VOOLENVINE: Episode 312 – "Beach Knitting"

let's see if I remember how to do this hello I'm Kristen also known as volum vine here on my youtube channel on instagram on Ravelry or pretty much everywhere else on the interwebs and as always I'm so happy that you're taking some time out of your day to chat about all the knitting all the sewing all the making or whatever crafty rabbit hole I happen to be diving down this week I am back I'm back after a two-week hiatus I that's pretty much been the longest time I've gone without recording a podcast so let's see if I remember how to do this and just a heads up I do want to apologize for any ambient noise you will hear outside we are you're having your stoop redone and yeah I feel like every time I record there's something happening we're having our roof leak repaired or having our stoop repaired and there's always something happening yeah lots of home improvement stuff happening so I do apologize in advance if that enters your ear buds at any any point but anyway you are here for the knitting and the sewing and I've got lots to catch you up on given that I've taken two weeks off as I mentioned Dennis and I we took a short vacation we went to Jamaica which was so much fun I'll talk more about that in the blather segment which happens at the end of the episode where I just chat about general life stuff should be care to stick around but yeah it was Memorial Day weekend here in the United States and if you celebrated I hope you got to enjoy a nice long weekend full of making barbecuing travel what-have-you I just hope it was an enjoyable time uh yeah so I'm trying to think what else before I get into the Nitty Gritty I do have some Nitta lungs to mention before I talk about what I've been making this week so we have the box of socks knit along and we have the year of the garment knit along and those are year-long make alongs and for more information about that you or you know if you'd like to join if you haven't already hop on over to the volum vine Ravelry group that's the place to be if you would like to partake in any of the chatter surrounding this channel or the podcast ask questions for taking our knit alongs and make alongs it's just so lively full of chatter and lots of participants sharing their projects their whips and photos and every time I go in there I'm just so completely inspired so definitely definitely check it out and then we do have the uncomfort zone Cal which was supposed to end June 1st life got in the way I went on vacation came back and realize it's June first I was supposed to lock the thread anyway didn't get around to it apologies for any confusion I am hereby extending the deadline to July 1st so you have a whole other month to contribute or get your finished objects in there again this is a super casual knit along all these little lungs and make alongs are very casual many guidelines are posted in those threads so do hop on over there if you are curious about them but yeah the uncomfort zone Cal is all about knitting making anything that's beyond your comfort zone be it crazy color rate combinations a new tech new to you technique a pattern that you've that you would never consider knitting before or making before you know the world's your oyster basically anything you you just would not generally gravitate towards that that is the the idea of this make along so hop on over there check it out extending the deadline to July first then I will close the thread and choose a winner and announce it on this platform right here so I think that is it for general announcements so without further ado before I get into what I've been making just a quick word from my lovely and amazing sponsor Skillshare Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes and design business tech and more even sewing in the fiber arts I love learning new things when it comes to knitting sewing photography or whatever crafty rabbit-hole I happen to be diving down and because I know you love learning new things too I partnered up with the Skillshare and they're offering my viewers two months free to try their platform so gif skills here go and learn something new just click on the link in the description box below and during the code at checkout and enjoy and thanks Skillshare and welcome back okay I have some whips works in progress to share with you I do not have any finished objects and these are going to be projects that you are probably so tired of seeing and hearing that Podcast believe you me I am I'm as well I just can't wait to have them off the needle finally but um let's let's talk about the one that's been sitting on my needles for way too long already and that is my birds of a feather shawl by Andrea Mari and this thing needs to end my friends it needs to come off the needles and I was um I had I'm so close I'm so close to finishing here it is and all its glory it is almost done I on the last bit of mohair and then I have one more stripe of single ply yarn to knit through and then I am I'm done I'm binding off and I am done and I did have to rip back so I missed a couple my stitch count is I weight off I don't know what I did but I have way more stitches than I should have but it's knitting up okay I don't think I'm gonna have a problem at the end but I laid it out on the ground and compared it to photos on Ravelry and it looks like it's knitting up as it should so I think it's one of those patterns where the stitch count isn't