Visit Germany – The DON’Ts of Visiting Germany

Hey there, fellow travelers.
Mark here with Wolters World. Today we’re in Munich and today we have for you
the DON’Ts of traveling to Germany. There are so many things you should do like
visit Munich here, going to Berlin or the Harz Mountains. There are so many great things to do here but there’s a few cultural DON’Ts you should know. So when you come here
you can have a better time. And the first DON’T I have for you is: Don’t assume Germans are these
cold, unfriendly, uncaring people that we’ve kind of been taught
by stereotypes throughout the years. Germans are actually really wonderful people. They’re helpful, they’re kind,
they’re honest, extremely honest, and the thing is to see that you
need to ask them for your help. Ask them for some guidance and
they’ll be glad to help you. And that’s the thing, as some people
think “Oh, German service isn’t very nice”. Well the thing is, German service is very professional. And if you ask them for help I guarantee they will know the entire background of every meal you have and everything in the shoe store all kinds of stuff. They’ll be able to help you. But don’t think that they’re
these cold-hearted people because Germans really care super nice and if you make a German friend
I guarantee they will be with you until the end, they make the best friends ever. So the first thing is: “Don’t think they’re bad people”. Now my second DON’T for you is: Don’t cross against the light,
you know, don’t jaywalk. Germans really really really really really like their rules and they really really really really really
don’t like people breaking them. And that will mean tourists as well. And one of the biggest things is:
Crossing when the light is red. They don’t like that.
I lived multiple years in Germany. Three years in Germany and there
has been quite a few times where a grandma, an Oma, stops me and says: “Hey. Bei Rot musst du stehen,
bei Grün darfst du gehen”. which means: by red you stay,
by green you’re allowed to go. That’s one of the things, Germans do like those rules but the biggest one that a tourist doesn’t want to do is don’t jaywalk. Also, you can get a fine for that, so you know heads-up on that one. Now, our third tip for you
has to do with the Pfand, the deposit. Don’t just throw away your bottles
like your big bottles or cans and don’t just leave your Christmas
market mugs and stuff like that out because you have to put a deposit
on a lot of these things. For example, if you are at the Christmas markets and you get those cute mugs
that everyone loves to get. Look, usually you’re going to be
paying between €3 and €5 for the deposit on those mugs and if you walk off with it:
Great you have a cool souvenir. But the thing is, do you really want
eight of the exact same mug, for example, we were here in Munich and we got
Glühwein and Kinderpunsch, the children’s version of it. And there was eight of us. So that was 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 euros of a deposit. And I’m like: “Whoa.” And I got to use the €100-note
that I’ve never got to use before, just on the deposit and make sure
you’re turning those things in. Don’t just throw it away because it
actually does add up after a while. So, save those. Now my fourth tip for you is: If you’re invited to go to a German’s house because, you know what,
if they like you they probably will invite you they are really nice like that but if you’re going to go to their house don’t forget to bring either
flowers or wine or candy. Okay, that’s kind of typical thing you bring over there. Also, don’t wear your shoes inside. When you come in take your shoes off. Sometimes they even have house slippers for you when you get there for their guest
but it’s kind of rude to have your shoes on inside the house. Just know that. So, make sure you do bring something to their house if you get to be, you know, if you get really like really invited their house it is really cool. Now the fifth DON’T I have for you is specifically for tourists that I’ve seen a lot lately what I’ve been
traveling through Germany. Especially Berlin. People being using
the Jewish Memorial in Berlin, you know, the stone blocks and stuff, kind of like a parkour course or this is the place to make the coolest selfies in Berlin and people are climbing on them, jumping across them, doing silly pictures, duckface. It’s a Jewish… It’s a memorial
to dead Jewish people. What the hell… what is wrong with you? This is not something you do. You don’t do that. Also the concentration camps where I’ve seen more and more people doing their duckface selfies. “Look. This is
where they burned everybody.” I’m like: “Are you kidding me?” So, please have respect for people when you go to the concentration camps
and memorials and things like that. Because the Germans show respect
