Voici Jean Guyomarc’h – Real French Series

Hello, I am Jean Guyomarc’h. I am a French musician. And voilà. I am originally from Brittany, the westernmost part of France. I do not think I speak with any specific accent but maybe you will detect it if you listen closely. Well, I play music. In several groups French, obviously. I play the manouche guitar and the manouche guitar is a typical French instrument. that was invented in Django Reinhardt’s time who was the most admirable manouche guitar instrumentalist. Manouche is… so… It’s a term used to designate the gypsies of France. So, there are also gypsies elsewhere. In all European countries, but in France they are called the Manouches. And they invented a distinctive style of music played with the acoustic guitar. It’s the guitar you see there. And so this music was… These guitars were made for playing in the street at first. To be loud enough for that. And they have been gradually amplified. And it’s a little bit of an old style, a little bit old-fashioned that came back in fashion a couple years ago. and that now continues through many modern developments. So, I studied music here, specifically in Tours, in Brest, also in Brittany, but in Tours. There it’s… It’s the school “Jazz à Tours” that is rather well known in France. And it’s a school where you learn well jazz which is a style of music that is not originally from here, of course, but which is… it’s also very developed in France and in Europe. So my acoustic jazz groups are “Alternate Cake” which is here in Tours “My Favorite Swing” which is a more traditional gypsy jazz trio. and “Hop Hop Hop Crew” which is a Balkan music group and is in Brittany, that one there. The song that I am going to play is a traditional gypsy jazz song. It’s a waltz because at first gypsy jazz.. it was… a mix between jazz and what is called musette. Which is a French style that was typically played in Paris and thus most often with accordions. And the guitarists took this type of waltz at the beginning which is rather… which uses many elements of the language of jazz when all is said and done And so it’s kind of the beginning of the manouche guitar At both the technical and melodic level. Voilà. So click here to see more videos Here to discover my acoustic jazz group “Alternate Cake” And here to register (to subscribe)

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