’ll see. – So, my mood ring keeps changing. It was pink and purple,
now it’s blueish purple. And I’m just gonna try to keep up with the changes as we go. – So, this can sort of
be the base for my lip. I might have to make it a
little bit more pigmented and supplement it with some other colors. But I think I can turn this into a teal. – All right, so right now, it’s purple. I’m gonna go with this purple lipstick. – I’m gonna do this blue lipstick, ’cause it also feels a
little black, kind of. It’s like it’s sort of a blue black. – I’m gonna do the kind
of like ombre lip thing. – And by doing it, I mean,
I’m going to attempt it, ’cause I’ve never done it before. – You know, I don’t know
if this is my color. – Smoochy, smoochy, I look like a fish. Oh, yeah, I do look like Rainbow Fish. I look like Rainbow Fish. – Yeah, this is not a color
that I generally would wear. But it is a color that I’m wearing now. – It’s a mood.
(gentle music) – I love it when people are like, “I don’t like to poop in public places.” I’m like, “What are you talking about? “That’s the best thing ever, “’cause you just leave it there, “and you don’t have to sully your house.” – I don’t mind doing it in public. But the reason I like doing it at my house is just because I just really
enjoy having a clean ass. – That’s good, it’s a good
feeling to have a clean asshole. – So, we don’t have
eyeshadow brushes right now, so we’re kind of winging it. (crew laughs) – Kind of matches, not bad.
– Yeah. – It’s not bad. As we’re doing our makeup, I have moved from feeling relaxed, and I’ve moved more towards a deeper blue, which means happy. And I’m just gonna do a darker blue shadow to compliment the happy. – That’s exactly what I’m doing. – Oh, we’re gonna look so good. – Oh, my God (chuckles). – I think you look lovely.
– Aww. – I really like this lip. I think I also like just the contrast between your dress and the lip. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. It’s like pow, pow. – I’m like a vampire, but
I also shop at Hot Topic. – (chuckles) Yes. I think my look is pretty
true to like my mood ring. – Wow, you did that whole thing, and I did a lip in that time. (both laugh) I already did a little bit of eyeshadow earlier because I cheated. So, I’m just gonna do a little bit of a black eyeshadow now. – Wow, so this was actually pretty easy. – We did it. – Devin and I have completed our looks. I am rocking a teal lip to
represent teal relaxed mood. And then, I also have a dark blue shadow to represent the happy
mood that I’m showing. You did teal shadow,
and then, dark blue lip. – All right, so we
finished our facial looks. We’ve done our makeup, we’ve
done our lip, our eyes. And now, we’re gonna
go change our clothes. And unveil our final looks. – Let’s do it, let’s do it before this
gets all over my face. – We literally just put on new shirts, and now they’re changing. – Yeah, my mood ring is
slowly turning to pink, which means romantic, and that’s LOL. But apparently, I’m feeling romantic, so I’m gonna have to switch
up this look pretty soon. – It’s definitely because of our body temperatures changing.
– Yeah. Well, I guess we solved that mystery. – Well, video over. (gentle music) – So, according to the chart, my mood is purple-ish pink and blue. So, I kind of have a
purple-ish pinkish blueish look with my make up, and then
I added a royal blue beret. And then, this chambree
light blue button up shirt. – You look like the painter like roommate, in like a ’90s movie. – I love that. – (laughs) My ring is
still blue and black, which means I am both
happy yet very stressed. So, I am wearing the black tank top, and this little denim
braided strap overall skirt. – Oh.
– So, basically, I dressed like I’m in middle school. – I’m wearing a blue shirt to match my happy and relaxed mood color. – Yeah, I mean, this is a pretty standard
shirt in my wardrobe rotation. It’s a blue polka dotted shirt. I usually don’t pair it with
these jeans, but here we are. – Okay, so we are just
going to go about our days and keep a close eye on our mood rings because we have a lot to do today and I’m sure our moods will change. – I’m heading to a meeting right now. – Better CarboLoad.
– Yeah. – So, I just had, literally,
a 30 second conversation, as I walked out of the shooting space, and my ring has already
turned back to pink. It’s like, full on pink. So, gotta go back to the
shooting space and change again. No, now it’s purple. – Now, it’s pink, so
I’m gonna go with that. Which means super romantic. And I’m gonna wear a pink
shirt and change my makeup. – So, I’m already pink and purple. I’m gonna change my whole situation. – [Jen] Because you’re feeling romantic. – And excited. I just finished my pink and black look. Gonna go show the ladies. Okay, so it was green,
literally 15 seconds ago. And now, what color is it? – It’s turning black again. – Wait, oh, yeah, the black
is coming from below up. That’s very ominous.
– It’s quite frightening. – [Kristen] Yeah, you
know why I’m stressed? ‘Cause I keep having to
change everything (laughs). – I’m just purple, which,
what is purple anyway? – [Kristen] My mood is purple. – [Jen] It’s like excited. Like, navy blue is purple. – [Kristen] Purple is like maybe horny, probably just excited.
– I’m aroused. – My mood is don’t wanna change my clothes for the fifth time. – What color is that?
(Devin laughs) That’s our purple girl. – Aroused and in charge. – So, I literally just
got out of the bathroom, changing into my pink shirt
to go with my pink mood, which is romantic, and
while I was changing, it became blue again. I literally have to go back into the outfit I just changed out of. – [Kristen] Who’s a pink lady? – I’m a pink lady. But as soon as I walked
out of the bathroom to sit down and answer some emails, it changed back to blue. – [Kristen] (laughs)
I’m also blue right now. Oh, wait, no I’m not (laughs). – Why isn’t there a mood color for anger? I don’t feel like walking to the bathroom, so I’m gonna change under here. – (laughs) Freddie. – It’s just the back and forth to the bathroom is too much. I don’t know why it
keeps giving me romantic, but I do not feel romantic at all. – It’s ’cause you love me!
