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– Imagine if someone could just take all the worst parts of being an adult and make them go away, like magic. That’s what I imagine it’s like to be rich enough to afford a personal assistant– someone whose entire job is to attend to your every need. But once we get the extra help, will we actually be able to let go and be happier? – Yes. – Yes. – It’s the Ladylike Show, and we’re gonna have personal assistants for a week. (energetic jazz music) So, the reason why this is on my bucket list is because I am actually kind of a mess. – [Woman] My god, girl needs help. – There are so many things in my life I have not gotten done, and I also got lists from all the girls, and there are so many things that they need done, too. And we talk all the time about what we might be able to do if we just had, like, more brain space. So, I thought, let’s get some extra brains in here! ^- My name’s Tori Campbell. ^I’ve been an assistant on and off for about four years. I started with a celebrity personal trainer. – My name is Kaycie. I’ve been an assistant, in some capacity, for about 12, 13 years, and the last three and a half, four years, I have been a celebrity assistant. – I think the girls are going to enjoy having people help them out. – So excited. – Incredibly. – I can’t wait. – I’m… pumped. – I’ve wanted this my entire life. – But I also think there is a lot of work that goes into delegating. – Here’s the thing: I feel a little guilty about this, ’cause I’ve been an assistant before to some very demanding people, so I have a lot of guilt about asking, like, “pick up my dry cleaning.” – I mean, I love absolving myself from responsibility, so I am gonna handle it super well. – Another thing that we’re all gonna have, if someone wants to reach us, they’re going to need to talk to our assistant first. – How do I get all my ex-boyfriends to call me in this week, so they have to talk to my assistant? ^- What’s the worst thing you’ve ^ever had to do as a personal assistant? – Ah, well, I’d love to tell you, but I have signed many non-disclosure agreements. – Our lips are sealed. – I know, I’ve pretty much done everything, working with the people that I’ve worked with, and I can’t imagine it’ll be any worse. – Yep. – Are y’all ready to meet the girls? – Yeah. – Let’s do it. – All right. Let’s bring ’em in. – ‘Cause here we are! – Devin brought a clipboard. – You said, have a list, and I said, okay, here’s my clipboard. – I think Chantel wants to start, ’cause Chantel has a list the size of the sun. – Shall we? (laughter) Okay. I mean, basically, it’s just, I need many things scheduled. ^’Cause I still have my wisdom teeth. ^I also have bunions. ^You also might need to schedule something with my mom; ^we file our taxes together. – So, what, you need your bunions scheduled? – Yeah, to get shaved off. – To get more. (laughter) Get more added. ^- Well, I wanna troll my boyfriend. ^- On it. ^- Yeah, I need you to look up dogs within my criterias, like puppies on PetFinder, and then email him a list every morning, and cc me. – Okay. (laughs) – Every morning? – My big things this week are, ^I need some Instagrams taken. ^- Oh, can I have some of that, too? ^- I would like that, too. ^- I’ll take a serving of that. ^- Also, I need someone to help me clean out my car. (dramatic operatic music) – I just need a lot of reminders throughout the day, like, today is literally my cousin’s birthday, ^so I need, just remind me, call your cousin. ^- Call your cousin. ^- Okay, I’ll do that later. ^Thank you. ^- They’re on it! – Do you mind, remind me again? – So for me, I’ve been having issues with thieves in the office. They’ve been stealing my mug. ^(somber chime) – Let’s not laugh, this is real. – This is what happens: so, I’m trying to do my part. I’m trying to save the environment, which is why I bring in glass mugs, so I’m not using paper cups for coffee in the morning. – But… – You know… (all laugh) – I also have a FixIt ticket that I got in Burbank. I could mail it in. I just kinda forgot what exactly I need to mail it with. – Number one thing for me, is I need to find a chiropractor. I went to a chiropractor when I first moved to LA, and the guy was creepy, so someone who’s not creepy and who takes my insurance. – Okay, so I