so important if that makes sense just as long as the shape is working out I don't quote me on that but you know we're gonna see it's an adventure it's an adventure and we'll see where this happens this this podcast will end on a cliffhanger how about them apples um I mean real reform today guys I've had way too much caffeine so yeah I'm gonna try and slow down my pace just a little bit but sometimes sometimes I have to catch myself and do that remind myself Kristin let's just take things a little slower um so yeah anyway here we have my birds of a feather shawl and of course this is my hand dyed yarn in my Birds I am in my I am no bird colorway a color white inspired by one of my favorite novels of all time Jane Eyre and yes so anyway birds of a feather shawl lovely lovely pattern of endless mindless stockinette if that's your jam I will say not completely my jam I think I think I like sometimes I do appreciate a project where it's just miles and miles of stockinette but it does have to end at some point and I think this was just way too long for my liking but again I'm probably gonna get so much wear out of this pattern come winter it is the yarn that I'm using again is my ghostly space which is mohair silk lace and then I have my Nouveau base which is 100% superwash merino single ply and it's just like the two works so well together and yeah this is gonna be a favorite fo of mine and again cannot wait to get it off the needles it needs to end it needs to end next up we have the Soldotna crop tee and this is a lovely beautiful and amazing pattern by Caitlin Hunter of Boylan networks and had I followed the pattern to a tee this would be done this would be this would have been done light years ago because the the sole don't know crop is it as the name to dress it's a crop it's a crop sweater I keep calling it a crop tee but it's a cropped sweater with short arms and I could have bang this thing out in like two weeks but because I'm a glutton for punishment I'm going I extended the body so it's a little bit luck it's still kind of a cropped sweater on me but because I have a long torso I extended the the body by maybe I think five more pattern repeats so ideally it's supposed to end here but I added on about like seven more rows of this fleece stitch right here and then started the ripping and now I am on sleeve island and in the original pattern it's the sleeve is supposed to end here but I'm going full sleeve on this thing so yeah it's it's a labor of love but I am so in love with this sweater guys this is gonna get again so much wear come colder weather and I'll try and stand up so you can see ah yes so again I'm going for long sleeves and right now I'm almost at the wrist so I think I have maybe about five more pattern repeats to go and then I'm gonna start the ribbing for the wrist yeah then I have a whole nother sleeve to go go in and the yarn is again surprise surprise my hand dyed yarn and Vaughn vine yarns in my smitten DK base which is superwash merino cashmere and nylon DK weight and the colorways are Revenge of the harpsichord which is this golden kind of mustardy speckled color and then I'm using Grimm for this black and then courtesan which which I can't talk which is this peachy kind of move color and then deadly nightshade which is this kind of like teal speckled color here and yeah I just again loving the way these colors are playing together I've been again I've been dyeing kits for these because you have been asking me to dye kits and I've been dying kits like a madwoman but this week I am going to be taking a break from dyeing kits just a little one just because I've been I've been dyeing the same colors over and over again for the past couple of weeks and driving me a little batty I need I need to take a break and explore some new colorways and play with some other things for a little bit if that makes sense so thank you thank you so much for your patience and understanding I will have kits at some point I just I just need to take a little bit of a break from them for a little bit but anyway yes that is my soul don't know crop tea sweater why do I want to call it a crop tea I have no idea but anyway trying to think what else I need to say about this other than I love it and it's too hot to be knitting on this but you know the things we do for the love of knitting next up on the needles is a new cast on I know I know I'm trying to get some stuff off the needles but I went away on vacation and I was going to bring my birds of a feather shawl with me but then I'm thinking beach sunblock send mohair probably not a good combination oh I made an executive decision and decided to leave through the birds of a feather at home and cast on something a little bit more beach friendly and I didn't want to bring anything that would work wrap require a lot of yarn to bring with because I wanted to pack light so I gave I gave myself permission to cast on something completely new something that's been sitting in my that I've been wanting to cast on for a while and now I have yarn stuck in the zipper of my project bag so I cast on the odyssey shawl by hokey Locatelli and here is where I am with it this is actually a free pattern that she recently released super generous of hokey and you know just as a thank you to everybody for purchasing her patterns in the past and just being so supportive and I thought that was just such a really cool thing and yeah it's a beautiful pattern to boot