(yells) I got out of this meeting and I’m back to pink and green and black again. I don’t wanna play this
game anymore (laughs). – All right, so I just
got out of a meeting, it went fine but a lot
of stuff got discussed that kind of got my blood flowing and appropriately the mood
ring has turned black. I put on my black coat but
I am gonna change my shirt, and it looks like I have to
do some kind of dark lip now. So, see if we can make that happen. – Okay, so since I had to go back to the pink, green, black outfit, I figured I’d try a new lip this time. And hopefully, in the time
it’s (chuckles) taken me to put on my lip, I won’t be
back to a different color. – I got one arm out of this shirt, and it went back to this color. – I’m exhausted. – My mood hasn’t really changed. It’s been purple, which is aroused. It’s turning blue, what does blue mean? Is that bad? Wait, hold on, it’s darkening,
am I making you sad? – No, you’re making me excited. So, blue is excited but I’ve
already been blue before. So, can you make me yellow? Yellow is nervous.
– Oh. (Devin laughs) I don’t know how to. – That was your look to
make me nervous (laughs)? – Is it working?
– No. It’s definitely still like blue. – I’m gonna do a dark lip. Oh, I’m mysterious now
because I have a black lip. So, not only do I have a black lip, but I have a black lip that
has been poorly applied. – So, according to this
ring, I’m feeling romantic and peaceful and also, a
little tint of stressed. Maybe because I’ve changed
clothes like 100 times. – I changed into this black shirt to match my black makeup look and my black mood apparently. What do you think of my look, Annie? – You look like a goth. – Do you like it?
– Goth boy. – Goth boy! – [Man] Oh, my gosh, spooky. – Spooky!
– So, I was just in all of these meetings, where I couldn’t leave to go change, and my ring was blue in the meetings. And now, we’re I’m finally at
a place where I can change, my ring is back to being purple. – You’re just really
horny for kettle corn. This thing looked like it was gonna change to a different color, and I was just like, “You best be getting back
to the color you were.” – It’s been about an hour since I went from happy to stressed. And I’ve been doing some prop runs, and yeah, the mood ring has again changed. You can’t really tell, but
it is now a bright yellow. Which means that I am afraid. Maybe I’m afraid of bears, which I am. But the yellow on this ring means that this situation has to change, and this situation has to change. – [Devin] Okay, so it
officially just turned green. And so, I’m gonna capitalize
on this moment, and go change. – It’s green now. Devin and I are both green right now. Devin, are you no longer aroused? – No, like the general stages of arousal, I’ve gone from a pink
excitement to peaceful. – Peaceful, a nap after you do the deed. – Or maybe a sandwich, I don’t know. – I normally wouldn’t
put on this color lip, and like, I thought it was gonna look bad. Now that it’s on, I wouldn’t mind having to put this on in about 45 minutes when I have to change
my outfit twice again. – I think I look scary. I also didn’t apply it well
because I’m bad at makeup. – Jen, I love you, but you
look crazy with that lipstick. – Yeah, I mean, I look like a duck. – So, I’ve actually managed to stay green for longer than I expected. I haven’t done green
eyeshadow because I is tired. I mean, and the lips
are kind of more teal. But I think you get the picture. – I’m green now, and I
despise this lip gloss. – I got myself all
situated in this yellow, so that yeah, I’m matching my mood. And the best thing about this challenge is that you always look good. – You think it’s gonna be good. And then, I reveal the
lips, and then it’s awful. And then, it just looks like mold. – I don’t know if the ring actually corresponded to my moods because it changed every 45 seconds. And maybe that’s how
quickly I change my moods, but probably not. – (laughs) Oh, my God, no. – Okay, so I was walking back inside, and taking some photos out there, and I was moving my arm,
and the ring slipped off. So, I’ve broken the mood ring now, which I think might mean that I am done for the rest of the day (laughs). – Hey, it is the day after
our mood rings challenge, and I just gotta say I am so grateful to be wearing one outfit. – I would say that a majority of the day, I was excited and romantic. Which is interesting because I don’t think I
felt really excited all day. But maybe deep down, I do have some romantic things happening. Like, I hope that means that like, I’m exuding desirable qualities. – It was really fun when
I like had to change my outfit a thousand times. See, like it’s blue now, but the thing is, the second I take off this jumpsuit, it will not be blue. So, I’m not listening to the ring anymore. – As much as I felt self conscious wearing like a blue lip
or wearing a yellow lip, like I actually I got pretty
nice things said to me. Like, people took time out of their day to tell that they thought
I looked kind of bad ass, which I never would’ve
expected that reaction. So, it was weird and fun
and kind of interesting to step outside my comfort zone. And then, kind of get
complimented and awarded for it. So, that was really awesome. – Not having to coordinate my outfits and my looks with my moods, it’s nice. It’s a lot less stressful. Although, I will say, I
was surprised by how stable my mood was in comparison
to the other girls. Just ’cause I thought that I was definitely the most emotional. But you know what? That doesn’t seem to be true anymore. So, you know what? That’s what we learned,
that’s the biggest takeaway. – Jen’s mood ring challenge. – Lady tested. – Lady, all the colorful feels. – The ring and I are fucking finished. You’re going in the trash
with all of my feelings. (lighthearted music)


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