hey you guys and welcome back to my channel today I'm super excited for today's video because I'm gonna be sharing a Walmart summer Tryon clothing haul with you guys I found so many cute pieces this may just be it one of my favorite ones yet so can't wait to share I have a lot of summer off inspiration I have casual outfits dresses super like comfy like shorts that are great for like travel so if you're doing summer travel have some super cute looks for that and even like some cute swim cover-ups and they're all like 10 and 15 dollars which is insane so I can't wait to share with you guys I found most of it online so I'll have all the links everything down below for you guys and if you're new here definitely consider hitting subscribe below and give this video a like if you enjoyed it and you want to see more that just lets me know that you guys liked it so here's a look at be a first outfit and I'm gonna start off with this eyelet white tee I believe this came in a bunch of all their color hope you guys could see how gorgeous that eyelet detail is right here there we go it is so pretty it's like a flutter sleeve so this is such a great basic top I did tied up the waist because I am wearing a small in both of these pieces and I will say they that's how I wear the sizing I believe starts out so being that it starts out at that size if you are a true extra small like me I just not at this top and I think it looks so cute so I just took an elastic I had her only a brown elastic I would recommend a clear or if you have like a white elastic that would be even better and I just like made a little knot with this and then it's secure for the whole day so if you want to be also not this up I would say size up so if you're an extra small just get the small because that's where it starts out anyway but if you're a true small say for example and you want to be able to knot it then I would actually say even go up to the medium if you want some extra room to knot it I paired it with these wide leg pants they're kind of like a cool lot to me and I love them they're just so summery and so cute they're so comfy too so like for traveling her vacation just for like some cute weekend wear I think these are really adorable like Sunday brunch and this combined is just the ultimate summer like summery alpha and I love it here's a look at the drawstring waist it is a true like drawstring where you can actually pull this and make it tighter or looser of course they have the pockets a nice deep sighs pocket and I paired it with this bag which is from Walmart it's so darling it is a round blush pink yes blush pink straw bag this reminds me of like the Claire V bags that are really popular and I have that too but I love the blush pink color this bag just has a little loop closure right there and it does fit all your essentials I'm just like phone wallet like a smaller size wallet your keys and like if you had like a smaller camera or something like that vlog camera it would fit all the essentials and I'm really excited about this entire outfit I paired it with some wedges and these are one of my go-to so I'll have everything linked up next I want to show you another way top of them will take away from the white tops because I I just love a good white top with some you know feminine detail to it cuz I feel like you just can't have too many and summer has they're a great go-to piece so we have this white top here I'm wearing a size small again in both of these I have like the same but if you like this don't like the same as the pants I just showed you guys know just in the shorts version so they're really nice I think these would be great for like a road trip or something or just a casual summer of I even throw it on over your swimsuit like the beach or something like these shorts are just so versatile but I will say these are running a little bit big on me because I'm unusually an extra small and they only had this small on these so they all do run true to size I would say and then this top I would say runs to true to size I'm wearing these small on the top as well this hop like kind of flares out a little bit and this top has like a little pattern detail at the top which i think is so fun and it's a nice like soft material it feels really nice quality I paired it again with this blush round bag and then I also pair it though with these nude bow flats okay how gorgeous is this next dress I mean it is absolutely beautiful I love the color of this dress so all my pink lovers are gonna love this dress it has a nice layer of fabric right here it's off the shoulder and I have to say there's a perfect amount of tightness to the elastic up here because sometimes I don't like it when the elastic it like squeezes you and and you feel like it's just too much like it's just too tight but this elastic also isn't too loose Wars gonna keep slipping down you can see underneath it has a nice gathering of elastic here as well so it has a nice amount of stretch to it the bottom layer is ila as well so it's just like a smooth fabric here and then it's eyelet again on the bottom and I believe I want to say this comes in other colors and I did I did add this straw bag that got from Walmart as well and look at the fun pom-pom detail on it I'm assuming yeah it looks like it's removable but I think the pom-poms make it's like so cute up next is another a great summery address this one is so comfy yet again and I think the sizing on this one being that it's all starts out the size small even for those who weren't actually small like me I think that is still work well it's just gonna be a little bit maybe on the longer side I really like how it's the box you're fit so it's very forgiving I love how it's like this little v-neck here and the fabric is just a really nice fabric and the fabric is double lined which is really nice so you're not gonna see through it it's not gonna be like too thin but yet a very light like kind of like linen like fabric for summertime which is really nice for those really hot summer days this is where the length is hitting on me I'm 5/7 for reference put it on with some flat forms like I have here or some sandals and you're out the door and you look really cute and put together which is like what I'm all about and some are especially and then I also want to show you guys this tote that I would pair with it this is not Walmart but if you are new to my channel I've like one of my favorite new totes I have this Chanel Deauville tote right here but this is the dupe for and it's monogrammed and it's really inexpensive and I do even have a coupon code for you guys if you want to check it out all that information will be with the