as well so definitely recommended super intuitive again pure garter stitch back and forth back and forth it's a crescent shaped shawl and requires three three colorways and she knit hers actually in DK weight but I chose to knit mine in fingering and I think I think this is going to stretch out quite a bit once it's all blocks and done but it has this really cool again it's just miles and miles of stockinette but then it has this really cool kind of like lace detail so it definitely gives you a break from the monotony of miles and miles of garter stitch you know just to break it up a little bit with a little bit of interest if that makes sense um so I did go stash diving and this is yarn that I purchased from the Edinburgh iron Festival this year this is countess ablaze so I'm blanking on what colorway this is I think I threw out the tag but this one is called the unwanted and this one is gonna be the third color so it is kind of agree it's not an exact fade but it is kind of a really neat gradient this is brave new world on her lady Persephone suck yarn it's 75% blue face lustre and 25% nylon so I thought this was the perfect type of yarn to take on the beach it's not sticky at all it's you know just a very basic simple fingering weight yarn and yeah very very Beach friendly Beach knitting friendly so you have that that is that is my my Odyssey Shaw I don't know it kind of happened by accident but I'm kind of thinking it was a match made in heaven because you have the odyssey shawl and then this is countess ablaze ablaze is lady Persephone sock yarn so I thought there was kind of like a Greek mythology theme happening there so I thought that was really neat but yeah there there you go but yeah as I mentioned I actually used a fingering weight as opposed to the require the called for DK weight so I did go down a needle size so yeah I think the pattern calls for a u.s. size 8 or 7 but I went down to a 6 a 4 millimeter needle and yeah as I mentioned it looks really small here but once it's blocked out I think it's gonna block out a lot so it is gonna be kind of like just like it usually good if that makes sense umm and I did get a few questions about tips for knitting on the beach so yeah I'm happy to divulge my my tips I don't know if I'm the expert on the subject but I from experience I will I will give you some tips for knitting on the beach number one I would say pack a small project you don't want to be wrangling or managing too many balls of yarn while you're sitting on a beach chair just you know I've tried it it's not easy also I tend to pack some I always call them booty wipes but they're really just wet wipes what God won't call him loot booty waves I guess cuz people use them on babies but but you know I always keep a pack of wet wipes with me even if they are meant for babies just because they're easy to you know like clean your hands or anything you know I hate again I'm not generally not a beach person I hate being covered in sand and feeling sticky with sunblock and everything so I always keep some wet wipes with me and after I'm done applying sunblock I use the wet wipes to clean my hands of course you can just use water you know take a spray bottle water with you or just a bottle of water and just you know rinse your hands off and dry them off you want your hands to be as dry and as sticky free as possible when knitting with with the yarn on the beach you you know if you're in a bind you could use the beach water but still I would say like the salt water kind of kind of leaves like a sticky residue on your hand so I would I would say stick to water or wet wipes if you are going to be knitting on the beach I need to clean your hands and I would also say bring a project bag you don't want your projects to be rolling around in your beach bag potentially exposed to any sunblock that might leak out of the bottles or you know just kind of get tangled up and beached up your sunglasses and anything so in general I mean you should probably bring a project bag anywhere you go with your knitting just it makes sense but yeah there's that and then I would also say leave leave the mohair at home because again you're sitting in you know on a beach it's hot you're you know it's fluffy it sheds and you know you don't want to be managing mohair I would I would stick to you know either merino blue face lustre BFL super wash yarns are fine just something that's not as you know goofy or hairy you know something that's you know again like I don't enjoy me personally I don't enjoy knitting with Cotton's or linens so but but those are great options for knitting on the beach as well and I'm trying to think what else I think that's that's it as far as my tips for knitting on the beach so you know I hope that answers some questions and helps a little bit um but I guess that is it that is those are my works in progress and hopefully hopefully I'll have something finished to share with you next week all right let's talk sewing because I do I do have an elephant sitting in the room I'm actually wearing it and then something happening on Margaret a mannequin back there uh yeah well first I should talk about my corset because you're probably wondering did I finish it did I not finish it I did not finish my corset yet it is kind of on the back burner for now don't worry I will be finishing it but I wanted to take a break so I could kind of build up a capsule summer wardrobe if that makes sense so that