Vida de Modelo | Fotografando em San Diego | Luiza Scandelari

Good morning guys I’m in San Diego, California I came for a job Dude, I’m not okay Dude, it was so weird last night I woke up, it was like 3 am I was sweating, the shirt I was sleeping in was soaked I had to take it off I was freezing to death Then I put my sweatshirt to sleep Then I woke up again I’m very strange, I’m already taking a lot of … Actually, I’ll take this opportunity to show you guys… If you get this sick Actually to prevent getting sick This is the best formula out there This is a supplement I use as soon as I notice I’m getting sick So yesterday I realized my throat was kind of weird I buy this at Whole Foods, but they must have on Amazon too I don’t know… But this guy here…. it’s the best thing My video intro: Me sick Next Wednesday I have my last performance at my acting school Okay, now I’m scared to lose my voice before my scene And here it’s dry, dry, dry … I’m dehydrated I already got some water, I must have already spent my soul… in all the bottles that I took from this hotel I’m dehydrated That’s it Look guys, how beautiful It’s kind of cold, I already put the sweatshirt on It’s 55 F now But I think it will be 66 F today And 80 F tomorrow And tomorrow I’m leaving at noon … anyway I’ll not be able enjoy anything And my hotel is next to the beach too, man I wish I could stay here one more day, but I can’t I actually thought about changing the ticket but it wouldn’t work Wow But it’s not even that cold for me to be able to see my breath Luiza: This is crazy Jacques: Wow, GoPro Luiza: Yes!! Jacques: We’re in La Jolla at the library (laughs) Luiza: This is the place we gonna shoot! Jacque: Yes, we’ll read some books Luiza: God, I can’t believe this is a library, really Jacques: We have to check this out Luiza: Oh My God Luiza: Good morning! Jacques: Good morning guys Good Morning Luiza: what a trailer Luiza: Giant! Luiza: We’ll shoot the first look now Luiza: This Chinese brand was the same one I shot in LA Luiza: Last Year or Beginning of this Year Luiza: I think it was last year. Luiza: Or in the beginning of the year …. I don’t remember Luiza: And they booked me again, it’s the third time I’ll work with them Luiza: And yeah Luiza: It’s a big Chinese brand, and it’s always fun to shoot Luiza: And look what a wonderful day Luiza: These shoes must be 2 numbers smaller than my feet. Luiza: Do you know where it is? Makeup Artist: No Luiza: (laughs) She’s like… “no” Luiza: So, we have no idea where to go now. Makeup Artist: She said “In a corner” Luiza: So … I think there’re thousands of corners here Luiza: Maybe that one? Luiza: Oh, isn’t it in the library? Makeup Artist: Yes Luiza: Oh okay, I know where it is. Luiza: Really guys, look at this library Luiza: Now we are in the main entrance Luiza: Have you ever been in there? Stylist: No, I haven’t been inside yet Luiza: I came all the way to San Diego, I need to go inside this library Luiza: Like, no way I’m not Jacques: What’s up vlog! Luiza: What’s up! Brazil! Jacques: Brazil !! Luiza: He’s gonna go back! Jacques: I’ll be back next year! Luiza: We’re just talking to ourselves, don’t worry Luiza: Is “black beach” good? Driver: Yes Driver: It’s a good spot! Jacques: Let’s do it Driver: It’s right on the cliffs! Luiza: So, we’re going to the beach! Jacques: We are going to the “Black Beach” it’s called Luiza: Black Beach Jacques: Black Beach Jacques: And… Yeah! Luiza: Why is it called “Black beach” ? Driver: It’s actually a nude beach Jacques: Is it a nude beach? Luiza: No way Jacques: Like Brazil! Luiza: No!! I’ve never been Driver: Oh you can handle that Jacques: Of course, I’m always down! Driver: It doesn’t mean everybody is nude there Driver: It just means that you can be! Jacques: If you wanna be Luiza: Yeah…. Yeah Driver: it’s I think one of the most beautiful beaches in San Diego Luiza: Omg, should we come back in the morning then? Jacques: We could do it in the morning too, yeah! Luiza: Yes! Luiza: Now it’s 5pm, believe it or not Jacques: It’s dark out Jacques: We can go in the morning before our flight Luiza: We can do anything Jacques: We can do anything we want Luiza: Yes we can! Jacques: We can go to LA! Luiza: Go to Los Angeles! (laughs) Jacques: I’ll check this out, see how it is… Driver: Yes, look at your map right now, you can google “Gliderport”, it’s very close Jacques: Let’s google it Driver: “Gliderport La Jolla” Luiza: Is it like a park? Jacques: Ohh I see, I see! Driver: Yes, “Gliderport” …. I don’t know what … Jacques: “Gliderport Trail”? Girl: Oh, it’s because I said “Google”! Google cancel!! (laughs) Jacques: Hey Google! Cancel! Jacques: Ah! “Torrey Pines Gliderport”? Driver: Torrey Pines Gliderport, that’s right Driver: Google!?! What the hell is this? Put my music on Jacques: Google put the music on! Luiza: Come back our music Google Jacques: That’s where we’re going tho! Jacques: Look! Luiza: Oh my god Jacques: We gonna get down there Luiza: Oh my God Jacques: I’m gonna see my friends Luiza: Let’s see our friends Luiza: It’s so loud! Luiza: Guys, “smells like beach” Luiza: Hey !! Luiza: Seriously… Omg Luiza: The seal just… I’m scared Luiza: I’m scared Jacques: We’re scared! Luiza: My God, he’s coming Jacques: Hell no!!
Luiza: He’s coming! Jacques: I’m out!!
