VisionX (VNX) – Inspection, Medical AI, HuBrain, Textile Industry, Dataonomy, Revenue, Token, K12

vision X draws attention of quality inspection integrators from Korea Taiwan Shenzhen to create strategic partnerships vision X works with Shanghai's and you met the reading autocratic medical implant company in China for powering China's medical device industry with AI vision X and hue brain of compare date technology with current existing solutions around the global market their AI image based quality inspection software is leading at technology and quality/price ratio vision X starts collaboration with Nanjing textile industry for developing a second generation of AI quality inspection technology China coal technology and dream group has signed a draft contract with vision X vision X data on ami algorithm with the initial accuracy of 95% detects defect for top ceramic chip maker the team has enhanced that autonomy with federated learning framework and created the base model across an industry vision X uses product surface defect visual detection as a breaking point to gradually branch off to machine arm grab and pick preventative maintenance intelligent speech supply chain and other fields vision X has generated its first revenue from data crowdsourcing service by completing the network of collection and annotation of data in Japan and other East Asian countries vision X will open source parts of the result of any AI development to attract global vision X community to participate in the development of industry 4.0 vision X has received new data collection from Japan and completed the project ordered from giant in space of office automation in the future vision X token will be used as a reward for AI miners and circulated globally vision X company has entered a partnership with Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship forum to provide full packed AI train come for students Linux has signed partnership with k-12 organizations the company will large k-12 AI summer camp in Silicon Valley with their students help they were promote vision X and the deep bright chain globally

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