is taking a little time out at the moment but you will be hearing about it very soon because I do want that finished all I have to do is sew on the binding and oh yeah and put in the the bones and everything and it will be done but yes I am I am wearing a new make this is the Trina dress a pattern by victory patterns and I will pop a photo of it in the sidebar so you can see what it looks like in all its glory because I did not get around to taking photos of the FO yet and mizune as I saw this dress I had to stop everything purchase it printed out put it together it was just one of those things are like I need this in my in my wardrobe immediately unfortunately I didn't have the the fabric that I wanted to use for it in my stash so what I did was I ordered it and then once – diving and picked out this this chiffon fabric that has been sitting in my stash for a while and decided to go with that even though I'm not like 100% in love with it and I'll talk about that in a little bit but let me stand up so you can see so yeah this is a wrap dress and because it's such a busy pattern again it's a busy pattern and most of the main detail of this pattern kind of gets lost in the pattern um but yes it is a wrap dress it has I'm gonna try and see if I can go over here but it has some gathers it has like a Raglan shaping here and then like some subtle gathers over here and then it also has what I love most about this our kimono inspired sleeves so yeah it's very um and I'm trying to stand back so you can see what it looks like so yeah it's very very lots of ease very relaxed and I absolutely love the shape of this dress you guys it is everything and everything that I need in my wardrobe right now I want to make like ten of these um again as I mentioned the fabric is very busy it's not my first choice of what I would go with even though it's it's black and it has both flowers all over it it's I feel like I just feel like I'm drowning in flowers where's Kristin where's Kristin it's so oh it's a again it's beautiful fabric fits well but yeah because it's such a it's a dress with a lot of positive ease to it well it is fitted in certain areas but there's a lot happening and I feel like the pattern the the the lines of the dress itself are getting lost in in the flower pattern so I would I would liken it to knitting an intricate lace shawl with heavily variegated yarn if that makes sense to you because if you knit a lace shawl with yarn that's heavily speckled lots of colors going on that lace pattern is gonna get totally lost in in that that colorway so which is why generally you want to you know not that it's you know you shouldn't if you want to go by all means but you know generally that's the effect that heavily variegated yarns have on intricate lace on shawls or like or any pattern with an intricate lace design if that makes sense and I feel like that's what's happening here in the sewing in the land of sewing so yeah just something to keep in mind so the fabric that I did intend to sew this with came in the mail and that is what's happening on Margo right now so it's the same pattern the trina dress by victory patterns I'm still working on it I didn't I started it over the weekend and I didn't get to finish it but it is kind of like it I want to say like a tie-dye it's a Shelley fabric but it's like this black /great I dye fabric and you're not gonna be able to see much of anything but yeah it's just a very charcoal gray Shelley fabric that I'm using so it has a lot of lot of drape it's lightweight this is crepe fabric so I think there's like a little bit of polyester in here and definitely not great for summer because I feel I am definitely sweating sweating a lot of bullets right now it's it's in the high 80s I want to say today right now 80 degrees Fahrenheit um yeah and this isn't very summer friendly I think this is more gonna be just kind of like a robe I wear around the house yeah so anyway but very excited to finally have that dress done so I will of course post photos once it is and I'm trying to think what else I want to say about it it's yeah it just it's a very very very involved pattern I will say this took me about two days to do I did take a vacation before I went away on when Dennis and I went on vacation I did take two days off to just sew and make things and this was that project was something I was hoping to bring with me on vacation but it just it did not suit my style at all so it stayed home but yeah this took about two days and you know I would say you know if you are an adventurous beginner you can totally do it I would definitely choose as the pattern suggests fabric with more stability this was pretty stable the Shelly fabric is slippery and I would a new tech minuta me technique that I tried out with that for cutting out fabric helped so much I actually used tissue paper I laid down tissue paper on my floor and it stabilized the fabric as I cut it out it you know prevented it from getting all wishy washy you know without it it would just be all over the place and the pieces would come out all wonky so highly recommend tissue paper it's just kind of like a baseline if you're on a budget I know there are other materials like cork board you can use to pin down fabric pieces when cutting them out but if you are in a budget and you know don't have all the resources tissue paper is definitely a great way to go and and weights even if you don't have designated fabric weights