for the horrible things that happened and we as tourists need to
do a better job as well. So, don’t be a tool when you’re visiting some
of these concentration camps and memorials, alright? Now, my sixth DON’T for you is: Don’t wait. Whether it’s a line or you’re ordering food, you don’t wait in Germany. Germans are go, go, go. We are very
efficient, we want to get things done. So you’re going to be on time for things, alright. Very punctual is important but for a tourist when you go to restaurants, what you need to do is, when they give
you the menu looking at right away so you can order right away. Because it’s not like in the U.S. where
they come back every two minutes to see is anything out, do you need anything now. They come when they come. So, you get that chance make sure you do place your order, get your drinks and your food and things like that and when you want to get your bill you ask for the bill. They’ll come right away with their big wallet, okay, and you pay them right there and when you pay them you’ll say… Let’s say it’s a €27 bill you’ll say 30. You just say the
total amount you want to pay and they’ll put that down for you.
So they give you the change back from that. But don’t wait like once they
seat you, give you the menu, it’s time to order when they come and ask. Because when you wait, you might wait a long time. Now my seventh DON’T for you is: Don’t experiment on the Autobahn. I know Autobahn sounds really cool, driving without speed limits. Well, I’ve driven on the Autobahn before. There’s a reason why go on public
transport. It can be really scary because we’re going about
a 100 mph, about 160 kph, and we’re going… we’re in the right lane because there’s BMWs and Mecedes going very fast. And they seem to go by like “wow”. And it’s kind of dangerous when you’re out there, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So please, if you’re not comfortable with these fast speeds make sure you
don’t experiment on the Autobahn. Stick with the public transport,
it will take you everywhere here which is so awesome about Germany. Now, my eighth DON’T for you is: Don’t expect to shop on Sundays. Most of Germany is closed on Sundays
except for museums and restaurants. So if you want to your shopping kind of stuff, if you’re here for a long weekend, do it on Friday or Saturday because
on Sunday a lot of stuff is closed. Now, the things that usually
tend to be open on Sundays, things that are attached the train station,
so there’s a mall attach the train station that will probably open also in December. They’ll have the Sunday hours, a lot of places but just don’t… basically on Sunday everything is basically closed. Also on Mondays a lot of museums are closed. So if you are going to do a long weekend weekend including that Monday,
make sure you check and see say: “Hey, let’s do our tourism stuff on Saturday
and Sunday and doing shopping on Monday. My ninth DON’T for you is: Don’t forget to have cash. Germans, yes they have credit
cards but they prefer cash. Yes. Have your euros ready. There’s ATMs all over
the place you can use but you really want to have cash with you because they don’t accept
credit cards everywhere. A lot of places they do and a lot of times
you have a chip card, you know, for your credit cards and stuff like that. For everything to work but just know that cash
is king here in Germany. So don’t forget to keep
some with you just so you have it. And my tenth DON’T for you is: Realize that you don’t just see
half-timbered houses here. Germany is not just a stereotype of
half-timbered houses and beer halls. There’s so much more to Germany. Whether you’re going to Berlin where they have
the Potsdamer Platz and all this new stuff there. When you’re here in Munich
where the tech stuff is booming or Hamburg which is a rebuild city. You have all these cool
modern cities here in Germany and it’s not just half-timbered houses and the thing is: You can see the half-timbered houses.
Quedlinburg, Wernigerode, Goslar and the Harz Mountains.
My heart falls in love with that place. Here in Bavaria, go to Regensburg,
Bamberg or Oberammergau. You can get that old Germany but also
a very modern Germany as well. So make sure you explore both sides. Don’t just try to think it’s going to be half-timbered
houses but experiment all the wonders of Germany. Anyway, I hope this helps you out
of a better time when you are here in Germany. If you have other DON’Ts about German culture,
please put in the comments section below. So we can have more help for awesome travelers. It looks like things are picking up
here in Munich in the morning, so I’m going to take off and I’ll say “Auf Wiedersehen” or until we see each other again. Here at Wolters World.
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until we see each other again, from Munich. Tschüss. Bye.