wanna say, thank you so much. I’m really excited about this. I need clothing picked up from the tailor. My cat, Roberta, needs to get her nails clipped. – Can someone else do your smog check for you? – Yeah. – Okay, I need someone to do my smog check for me, and to send off my car registration. – I’d love some help, basically selling this old air-conditioner I have. If it sells, awesome. If it doesn’t sell, we could maybe see if anybody wants it for free. – So, I want a big dog, so it has to be a puppy that’s a big dog, and that’s a lady, ’cause Pat wants a girl dog. – And then, once we find my mug, I would love for you to order a custom mug for me. – Okay. – Because, I’m not respected in these streets. – Okay, so how do you want to divvy this up? You wanna just split it in half? – Yeah, that might make sense. And the two tickets, we should do immediately. – Yeah, for sure. – I’m gonna dig for my ticket. Ah ha! What’s the date? Oh, (bleep), this is due in two days! – Perfect, and then I’m being asked by Kate why you have not re-tweeted her Michael Phelps tweet. It’s important and very time-sensitive. – Okay, this is gonna be a week. (laughs) – Tell her I did not see her Michael Phelps tweet. – [Kaycie] Okay. – Jumping on Twitter now. – Got it. – Okay, thank you. – Happy, Kate? – I’m sorry. I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to go through my assistants first. (Devin laughs) – I’ve been played. It’s a pleasure to meet you. – Pleasure. You here to see Devin? – I’m so happy that you’re here. Yes. I’m here for Devin. – Okay, let me see if she’s available. – You did just tell me that she was available on Slack. I know, but I’m just making sure. – Oh, this is what Devin just said, that she’s not available. – She’s a little busy right now. If you could come back in five minutes, she’ll be available. – I’m just kidding, I’m trolling you, I’m trolling you. – Oh, I didn’t know that. – I can hear Kaycie calling about my ticket. What a kind woman to be calling a government agency. That takes a lot of… I wouldn’t even do that for a best friend. – Okay, I keep finding more things. – [Kaycie] Okay. – So, I actually got caught in the rain when I had this bag, and it was serving as my umbrella. – [Tori] Hey Kristen, you have time to do some Instagrams? – Yeah, I do. – [Tori] Let’s go. – Hey, Kristen, I thought of one other random thing. – Well don’t ask me. – Hi, Tori. – [Tori] Hi. (jazz music) – [Tori] That’s cute. (jazz music) – Oh my God, that’s so cute. – You have so much content now. ^- I know I do! These are really good. I actually get really stressed out. What?! This took us like five minutes and we got it. – Yeah, we got it. – It took my husband the better part of half an hour to get one photo. – I got my first email from Tori, and she has apparently scheduled my chiropractic appointment for this Wednesday, at 4:30. ^I’m finally gonna get rid of these headaches that I’ve been having. Way to go, Tori. Wow. – All right, y’all. We got emails. – [Devin] An end of the day report. – Oh my God, this is so official. So, I had a massage booked for me. Tori booked air travel for me. She also bought me a makeup organizer. – Whoa. – And Kaycie also looked into how I can pay my ticket. She called the government for me. No one has ever called the government for me. – You should marry her. – I feel like, instead of planning a wedding, little girls need to be planning when they get assistants in their lives, ’cause this is, legit, a life goal. – I feel like we all have errands, like I have errands, Fred has… Yeah, Fred, you’ve got a lot of errands. – I have so many errands. – So today was a big day for Chantel, and tomorrow is going to be a bigger day for all of us. – I love today. ^- So it is 10:45 at night, and I was laying in bed, and realized that I need to have one of them call my Geico car insurance company tomorrow and take care of a little bit of business, so I’m back up and I’m sending them an email, so I don’t forget about it tomorrow. (warm chimes) ^- (singing) The puppy newsletter’s here. ^- What? ^- Yes. – Tori sent it out, and she is here. – Oh my god, look at these baby, wait, hold on, look at the subject. – It’s “Puppy Newsletter: Not Junk, Patrick.” He responded actually. – Wait, he did? – Hello everyone, glad that you all get to share the puppy cuteness. Thanks Tori. Bowie is absolutely adorable. – Aww. I feel like this is the type of trolling that truly is a luxury. – It is a luxury. – This is a luxurious level of trolling that we are indulging in right now. – So I have my old laptop here. This thing is like a brick. Jern, hold this thing. – Ooh. – That thing is nine years old. We’re gonna see if it turns on today. If it turns on, then I’m gonna get to pull some old, probably embarrassing music videos that I’ve edited on it. – Chantel, when you turn it, you can, ow! (bleep)