you can use candles you can use I used my camera lenses you can use books I've heard people using mugs so you know definitely look into that you know lots of props around to help you out with sewing that aren't meant for sewing so uh yeah this is my most recent make I do have a couple of other projects that are bumping around in my in my head but oh oh oh yes my sewing blog I'm for getting to mention my sewing blog I did start a dedicated sewing blog so it's there if you want to check it out I will pop a link I didn't buy the domain yet but I am working on that but it is I'm calling it the peculiar stitch just because uh so yeah it's just my little sewing blog where I talk about all my makes post photos and all all the details that went into making the garment so you know if you are thinking about making the same garment it's a place you can go to check out what alterations I made what you know you know all all those little details or queries that you know you might have um so I check it out you know and you know again I'm not it's just for fun it's not something I'm monetizing or what-have-you I'm just having fun with it it's just a place that I'm cataloguing all of my my sewing projects and and the like so hop on over there if you are interested um yeah I think what else sewing wise oh yes the other sewing fo that I have is something that I started two years ago let me go get it and I apologize because this is completely covered in cat hair this is something that I actually didn't make specifically for Bella my cat and she's been loving the hell out of it but I finished a quilt I finished the quilt you guys it is done this was part of Jacqueline sallim of Brooklyn at folks she hosted a quilt along and she has a complete youtube video tutorial series on her youtube channel I'll link to it in the show notes below but she takes you step-by-step on how to make a quilt from start to finish giving you tips tricks and everything and I followed it and I now have a handmade quilt that I'm super proud of and even more so because my cat loves it to death um yeah so all that was left to do was for me to stitch in the ditch which is when you're stitching in the ditch you basically stitch in between two pieces that have already been sewn together so it tacks down on the the back side so this is just an old bedsheet that I had that I used as backing you know they have like a muslin fabric that you can use this backing for for quilts but yeah I just use the back of an old old bedsheet that we weren't using anymore and yeah it worked out really well um and I'm trying to think what else I did purchase a ste foot for my sewing machine the is specifically designed to stitch in the ditch because for some reason I wasn't getting in that ditch I was kind of you know going old drunken spider on the ditch if that makes sense so again I'll post a link to that as well if you are interested in you know getting your mitts on one of those but it helped out so much and it just has like a blade that goes down the center of the stitching ditch and all you have to do is keep your eye on that blade as you're sewing and your line will be completely straight so yeah I'm trying to think it'll stand back so you can see it and this is just a little kit that I got a little charm kit that I purchased from Amazon awhile back and you know I didn't want anything too crazy so I went black and white and gray and for the binding it's kind of like it's pre-made binding like 1 inch binding that I purchased again from Amazon it's kind of like this really soft felt material um yeah and I just had fun hand stitching it you know I always said and done when it came to finishing it all I had to do was again stitch in the ditch and so on the binding that only took me about two hours because it is a small quilt this is considered a you know baby quilt that you just put on the floor and you know what have you it's just a simple quickie project um but yeah Bella I'm putting it back on the floor but Bella has claimed it as her own she sits on it whenever I'm in my craft room here working she's just hanging out on it rolling around on it playing on it scrunching it up and yeah it's it's so adorable I've been posting photos on Instagram story so if you are if you are if you want to see some of that fun I created a little highlight called Bella so you know going over there you can see her popping around on the quilt it's it's quite cute um so yeah that that is it for sewing my friends I am gonna move along to the bladder segment where I chat about what's been happening in my life should you care to stick around um otherwise I do just want to give you guys a heads up about my shop update I will be having one tomorrow Friday June 7th at 5 p.m. Eastern Time so definitely check it out if you are if the spirit moves you and as I mentioned every week if you'd like to be looped in about two colorways and bases will be in each update you can feel free to sign up for my newsletter I send one out every week usually every Thursday letting you know exactly what to expect in each update so definitely hop on over there and check it out um and turn think what else I think that is it so alright life stuff as I mentioned Dennis and I went to Jamaica we've never been before but I was kind of like a last-minute spontaneous vacation getaway that we booked because yeah we did just get back from France I just got back from friends and and brub but it was one of those