  1. Don't bother with Germany. The people are arrogant and rude. I'll never go back.
    What a horrible experience.

  2. This is funny because "Wolters" is a popular brand of beer in Brunswich in Northern Germany (lower Saxony)

  3. I'm getting married with my German bf and idk anything about Germany so Im here tryna learn something. I'm French btw.

  4. Germany seems like a country where I would rather book with a tour group than go at it alone. I dont speak the language and I am not familiar with the culture 🙂
    I did the same thing in Israel as well. But then again in Israel, you make the wrong turn you are in trouble.

  5. #11 Not be unpunctual!!!! In Germany it's rude to be late.
    When you invited for a meeting at 10'o clock ,so it means you're are there at 10'o clock or better 5 minutes earlier.

  6. You forgot to add, yes bring your friend flowers but not Red Roses..those are reserved for lovers. Bring them a Nice Texas Wine from our hillcountry (New Braunfels).

  7. Maybe i've been unlucky, but when i went to Munich people often pretended to not speak english and were very rude.
    Im italian and when we Met an italian restaurant owner She said that many german people are like that and they also go to her restaurant Just to enjoy tons of free bread because in Italy its normal to have free bread in a restaurant (the price Is covered by the 'coperto' but still its not measured and you can have as much as you want).
    4 years ago experience.

  8. I've never scolded anyone nor been scolded for crossing on a red light.
    I do however like to cross a bit away from the traffic lights.

    Also Germans aren't Japanese. We wear shoes inside all of the time.

  9. I went to Germany and the road was empty no cars and the people fucking waiting to the light to get green Germans plz don't do that you look like idiots

  10. All these rules! If they like rules so much, how come they do nothing when their women are being attacked and raped by all the immigrants they let in?

  11. ❤💚💜💙💛❤💚💜💙💙
    I part German….mom side… and even I get tired of people making fun of me calling me a miniature hitla if I get angry or say it's my German attitude that's in me on my mom's side it's not like I'm At all like Hitler I'm not where I saw so cuz! I seem to want to help people myself despite now I live in USA and been here since I was born but I find Heaven different cultural backgrounds almost made it a little more difficult to learn because everybody has their own sites and ways of looking at life and that can be confusing as a child to develop your own personal grounds are what life is in about..
    I don't find it extremely funny ..but not as evil as I could take it ..
    it simple it goes to show you because one a**** decide that that's what the country should be All About.. doesn't mean the rest of us that came from that country as pure evil.people….i do have a A heart of gold and want to help people hell it lands me in trouble at times! Seriously lol! So I've had to learn to hold back now! on my mother's side in the USA …now but the background of me is Sweden plus German and English Irish… probably a few other things…we all have more then we realize for heritage back ground…
    but those are the main ones I've heard and seen on records! I
    Im proud to have a part of my German Heritage and I want my kids who are also Ecuadorian to be proud of what they are too…people in their pass. had to do to bring the world to …..what it is today ..we all have a drop of this and our own lifes and we should relish the thought of strong soul people struggling to make the world better …in Spool many ways.
    Even now I wish I could go back to the country originated from my heritage in go back "home"…
    I'm so disappointed about the USA's unbelievable what they doing here.. Especially to low-income families look up the corrupt business of child protective services and CPS! And how they're destroying American families by cherry picking through them! I wonder if they do in this and other countries such as USA just to give themselves a job! It's sickening! To destroy a family just cuz it's low-income! They won't admit it the USA but they're doing it! Shame Shame Shame USA! please look up ..
    *please please look up Asap…
    Alex Jones and Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer* and 9 months later what happen to her….?!?!
    talking about this on YouTube!!!!
    but then again all countries have pluses and minuses of they country..but legally kidnappingchildren…
    That why obviously and supposedly each one is run by some sort of a government or democracy type system to keep people in line and order….not all not always so well..
    Common Sense should only do this ..
    but sadly not everyone is born to do common sense ..
    on a daily basis…. Behave properly…but they instead get themselves in trouble with the laws etc…Also it can hurt .into other people's lives .
    they don't deserve that! So that's why we have rules and regulations it's a way to me to say to …
    ''Babysit the world!!

  12. For Americans – He is absolutely right. We need to not look at Germany thru the stereotypical lens of WWII movies. It is very modern and lively. Enjoy!

  13. Munich is soo expensive. Berlin is much better and much cheaper. The nightlife in Berlin is amazing and cool dudes 🖒🖒🖒

  14. Very true about German's.Extremely friendly they are.And orderly they prove to be.Looking towards visiting Ansbach ,once more.

  15. Other DON'TS in Germany. Don't smoke where people are eating/ don't mention the war / always give a tip at a bar / never throw rubbish on the ground , there are bins everywhere / don't be offended by the honesty, they don't mean it bad / DON'T think all Germans are like Bavarians!! In many other parts of Germany they don't like Bavarians . They make fun about Bavarians all the time. / last one- Don't be late when meeting with germans, they take timekeeping dead serious.

  16. Germans are nice…as long as you follow all the rules. Be prepared for angry stares if your kids make noise, or you struggle with your German as you try and order food, or you don’t have the exact amount of change, or you don’t pull all the weeds out on your driveway, or if don’t drink alcohol, or if you…I could go on. Seriously, people are nice here but they freaking LOVE THEIR RULES AND TRADITIONS. I have never felt so judged in my life as I have adjusted to life here. Definitely has made me more sympathetic to immigrants in my home country.