Luiza: He’s coming !!! Luiza: Oh my god, he’s coming (laughs) Luiza: Bro, he’s coming Luiza: Should we just go? Luiza: Are you sure?!? Luiza: I’m scared Jacques: Can we go up this way?!? Jacques: Let’s go Luiza: I’m scared (laughs) Luiza: My God, I was so scared Luiza: Oh My God Jacques: That’s what they do Luiza: Yes, that’s our conclusion. Jacques: They look up to the sky Luiza: Look, all of them Jacques: All of them Jacques: They’re looking at the stars Luiza: So, we’ll explore the same beach again! Jacques: But in the day time! And it’s beautiful this morning! Luiza: And we are so energized ! Jacques: Yes, we had a good sleep
Luiza: I’m so happy, I can’t wait Jacques: Here we go Luiza: Let’s see the seals Jacques: I might go swimming with the seals, I’m not sure yet Jacques: But I just don’t wanna get hurt, so… Luiza: So, I found this açai place, and it looks the same as açai from Brazil Jacques: uuuuh, I want acai!
Luiza: I want too! Luiza: Let’s do it?? Jacques: I want to try it! Yeah Luiza: Yesss Luiza: Okay, so 3 things I love today Luiza: Beach, coffee and açaí! Jacques: I’m with you on this! I like those 3 things! Luiza: Yeah! It will be a perfect morning! Luiza: Are you gonna get anything from here? Luiza: Besides the açaí? Jacques: I don’t know… Are you? Luiza: I don’t know Luiza: A nice iced latte Luiza: With almond milk Luiza: I’m so excited Luiza: For this acai bowl Jacques: Acai Bowl! Jacques: We have to take a photo here Luiza: phones eat first! Jacques: The phone eats first, always Jacques: I hope you know that Luiza: So if you ever come here, please come to this place called “Brick & Bell”, their açaí is amazing Jacques: Yes, it’s really good Jacques: Mine is almost gone Luiza: Mine too Luiza: Say “Açaí” Jacques: Açaí! Luiza: You say it in the right way! Jacques: Perfect Jacques: Is that the Brazilian way? Luiza: uhum! Luiza: Yeah, he is Brazilian Luiza: I’m just so happy to be here Luiza: Bless you! Jacques: Excuse me guys Luiza: “Saúde!” Jacques: “Saúde!” Luiza: Oh my god, look! I can see the sea! Luiza: Okay, let’s run Luiza: It’s so pretty! Luiza: Oh My God, I’m so happy! Luiza: Wow! Jacques: Sorry NYC, but I think I’ll have to move out here… pretty soon Luiza: Look, that’s the bridge! Omg Luiza: Remember the bridge we were looking on the internet yesterday? Jaques: Yeah! We can… Let’s go down and watch them surf! Luiza: Let’s go! Yeah Luiza: I wanna surf too! Jacques: Same Jacques: Yeah! Luiza: Yeah, going to that bridge Luiza: I hope it’s not closed Jacques: Let’s see, I don’t know! Luiza: A man told us it was closed, but we don’t know if the bridge is closed. Luiza: Or if the beach is closed … or what Jacques: I think the bridge that is closed, I think we can go under Luiza: But we can go under the bridge I think Jacques: Yes Luiza: That’s what I want Jacques: That’s what we are going for!
Luiza: Yes! That’s what we’re going for! Jacques: My mom is calling Luiza: (laughs) Answer!
Jacques: Hi mom! Luiza: Guys, I want to live here, look Luiza: Must be a few million dollars Luiza: Right here, look … The sea is in front of these houses here Luiza: And it’s getting hot! When we left it was like 59 F, and now it’s 69 F Luiza: Like, out of nowhere Luiza: We took off all the sweatshirts and Eeverything Luiza: And it’s going to be 80 F today, man … But we’ll be leaving soon to the airport and go back to Nyc Luiza: Back to reality! Luiza: Wow, it’s gonna be so hard to get on that plane man Luiza: Really Luiza: Guys, look! the bridge! Luiza: I’m so excited!! Luiza: (singing)
Jacques: Yeah! Luiza: How beautiful! Luiza: Look, even the grass is perfect you know Jacques: “Pefecto!” Luiza: He didn’t want to go in the sand to not get his shoes dirty, but I changed his mind Luiza: Guys, really… look! 10 steps we are there! Why not you know Luiza: We came all the way to San Diego, Jacques … We need to… Jacques: Should I take my shoes off? Luiza: Will you? Jacques: Nah … Let’s go! Luiza: We’ll probably take half an hour to get there, with this pace Luiza: That would be my gym every day! Jacques: Yes! Swim, run … Luiza: Swim, run … Yup! Luiza: Almost there! Luiza: A couple more steps! Jacques: We gonna make it! Luiza: We’re like, inside a movie!
Jacques: We can go to the bathroom! Luiza: Wow, that’s amazingl! Luiza: Wow … Luiza: Wow !! Luiza: My God Jacques: I feel like we’re in a movie right now! Luiza: We are! We’re in a movie right now! Luiza: Really Luiza: Wow Luiza: So we came to a Mexican place… Clerk: Anything else for you today?
Luiza: No! That’s it! Luiza: So this is gonna be our last meal in San Diego! Jacques: Look at this burrito! Wait, let me unwrap for you!
Luiza: I’m excited for you Luiza: It’s huge! Lol
Jacques: It’s massive Jacques: I’m about to eat this whole thing Luiza: What’s inside ?? Jacques: Half Chicken, Half Steak … You got Grilled Veggies on there Jacques: A little brown Rice… Queso….
Luiza: Rice and beans! The best combination! Jacques: Really, you got everything you need on this so Luiza: Yeah! And I got rice and beans … “impossible” meat which I’m so … Luiza: I was amazed! I was like “wow” … Jacques: That will be really good! Luiza: The vegan thing is really taking over the world!
Jacques: it is! Yeah Luiza: And veggies, lettuce… Luiza: And that’s our view! Luiza: Bye San Diego!