vacations where you kind of need a vacation from vacation you were kind of desperate for a little beach getaway someplace warm and you know Jamaica popped up on the map and we're like you know what Sol's so we did do that the only caveat was that we booked it there Expedia and somehow Expedia thought it was a great idea to flies into Kingston when our hotel was all the way on the other side of the island so we underestimated the actual size of the island and turns out that we flew in to the airport I want to say like twelve one o'clock in the morning do not realize that it was a two and a half hour car ride from the airport to the hotel we were not pleased to hear that uh but thankfully we did find a willing driver taxi driver to take us to the hotel but he took the long way I think because he wanted to avoid tolls and whatnot so we ended up taking this super long and windy drive through it was it was a longer I think I fell asleep I nodded off occasionally in the car and then I woke up and were just like in this really dark kind of windy highway and yeah there are like two main roads that you need to take to get across the island there's the China Road which is a recent I think they built it like six years ago the Chinese came in and they they were commissioned to build this highway more efficient effective highway to take you across the island but before that there was this you know long and windy snake type road that took you between the the mountains and everything and it was a little scary and we also went over we also crossed a haunted haunted bridge according to our driver um yeah so there's that and he's like if there's if there's ever a breakdown on the road you have like traffic is forget about it you're just stuck there until help comes and yeah that's exactly what we wanted to hear at that time I night um so yeah and then at one point he started singing karaoke and yeah it was it was very surreal very very surreal but we made it to that we made it to the hotel and we proceeded to have a very very nice relaxing vacation oh you know rained a little bit but it burned off so quickly and you know we got to swim with fish we got to eat really really good food I now have a new food obsession with goat curry and this thing this wonderful thing called oisin which is kind of like a potato root plant and the way that they cook it it looks super weird when you see it but it's like this it's an it's a root it's a root plant that you boil and it just has this really cool consistency to it I can't explain it but I believe it's also called taro taro root and thankfully I realized our grocery store has it so I've been buying it and trying to replicate the the gushing that they made in Jamaica and oh it's it's so good I'll put I'll pop a link to a recipe down below if I find one but um yeah it's actually supposed to be really healthy for you too so anyway yeah new recipes um yeah I've actually been trying to replicate some of the stuff we've been eating there so good but yeah I think we were there for about three full days which I think was enough because I start to go a little stir-crazy when I'm just sitting on my butt and not doing anything not being productive but not moving at all so I think that was like the perfect length of time for us and thankfully on the way back we had a a driver that took us down the main road the China Road highway back to the airport so it was a lot quicker I think it was less than a two hour drive so he'll figure anyway very very awesome vacation highly recommend Jamaica if you have not been we loved it and would definitely love to go back uh yeah and I did post some stories on Instagram if you would like to see them as well oh one other fun fact I I took the plunge and did the ancestry DNA tests I don't know if you've heard about it but they have like all these you know ancestry or they have all these like heritage website so we can go and track your family your your family tree and everything and I like I'm not gonna go into too many it much detail but I don't there's not too much I know about my family history fun fact I don't I never met my biological father so uh you know it's fine whatever my parents got divorced when I was very young and my mom got custody so I never met him and you know so I've just in my own on my mother's side they've been very I know they're my grandmother's from Germany however they've been very vague about you know their history they don't remember too much about it you know I don't know whatever so I don't really know too much about my family history so I bit the bullet and did the ancestry.com DNA test not sponsored just yet just a fan a willing participant so basically they send you a kit and you spit into the via the tube mail it out and then six weeks later they let you know all your information about like you know what what you know where you show up where your DNA shows up in the world who you're possibly related to and I actually got the results today so I fell down quite the rabbit hole this morning do not get any work done and Here I am recording at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon um but yeah it turns out so the results I will say like I'm not surprised but at the same time I am pleasantly surprised so turns out I am 48 percent European Jewish that makes total sense because my biological father is Jewish and I think I'm pretty sure I'm not a hundred percent sure I have to do more diving but