  17. People in Germany is verry archaic compare to Emiratis and Japanese even when its a question about the airline industry.

  18. Why should anyone think Germans are cold and unfriendly? Because judging by thousands of comments on youtube, the only piece of history Americans seem to be taught is Hitler + anti-German sentiment.

  19. Here’s my #1 rule about visiting Germany. If you’re Jewish, don’t visit Germany. And if you do, don’t wear your kippah or any kind of sign that you’re Jewish. You’ll get dirty looks from the natives and you might get physically attacked by Muslims who have moved to Germany to get out of war-torn Arab countries. This Wolter guy is all happy-go-lucky but in truth, Germany is not a place for Jews. Don’t believe me? Read this.

  20. Unless times have changed, if you notice a basket of pretzels, breadsticks, etc. waiting for you when you’re seated at a restaurant table, don’t assume they’re “on the house” to enjoy with your beverages and the meal — at least in Munich. It’s quite likely when it’s time to pay the bill, the waitstaff will count how many were eaten and add the amount to the bill.

  21. Is it socially acceptable in Germany to kick the shit out of people who are disrespecting the Jewish memorials? Asking for a friend.

  22. It is seen as impolite to interact with someone else's dog – pet, greet, or comment. In Munich, on several occasions I have asked the owner if I could pet their dog, or greet their dog – if the owner acknowledged me, about 30% of the time the owner would be pleasant and agree. Munchner's, I found, keep to themselves in every situation except biergartens. (My personal experience from spending several months over several visits to Munich)

  23. Yea,don,t bother to look if the cars have stopped,,,just look straight ahead at the color of the lightbulb opposite. That is how little kids in the kindergarten are taught how to be the next generation of rule-following germans.Don,t think for yourself…follow the rules…"Jesus ,I just got hit by a car"::"Don,t worry,you were in the right"…..and followed the rules…

  24. what the fck are you talking about I lived there five years ,the Germans fk with people the dont like , never had any problems but your a typical person American, they dont like I would even fk with you bahahaha!.you missed the part about if they dont like you

  25. I am NOT German, my daughter in law is and when I meet members of her family, they greet me with a friendly "ach, servus Michel, wie gehts dir!". I don't believe they expect a lengthy from me. Just "Ja, danke, und dir?" makes them happy, I like to believe. Am I right ?

  26. Ive heard if you say this is hate speech the germans will run away, so do whatever you want guys before its a 3rd world country lol😂

  27. I only went to Bavaria when I went to Germany. It was fine. We drank beer and we watched a Bayern Munich soccer game. My relataves were from Hamburg I think maybe , but I'm American, not German. I've lived in like 10 different countries – you just be polite and people are cool. They have good beer in Munich. Btw, it was long ago, but I saw Pele in the beer hall in Munich. Pretty cool.

  28. Another "don`t". Dont be late. If you are meeting somebody on specific time, they will expect you to be there exactly on time. Not like 10 or 15 minutes after or earlier. Be punctual with germans.

  29. Tell us what we all wanna hear. The greasy insane underground fun houses and parties. I wanna go on trips around the world to experience the sexier more crazy side of these countries. I don't travel to do the ordianry

  30. The only reason I watched this Video is because I miss Germany. I was stationed at Fliegerhorst Kaserne outside of Hanau, or Erlense from 1974 through 1977. When I got back to the USA I felt like I had gone from a civilized world to a reckless environment , seriously. Germany is the most civilized nation I have ever been to. I mean the people are very wise and courteous doing things right and honorably. I bought a 1972 Porsche 911s and shipped it to New Jersey, then drove it across the USA to Oregon. That car was so solid and precise it made the Corvette seem like a broken down old poorly built wanna be. It is in everything they do, pride and quality. What an amazing culture you can never forget or deny their excellence in everything.

  31. Germans are so intent on erasing their history if you even say the word Nazi you can get arrested, oh the irony. Idiot Germans.

  32. I can das about bringing stuff Like wine or takeing Off your Shoes depens fromm Family to family. If i invite someone then IT depens in te fact wegen IT was the Last Time i cleaned

  33. Another "don't"…DON'T forget to carry smaller denomination coins (50c, 1euro, etc) for public restrooms. Have them wherever you go because EVERY public restroom will expect you to pay to use them.

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