link below for you guys but you could get a monogrammed you don't have to get a monogram you could get it plain too but it's very spacious a lot of you ask to see the inside of the bag so there's a look at the inside of the bag and it does not have a monogram on the other side and I just think this whole outfit though is just so cute up next we have this chambray off the shoulder top and then I got these jeans from Walmart a while back they're like one of my go-to pairs okay so this top I have it in size small and I have to say I think it's running pretty true to size I don't remember if I got this small because they didn't have the extra small but I would say that you're in between then you could go up to the larger size and then one of my pairs of sandals these are my Tory Burch Miller's with the scalloped detail okay I cannot get over how girly this next hop is it is all Swiss stop material another off the shoulder top or like a summer date and I think this would be pretty with some actual jeans save it's like chillier and like a restaurant it's a true Asian or something but even during the daytime if the other des summer lunch date or something this would be cute with these denim shorts as I like the destructed detail mixed with the feminine details on the top I'll say this brand is not available in stores this is only online and it is line in the center of the top and then I have this top paired with these a Goldy denim shorts I mean these are some of my go-to shorts they are really really worth the price okay I have two it is this striped top I love this for dress one of those just effortless but casual summer addi outfits so I love a good stripe top I think it's like stripes are literally one of the most classic patterns you can wear and I have it paired with again these same denim shorts I just showed you guys and then I have it pair with these or mez dupes which are not Walmart but I will link them for you guys they're actually one of the most comfortable or mad dupes that I've tried because I've tried some others and they just are not comfortable for me up next is this gorgeous faux wrap maxi dress it is in this super pretty pink floral design and so I am five-seven for reference and this is where it's hitting on me have it on with wedges ice to try this on with some flat sandals and it was just like it's a teeny bit above the crown so I will save your 5 6 5 7 or over the length will be perfect I will see for my petite girls I don't know if this will fit you may need to take it to a seamstress if you did want to make it work because otherwise I think it'll be just too long and dragging on the ground and as I said this is faux wrap so you don't have to worry about it on traveling like this little tie waist you actually could take it off completely if you didn't want to even wear it with that and these straps you could adjust as well tighter or looser you could certainly even make it more casual with the denim jacket and then some flat sandals and you have a really like cute daytime look too up next we have a very similar top to that off the shoulder top with the Swiss top that I showed you guys it's like honestly even probably the same fabric but this is just a in version it has the batwing and detail and then it's buttons here so it's a totally different style of off-the-shoulder isn't your thing I think this is another great option so you guys up to vote below which one do we like but I also say this runs true size I'm wearing the extra small and then i pair it with these Valentina rocks head dupe block heels because if they're only like $40 I think and then this same pom-pom straw bag this next dress is just so pretty it's very different media that is a blue floral dress I think it's really gorgeous so I'm wearing the size small and I will say this is this small is actually fitting to me more like it extra small I have it has a little tie way detail it's faux wrap so you have to again worry about it on wrapping on you if you just you know tie it here but it is like sewn right here and it has the ruffle and the wrap around right here I will actually say if anything it's a little big in the chest area how's it like the open wrap area this isn't like have a little snap here which I kind of wish you had a little snap here and then you can do if that is a problem for you as well as you could just wear a bra underneath so I'll link a bralette I probably should have had one underneath to begin with but I didn't realize until I tried it on and I just have this dress pair with these wedges right here too I think the whole thing just looks so cute okay so next up I want to show you guys some cover-ups that I found at Walmart as well they have some really cute cover-ups so I got this cover-up here I got it in white and then this bright coral color and I think it is just so pretty the camera is not even doing this justice I have on this like floral bikini underneath I think I got this bikini back in February I think it's on sale but I'll be sure to link it because it's not Walmart but it has this really pretty lace detail going throughout as like the fringy detail at the bottom and then lace going on the edging through I think this was only like $15 which is so good I think this is just really really cute so yeah I definitely had the show this one I'll show you guys the white one then I wanted to quickly show you guys this is the same exact cover-up but in the white version do you guys like the bright coral is really like the white white is so classic I feel like it'll go with like all the bikinis but the coral is also fun pop of color shoe so you guys definitely have to let me know and the other cover up I wanna show you guys is this one this is like the ultimate like tropical summery swimsuit this one does come in different sizes so this one is the size small I will say it's running like a little small like it kind of just fits me and I'm usually an extra small side say size up a size and I think it's really pretty I love the colors and this I think it's so vibrant and then I have this pair with some white slides which I'll have a link below they're really comfy they're just like the brown ones I had and then these fun statement earrings so that is it for today's Wal Mart clothing at Ryan Hall for some summer outfit and spa hope you guys enjoyed it and found some really cute things for your upcoming summer events or just casual summer outfits I was really happy with how a lot of these pieces turned out I mean there's so much cute stuff and it's so affordable that's it for today's video but until next time definitely consider hitting subscribe and I will see you on my next video very soon bye