there is some Jewish heritage on my grandmother's side and then there's 25% Ireland and Scotland and then 21% England Wales and northwestern Europe and then only 2% Germanic Europe 2% Eastern Europe and Russia percent Greece and the Balkans and 1% Swedish so uh yeah it's it's pretty interesting anyway if you're not familiar they send you like a little rundown a little graph and some blobs along you know on the map like where you show up where you're you know DNA shows up and then they connect you to people that are possible DNA matches that could be in your family and yeah this has just opened up a whole can of worms for me that I'm gonna do good that I'm gonna dive down and kind of do little digging but um I did also sign up for a month things so I can you know new family trees and everything and apparently there is one person on ancestry.com that has actually been actively putting together a whole family tree for my grandmother's side and I my mind has just been completely blown so I've been finding photos I found my uncle my grandmother's brother I found a photo of my great-grandmother which he was really like little I still don't know what which child it is but there's a photo of my great-great grandmother surrounded by like seven kids they all look up try to pop a photo of it here but they all look very thrilled incredibly thrilled to be taking that photo but one of those is my great-grandmother the one where I get the knitting from so I I am super stoked about that I don't know probably just imagine how like ah just excited I am about it so you dive down that rabbit hole but anyway I thought I'd share that little tidbit with you um yeah so anyway yay I'm trying to think who I am sure I'll talk about it more future podcast because it's like right now I'm just trying to wrap my brain around all of this um yeah so anyway I highly recommend it's a lot of fun like you know just if you know if you're unsure about like where around the world you know you kind of originated from or you know what have you I don't know it's really cool so highly recommend it if you if you've been thinking about doing that um and I think that's it we don't have anything planned for this weekend other than sitting around I I think I'm just gonna be working on on this babe right here I don't a final note I should say that it was our eighth anniversary yesterday Dennis and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary although we have known each other I want to say for thirteen years now it is crazy sauce yeah we really nice time out last night we went I met him for dinner we went to this really good restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn and then had a nightcap at another restaurant that we really liked and then headed home and it was just a really nice time I think we're probably gonna go out again on Friday just you know keep the party going but yeah thank you so I posted about it on Instagram yesterday so thank you so much to everybody for all your anniversary wishes you know what that's always fun to get so uh yeah yeah anniversary um I'm trying to think what else yeah I think that is it for this week guys as always thank you so much for hanging out with me I publish a new episode generally every Friday so if you did enjoy the episode feel free to like and subscribe below and yeah happy knitting happy making and I will see you next time bye you


  1. My mannekin is called 'Myrtle' not sure why.. the pattern you are wearing would look lovely in cheesecloth ( I know..but I'm from the 60's) or a beautiful silk. So fabulous what you are finding in your family history. Love your videos xx

  2. My goodness the colors of Soldotna Crop are just gorgeous together. I never thought of making it, that is, until I saw yours! So beautiful. As I am slowly going on my Comfort Fade Cardi – it is definitely my Uncomfort Knit (since I'm very new to knitting), but it's going along. Love that I finally got some Voolenvine yarn in my stash and passed the info on to my Newbies Knitting group.

  3. Love all your projects! Happy Anniversary to you both! πŸ’œ I have not tired colorwork yet, any suggestions of a pattern to start on?

  4. I did the DNA thing too. I have. over the years, did my family ancestry, so I knew a lot before hand. It is interesting to see the breakdown though. The new shawl is pretty. And so are your other shawl and sweater. Pretty color choices. I'm so happy you are still vlogging. So many of the knitting vloggers have quit. You inspire us to new projects and yarn and I thank you for that! Happy Aniversary!

  5. Welcome to the addiction known as genealogy! I’ve been doing it for years. Check out familysearch.org too – it’s the free site from the LDS church.

  6. I’m thinking about starting a birds of a feather…. I was given a ton of this vibrant pink mohair lol

  7. Genealogy is such a fascinating hobby. I've been working on my family tree for about 14 years off and on. My situation is similar, in that my paternal grandfather was not in the picture and no one wants to talk about him. And the dad's family is just a whole nother nest of vipers…πŸ˜‚ It's so wonderful when you find a cousin who has the answers you are looking for and it's willing to share. I may do the dna test at some point.

  8. Happy Anniversary Kristen! Congratulations on the sewing vlog as well! Love the dress and all the projects that you’re making.

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