Vintage Dresses at The House of Real Green Dress

‘Somedays one might think time has stood still… but in which decade Richard, can you guess? ‘These girls all have their own style Margarina’ ‘And that is quite how it should be’ ‘Lottie is in the nineteen thirties’ ‘What a beautiful blue penoir… Jo favours the forties in that peachy housecoat’ ‘That puts Rina in the the swinging sixties… Hello!… what’s this chap selling… single glazing?’ ‘Wait and see Richard’ ‘Dick, please’ ‘At last… quelle excitement… but an invitation like this… means a new gown’ ‘What is to be done?’ ‘Silly Snuggs is taking Rina off to the shops’ ‘What’s Lottie doing with that compact?’ ‘Clever Jo, straight to her magic screen’ ‘I say… that’s a funny looking typewriter! I don’t think those flat keys will catch on’ ‘just by typing the magic words www.REAL GREEN she’s taken to a world of gowns any starlet would dream of . Safe and secure online ordering with something for everyone… whatever your style’. ‘Well, that was easy!’ ‘It’s a splendid idea to find something to do while one waits for ones purchases to arrive.’ ‘Should’ve bought a magazine each… I say! it’s that handsome stranger again’ ‘Just look at their excited faces’ ‘You’re welcome’ ‘Goodness me! It’s gowns’ ‘for Jo it has to be Jean Varon, that much sought after designer from England… who really made a name for himself.’ ‘Don’t you mean he made the name up?’ ‘Yes thank you’ ‘John Bates?’ ‘Yes – Dick’ ‘Lottie’s all dressed up’ ‘It’s swirling thirties lace for Lottie… dresses for dancing.’ ‘I can here the drum now’ ‘And the bass Dick’ ‘And here is little friend Sophia… in the perfect gown for making an entrance’ ‘So that’s who Lottie was calling’ ‘Sophia is in the fifties with her shawl colllared gown … of flocked organza over a white ground’ ‘Snuggs and Rina are back’ ‘No luck on the High Street? Rina would like a gown like that too’ ‘just a moment Marg… he’s spotted something’ ‘At last… one click on the code and they and they can shop too’ ‘ By jove they’ve got it… all a chap needs is the right accessories… and Rina’s just the ticket. Hello! It’s Deborah and Raine… that’s put the cat among the couture… what’s the chap to do now?’ ‘ Ladies and gentlemen… this way please’ ‘Ellis of London’ ‘Newfangled Rayon’ ‘ From America now it’s Emma Domb’ ‘ A decolletage from Jean Varon’ ‘Flock roses on chiffon… And the Queen… of the Prom’ ‘Real Green Dress… have decades of professional experience in caring for vintage garments… these special museum quality bags are part of their range of care products’ ‘Not every one has a Worth eveining gown or a Double Elevens wedding dress’ ‘Don’t they?’ ‘Will these bags protect my kashmir from
insects?’ ‘They certainly will, Dick… Dust and moisture too’ Unlike other bags Real Green Dress bags are ideal for the long term storage … of your precious things’ ‘Magnificent ‘thats’ Mandell couture’ ‘Just look at Deborah’s big bows’ ‘That’s sassy’ ‘That’s sequin embellished Susan Small’ ‘Elegant’ ‘Edwardian’ ‘Tiers of fine lace… and ribbons of silk’ ‘Sophisticated Sophia’ ‘Fifties damask with a nipped in waist and modest bodice set off by a fashionably full skirt’ ‘What a Princess!’ ‘Thirties net… with a Spanish sleeve and a lavish veil’ ‘And look at lovely Lottie’ ‘Hand corded lace applique… over oyster satin’ So these vintage gowns and accessories are
all from the collections of …’ Real Green Dress?’ ‘Yes Dick… all specially selected by experts… for very special customers… and you can shop with them today’ ‘Well done chaps… and well done well Real Green Dress’ ‘Hold it’


  1. So charming! And you're right, we were definitely on the same vintage wavelength when we made our "Dreams of Old Hollywood Glamour" video! Nice to see another who appreciates the golden era of film and clothing:)

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