Ow! – Welcome to my car! ^Heeeyy. – All right. – Yeah. – There’s a veil. I think there’s a wedding veil in there somewhere. So we’re gonna do like clothes we’re gonna dry clean,` and then clothes we’re gonna donate, and then actual garbage. My car is just kind of like full of my job stuff. But the reason why I never clean it out is because I keep getting rewarded for it not being clean. ‘Cause whenever I need clothes, the clothes are right there. – [Tori] What does your trunk look like? – Let’s not talk about my trunk. – I’m assuming that these are trash. – Laundry, I have a lot of laundry. Ooh, I’ve been looking for this tank top. Oh, that’s hundred percent laundry. Oh, I just pulled something so hard, the car seat moved back. If I haven’t seen the wrapped food item in months, I probably don’t want it. (Kaycie laughs)
I’m guessing. Okay, so I bought a box for leaf bags, ’cause I thought, I’m gonna clean out my car every so often, and then I lost the box of leaf bags somewhere in the car. – Did you find any food in there, ’cause I’m hungry. – I found some bread and some french fries, but they were all really hard, so I don’t think you want ’em. (Chantel laughs) – [Jen] You guys forget how much I love hard bread. – [Tori] Ooh! – [Jen] What is that? – Here you go. – I thought it was something different. – I did, too. – It’s weird just letting people do things. Like, it’s really bizarre just being like, this is out of my hands now. I feel like a (bleep). Look how beautiful! ^(chime) ^- You can see the back seat. – [Kristen] We just gotta vacuum it now. – [Tori] You can have friends back here now. – What happened? What successful thing just happened? – We just sold the A/C unit for what you were asking for it. – [Jen] Wow.
Incredible. – [Kaycie] Yeah. – [Jen] No! – [Kaycie] You got it? – [Jen] Under the bottom, maybe? – [Kristen] See, Jen, you would never have been able to do this on your own; you would always need help. – Uh-huh. – [Kaycie] Wow, not bad. – [Jen] And let me get you the hose. This is the most important part, otherwise you’ll get carbon monoxide poisoning. – [Kristen] No one wants that. – Yeah, there’s gotta be a way for the carbon monoxide to get out of your house… (Kristen laughs) and into the environment with all the nature. – I am officially off to my chiropractic appointment that Tori booked for me. Watch this, it’s crazy. ^It’s electric stim. (whispering) I’m not doing that. I’m not doing that. – Kaycie is working on transferring over all of my college laptop stuff onto my hard drive, but there are a few problems. – So we had to get a new hard drive. I’m now transferring the files that she needed from the computer, then I have to transfer (sped-up cassette sound), and then transfer everything back to it. We’ll be here for another few days. – I’m embarrassed. ^- (whispering) I am a changed woman. – Yeah, so we have my big box of shit that was from when we moved offices back in October. The goal is to get everything out of this box and into its rightful place. So we can just get started, and going through some stuff that needs to be thrown out. Look at that.
Useful. You can’t even tell that it used to be a bird, except for the feet. Oh, those are my Oishi socks. Delicious. I’m gonna keep them. This is a notebook someone got me. These are, wow, I have so many socks! These are cute. Do you want $25 off your next $100 Torrid purchase? ^- When does that expire? – 2016. And actually, I’m not sure if this is ever going home. This bag might live here, but it takes up a lot less space than the box. – No, you’re taking it home tonight. – [Kristen] Yeah, you’re taking it home, Jen. – Am I gonna take it home? We’ll see. I’m sorry you had to do that; ^I could have easily done that on my own. ^- It’s fine.
