VidCon 2019 Clothing Haul | Forever 21 H&M

hey guys what's up I don't think anybody likes long intros these days so I'm just gonna jump straight into the hall and get read the title you know the video let's just get started okay so we've got the bags H&M at forever 21 let's do this what am I gonna start with first um let's just do it Jim what we got first all right so first I got this really cute shirt you guys know that I love the show friends so I got this shirt over here it says friends it's CIPA kid and I really love the material it's like really soft and I got a little like a size bigger so it's extra comes it's my fave well not my favorite there's a lot of fans in here next we have this pink shirt off the shoulder you could put off the shoulder or on your shoulders or whichever but I really really like this one it really caught my eye when I was in the store because of the floral designs and I'm obsessed with the color pink so I'm obsessed with a lot of colors I like pink I like blue I like red so I honestly don't have a favorite color right now but pink is one of my faves one of the many faves okay next I got two different colors of the same like kind of shirt so I got one yellow little t-shirt I think this is also off the shoulder its optional I think you could do either one thanks for mostly off the shoulder though it's really cute yellow I really love yellow also it really stands out like the Sun and since it's summer it's like really cute for like a day outfit next I got a nice white one this is really cute I think this is my favorite like out of the yellow and the white I feel like the white is just so delicate and basic and super cute you can wear for anything to be honest so I think it's just a such a great shirt and I love the little ruffly things things okay next I got a few accessories it's not over yet I still have some clothing here but okay this is just a roller lint roller so okay just ignore that guys I got these really cute black and white earrings I am literally obsessed with them they're so cute over NC like cookies and cream ice cream I can't I can't I can't with these these are too cute then I got this cute Aaron's like scrunchie this collar really stood out to me for some reason I just never wear a lot of orange so I thought that finding a little cute orange accessory would be cute and I really want to try and find outfits that are out of my comfort zone because I feel like VidCon is such a peppy bright positive event so I feel like there has to be a majority of different colors in there so I got the orange stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit and then I'm talking about bright colors and then I get a black overall dress sorry guys I couldn't resist this is so cute it's so me but I'm gonna put like a colorful shirt under it obviously but this is so cute if they had a white one I would definitely go for that more but they only had black so this is really cute I've never had like an overall dress skirt something like that I tried it on at the store it's adorable make sure to follow me on instagram by the way because you'll see me wearing all of these outfits on there at Sophie Michelle says go follow me why not my eyebrow is a J so go follow me because just follow me because of the eyebrow okay then I got this red blue and white shirt and then we're gonna put this under the overall dress I think it would be really cute together I've been just really digging the outline thing you can't kind of get an idea of what it looks like I really love it okay we're getting down to the last few things I also got another scrunchie because we love a good scrunchie obsession and I needed some light Schwartz because you can't go through summer without some shorts so I got these really cute ones the button is gold I tried it on because I didn't know like what size I should get so I got like two different sizes they are honestly the most comfortable pair of shorts I've ever put on they're so comfy go down to the last thing H&M and then forever 21 so I needed some jeans and I got these really cute ripped jeans I am obsessed with these okay so you have a rip here and it's not like super revealing it's just like a cute edge to it this is not even like a full rip its like patched up I think this might be my new favorite pair of jeans this is so adorable and I love this wash of denim by the way it's amazing it's not too dark and it's not too light it's like the perfect medium denim shade okay everyone we got some bright colors that wasn't like a lot of bright colors and this one has a bright color so it isn't like a bucket hat like in now so I already have a black one but I got this neon yellow one and guys I'm literally obsessed I've seen so many people were bucket hats and I literally love it and it's not just it was like the trend I like actually I'm obsessed with this trend I'm so glad this is like a new trend now like I love this hat this is so cute then I got this ready makeup bag I don't know why I just kind of drawn to this for some reason but I saw when I was checking out it was like oh my gosh I have to get that so it's like this really cute makeup bag and I was like gonna name him I like names I thought a little mega burn so take this stuff out of it it's so and I was saying like how Reds like one of my new favorite colors one of them so I was like yes this is my life so you can see already oh it's ketchup and mustard you can see already that like bright colors you know it's coming okay for some reason I had the urge to get a lot of socks not so sure why but we'll do that last eye a lot of accessories okay so these are some other earrings that I got this is more for like dressed up events you know like parties or like different events or like panel Oh will be already on that on by the time I post this so you most you guys will probably see some of the outfits but this will be really cute I have thing you have a panel or two so I think this would be really nice okay next for like a really cool like pop and outfit I already think I know like the Alpha then work with us with but guys I literally can't this is so me next I just got this I don't even know if I'm bringing this to VidCon but I just got this for myself it's like this really cute just like plain pink shirt might use it just like for a YouTube video or something or like a 90 TV it's like just a plain basic solid color shirt nothing special so I got some shoes because I I don't have like any flat sandals that fit me right now so I got these cute sandals I didn't just get one and then I got this yellow I'm really all about yellow this year at VidCon I'm not exactly sure why but I'm really into it so I got this yellow belt but fat it okay oh my gosh just imagine well I have this another thing to show you so I got this top and it's literally the cutest I can't I can't so I got this top and I'm thinking about pairing this top with this belt and those star earrings and the jeans this hat oh oh okay and I have some other outfits that like these are not all of the VidCon outfits I obviously have more like that I got beforehand but um these are just all the stuff that I needed to get so yes okay so I got these ankle socks you have yellow green red gray and white so I needed to get some of these say I mean one last thing of earrings and that's it for this haul I'm obsessed I don't know what it is but I just love star accessory no but I got these super cute star earrings guys guys thank you guys so much for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it I'm so glad that I was able to get all this stuff I'm so excited for VidCon VidCon will actually be happening by the time I post this video so stay tuned for some VidCon vlogs and make sure to tune in to my Instagram because I'm definitely posting some stuff on there about VidCon so if you're not already following me go follow me have some stuff in the bag but yay just to let you know this is not sponsored by H&M at forever 21 just shop there guys by the time this video is out my music video for no breaks will be live so you shouldn't be like the link in the description box below and I love you all so so much thanks for watching peace

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