  1. Agente sabe que vida de modelo e corrida 🏃 mas se POSSÍVEL tenta postar um vídeo por semana, conheci por acaso aqui no YouTube é incrível. TMJ✌️

    Obs: seus OLHOS são lindos!! 😅

  2. Cara amoo seus vídeos ♥️👏 vc é um exemplo ♥️ fui chamada pra ser modelo,mas quando comecei ir a mulher queria que eu andasse direito,comesse direito, falasse direito aí desistir pois me sentir um pássaro preso mas meu maior sonho e me tornar modelo

  3. Que saúdades desses videos de modelo aii quanto amor, so queria que vc gravasse mais indo pra lugares turisticos eu amei aquele video que vc foi pro parque com sua amiga ruiva dei like e se pudesse daria mais <3

  4. Ahh pronto! O pessoal não pode ver Luíza com um amigo que já fica shippando! 😂

    Eu sei que não é da minha conta…. Mas eu shippo a Lu com o Alex! 😂 Deixa eu sonhar…..

  5. adorei o vlog,vc precisa fazer mais <3 fiquei feliz porque consegui entender tudo o que vc falou em ingles 😀

  6. Luiza vc é uma menina de muita luz! arrasa e vai muito bem em tudo que faz, vc é uma inspiração para diversas meninas e meninos que querem ser modelos. Sigam o exemplo da Luiza gente, n percam a essência de vcs, sejam vocês mesmas (os) e a cima de tudo, se amem e façam esse trabalho pq vcs querem, pq vcs gostam! não siga carreira alguma em que vc está sendo forçado a fazer, veja nos vídeos que a Luiza independente de tudo: perrengues e tal, ela está sempre mto feliz, ela esbanja felicidade nos videos! quando n está bem ela fala, quando está puta ela fala mas ela nunca deixa de ser ela mesma entendem? vc é uma luz que apareceu para mim Lu, eu assisto seus vídeos com tanto prazer, não tenho vontade alguma de avançar nem 5 segundos dos vídeos, pq eles fluem bem! eu te admiro mto e deixo aqui minha eterna gratidão a você Lu🙏❤️

  7. Ela diz que logo eles irão para o aeroporto Back to reality (De volta a realidade) = Nova Iorque
    E eu fiquei pensando: em que mundo voltar para new york seria algo ruim KKKK, mas essa praia é bem linda mesmo

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