That’s what I’m here for. – What an angel. – [Kristen] You did it. – [Jen] Here you go, Chantel. – I think with everyone, just getting the information that we need has been a little hard. – Yeah. – Insurance information, logins. – We should have done that, shouldn’t we? – Yeah, so I usually just have a document to go to to reference, and I don’t have to bother them with those questions. – [Devin] Wow! – [Kaycie] When you start somewhere, you create like a whole spreadsheet that’s like a Bible of sorts, like someone’s desk Bible. – Where’s my Bible? – Yeah, I got your ticket extended, and, so this way you can pay it and avoid the $900 fee, as well as jail time if you didn’t show up to court. – Jail time? – To fight it. – [Kristen] Wait, so they kept you… – You kept me out of jail! – If you didn’t show up in two days, – (bleep), I didn’t know that! – And just let it pass, you would have had a bench warrant for your arrest. – I got some text messages from you. – Yes. – It’s gonna be good. – Custom mug. – I am excited. I couldn’t have chosen a better photo. – [Tori] Yeah. I died. – How’d you find that? Where’d you find it? – [Tori] I just Googled you, girl. – Now, I’m really happy that we go the new mug. Have we found the culprit? – We don’t know what we’re looking for. – No, because you haven’t given us a picture of the old one yet. We keep asking you for a photo. – I missed that. – Kaycie and Tori said that they called my mom, Sandy, to schedule a time for us to do our taxes together, and I realized, I didn’t tell Sandy anything that was happening this week. Hey, mom. FYI, Ladylike is having personal assistants this week, so they reached out to you to schedule a time for us to do our taxes. And she said, “I don’t understand. ^”Should we schedule our taxes this Saturday?” ^(buzzer sound) ^- [Kristen] Sandy is not on board. – She’s like, don’t give me the run-around, just say yes or no right now. ^- [Kristen] Just let Kaycie respond to her. ^See what she does. – I evaded jail for my ticket, will I evade jail for taxes? Stay tuned! ^- So I just got to work and people ^have been coming up to me and been asking if I found my mug yet, so I’m trying to figure out… I’ve heard that there are signs that I’ll just have to find. (gasps) Look at the sign, look at the sign they made. – [Freddie] He he he he he. So good. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. All right, so, today’s the day. – Yep. – The word is already out. – People are scared. – People are scared. – People are nervous. – People are nervous. – What’s gonna happen? – This is a great mug. I like it a lot. It was a gift and I want my gift back. Okay, first of all, I’ve never seen this many mugs in this cabinet ever in my life. So, I’m wondering if people were like, uh oh, what mugs do I have at my desk that don’t belong to me? Maybe I’ll just return them to the kitchen just so I’m off the hook. That’s what I’m feeling. – [Kristen] So, really, this had a positive impact. – I think this is having a positive overall impact for everyone who has been affected by missing mugs. – I had a Reading Rainbow mug. You can’t buy that thing, okay. You gotta donate to Kickstarter to get that, and they stole it, and to this day, I haven’t found it. – How long ago did your Reading Rainbow mug go missing? – [Man] About a month ago. And I looked for two weeks. Heartbroken.
– It’s upsetting. – Have you seen this mug? ^- I have not. – Damn. – Have you tried checking the shooting spaces. They also have a little side kitchen that has a dishwasher. I didn’t check there. Should we also check lex? – And props? – Ooh. Ooh, if my mug is in props… – Props. – [Kristen] Maybe y’all should split up. – I bet it is. – Nothin’. There’s a mug. We got the Reading Rainbow. – Ooh. – Is someone missing a Reading Rainbow mug? – Holy, are you? Wild. – [Woman] Oh my God! You’ve been looking for it everywhere! – [Kristen] It was on the Ladylike stage. – It was on what stage? – [Kristen] It was on the Ladylike stage. – No one knows how my mug got to the stage? – [Kristen] No. (laughs)
No. – Okay.
