Vlogmas 2019 – Making Our New Christmas Intro & Opening Advent Calendars!



  2. Your family is beautiful! Boys are handsome, Bailey is very pretty and Jessica and Chris are perfect love y’all.

  3. Duncan getting so excited for the elephant on Christopher's top. Oh my 😭 all of the kids outfits. Duncan doing the Vlogmas. I love vlogmas.

  4. Oh I never really use twitch. The advent calenders were always my favourite part of vlogmas. Sad you guys are moving it to twitch.

  5. No more Opening Advent Calendars in the Vlogmas videos. You are now forced get twitch to see that and i must say is really sad news ,, Becuase Vlogmas here is also Opening Advent Calendars

  6. Too bad you won't be showing what's in the advent calendar on youtube. It's hard for people who live outside the US to go on twitch with the time differences.

  7. Omg i know ur not suppose to have favouriets. But Duncan is my favorite hes so sweet and smart. Ur family is so awsome. Have a good Holiday.

  8. It makes me so happy that they gave Parker a Barbie advent calendar. Letting kids be who they are without shame or imposing social norms on them <3

  9. Hi Ballinger Family!!! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF VLOGMAS!!!!! I'm a much much smaller channel, but I'm doing VLOGMAS 2019 also and I'm so excited! Your children are adorable! I'll be popping in to visit. This is the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!

  10. Ooo, interesting marketing. They must really be trying hard to build their Twitch with the whole COPA update happening. I recall last year they had so many requests to open advent calendars on the YouTube videos that they brought that back to vlogmas. Guess this year they are hoping that large part of their fan base will begin to use/follow their Twitch. I wonder if Twitch is handling the COPA thing differently than YouTube. Losing the Ballinger family content would be a very sad day, so I hope they succeed in building plenty of followers on the other platform. Let’s all go support their Twitch!

  11. Thank you for sharing all this love and happiness! It really warm my heart today in the cold weather of Canada ❤️

  12. I know about the advent calendar Bailey got and it's gorgeous. I've seen the pops inside and they are small and very cute.

  13. Chris should get a baguette 🥖 and cut it into 24 different prices so each day he can try the hot sauce on a piece of bread

  14. Aw, I was hoping the advent calendars would be on Youtube because you can't put subtitles on Twitch so that means the Deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers will miss out 🙁 There needs to be a platform where there's better accessibility but less issues with rules and regulations for families like the Ballingers. Twitch NEEDS to do something about it because so many channels has been going over there and we can't just click and watch because we can't understand what is being said. 🙁

  15. PARKER MELTS MY HEART😭😭😭 “it’s so special to me because I have so many barbies and i love to play dress up” SWEET BABY ANGEL BOY🥰🥰🥰

  16. My favorite parts of the video are where everyone is dancing and goofing around and Duncan is just standing front and center staring at the camera. Too funny lol

  17. Please put it on YouTube I just don’t have anything besides YouTube my parents and I’m not want to make anything besides it

  18. I love how Parker got a Barbie one😆😆 but also where can I get it for my cousin and maybe myself😂 just a question where did you get all of your advent calendars

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