  1. Hi Carin!
    I love that you do affordable clothing hauls along with higher end options as well! My favorites from this haul are the white striped dress and the white off the shoulder top! So so darling! 💕

  2. The color of that coral bathing suit coverup looks absolutely amazing on you!! You need to own more clothes in that color, along with the exact pink of that strapless dress!

  3. Omg I absolutely love your channel and look froward to these videos so much! I love watching all of the try on hauls and I just think you have the absolute best style! I am hoping to get some of the pieces that are nursing friendly for after birth! So surprised Walmart has a decent selection! Again, love love love your style/channel soooo much!

  4. Yay! I bought the white eyelet tee and the blush round bag! Can’t wait to get them! You always pick out such great pieces! Tfs!!!

  5. You have such a graceful and sophisticated style. In a world of half- dressed social media ladies, you stand out! Beautiful. I enjoy all your videos!

  6. So many cute things!!! Love them all!!! My fav is the off the shoulder hot pink dress so beautiful!

  7. That blue floral dress!!!!💙💙💙 They didn’t have my normal medium, so I’m going to try the large because I just loved it sooooo much on you!!! I also ordered the first white eyelet top to try. Great haul, as usual!👍🏻

  8. WOW Carin your hair is beautiful in this video. Please tell us how you do your hair and what products you use. It just looks so healthy and shiny. By the way everything looks gorgeous on you. My favorite is the pink dress starting at 3:52. Have a beautiful Sunday girl and thanks for posting! Love your hauls!

  9. I love that pink dress! Def going to order that! I’m surprised at how many cute clothes Walmart has now!

  10. I love the coral cover up on you but I do agree, white would go with everything! Have you tried the Hermès dupes at Walmart? I saw them when I was there Monday and bought them. They don’t look exactly alike but they are pretty similar.

  11. Your first outfit I saw in the Walmart in Cape May on Monday. I bought that same white top and wore it this morning 🙂 it’s so cute.

  12. You should do a swimsuit haul! Walmart and target have some cute swim suit options! Love your videos!

  13. All the outfits are so adorable. All my favorite colors: pink or blush, blue & white. I like the white coverup more than the pink; I think it would go well with anything. I still have yet to get one for this summer.

  14. Such an awesome haul! You have a good eye for fashion! Can’t wait to stop by Walmart later. 😀

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