All right, um. I’m gonna need a minute. – So, no luck. These ladies, they were committed. We found other people’s mugs. – We did. We found her mug. – This is Mia’s mug! – It’s all right. We’ll keep an eye out, investigation is still continuing. The good thing is, I do have my own personal mug coming next week. – I’m super excited. – Has my face on it. ^Lo and behold, look what arrived in the mail. (joyful choir singing) My personalized mug, because I deserve a mug that’s mine, all mine. ^- Oh my God, it’s Friday. ^It’s our last day. I’m out of things. Y’all. We gotta come up with more things. – I have a phone call with Sandy. – Oh, yes, we do have to talk to Sandy. – I will get her on the phone. – Wait, don’t you have the boxes under your desk to go through, too? – Uh, they’re over there now. So they’re not bothering me anymore. – So you just moved them. Okay, so, you didn’t go through them, you just relocated them to Devin’s desk. (Kristen laughs) Okay, so we do have stuff, there is stuff to do. – I am getting ready to call Chantel’s mom, Sandy. She’s been, what seems to be dodging my phone calls. (phone ringing) ^Hi, is this Sandy? – Hi, Sandy. My name is Kaycie. I’m Chantel’s assistant for the day. – [Kristen] Okay, how was talking to Sandy? – It was lovely. We figured it out. Every weekend she wanted, her daughter could not do. So we’ve now settled to see if they’re available, and they’re gonna do it tomorrow. Hope she doesn’t have plans tonight. The week’s been really good. Everyone was super nice. We had a lot of stuff that we got to do. Compared to my usual assistant jobs, this was a lot less hectic. Everyone was so scared that they were, like, being mean to us by throwing their stuff on us. – And they kept apologizing. – Yeah. – Like I’m really sorry I’m making you do this right now, but… – It’s raining again today, and I’m sending poor Tori to get my oil changed. I hate this. – So that’s different than most of my assistant jobs. – Oh my gosh, guys. What a week to be alive! – Yeah. – We did it. – What a week. – They did it. – You killed it. – I feel like my quality of life has improved quite a bit. – So what were kind of the big, fun takeaways from this week? – I got a lot of headaches taken care of this week. – I went to a chiropractor who literally changed the way I stand, so that was like such a big win for me, so thank you. – Yay. – I think the low point for me is I felt very guilty asking you two to do some things, because I just had weird experiences being an assistant before. – I feel like I never quite go the hang of just letting go. But.. – You don’t say. – I’ve started to realize that sometimes when there’s a task I don’t want to do, just even having to do barely a step to get it started will be enough for me to be like, I don’t need it! Which is a problem. – My big triumph, which is really Kaycie’s big triumph, was getting all the old stuff off of my old laptop and putting that onto a hard drive, and then wiping that laptop, and donating it. I was dreading it, which is why it’s just been sitting on my desk for two years. – She saved you from being arrested. – She also saved me… – From her bench warrant. – …from that. – Like, when I was planning this, and I saw everyone’s lists, I first thought, this is too much. And then, you guys were done by Thursday afternoon. In my mind, all of my tasks feel like they take days. – [Jen] Yeah. – [Chantal] Yeah. – [Kristen] But they actually don’t. – [Kaycie] It’s just, people put ’em off, and put ’em off, and it takes… – Like, when we saw the lists, we were like, this is gonna be so easy.
– So easy. – The one downside is, y’all are leaving, and next week, we’re gonna have to talk to all the people again. ‘Cause you acted as a beautiful buffer between us and the rest of Buzzfeed. – Nobody talked to us this week! – [Chantal] How was this week for you guys? – Everyone was really nice. No one was a pain in the ass. We can definitely tell who would be great at having an assistant. – Oh, yeah. – You, probably, too. – What does that mean? – It would take a little longer for y’all to, like, get used to it, but you guys were like, do this, do this, do this. – We’re ready. – I have things! – I don’t trust anyone. Having personal assistants for a week. – Lady-tested. – Lady got shit done. – Woo! – Thank you! – Thank you so much! ^- So, I went to go wash my fork, and saw this in the dish. (somber chime) ^- Show her the worst part. ^- It has been used. ^- Recently. – This is… I don’t even know what to say. ^- Someone used it today. ^- And there was food in it. (upbeat music)


  1. The longer we wait the more selfish I become. I counting the minutes the hours and days. I know life is happening I'm not moving so with that being said I as everyone was.

  2. I'm living with no regrets. I been planning your whole existence and now nothing really went as planned.

  3. Then people are passing away. That's a reality check to say that you really don't have much time in your years.

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  10. Some of us are struggling for life not getting rightful & promised p. assistence needed in disability. It is a worthy challenge to have the strength, will, wherewithal and clarity to stand up for one's basic needs and make it happen while sick, sleepless, traumatized, Aspergers, stress-exhausted with 3-burnout… I am sure there is a way…if there is a will. Maybe I figure it out by the time I die. Which may not be long unless – I figure it out very soon. Some thoughtful advice, anyone? Thank you, and keep healthy.

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