VENUS CLOTHING HAUL | 2019 Spring/Summer

hey everyone welcome to today's video so today I am doing another Venus haul and I've been shopping online at Venus many years long before I do videos half of my wardrobe is Venus I just love their stuff this is not sponsored I just really always buy from Venus so I thought I would share with you some of the things that I got so um yeah and when I show them I'll post up the item number and price and everything okay so let's just start I'm gonna actually start with this shirt that I'm wearing right now it says coffee survival juice which actually is I love my coffee in the other room anyway okay so yeah I just like I love this color first of all because it's just so neutral and I just neutrals my color like I just like the way I look in neutral I love the copper writing it's kind of little metallic II and honestly like this is just such a casual comfy comfy top it has like different material at the end of the sleeve which kind of comes out a bit um yeah like it's just like really comfortable I probably should have ironed it but I didn't so I apologize but I really do love this top I love that a little longer in the back it's just really nice really enjoyable top okay next I got this beautiful blouse which has open shoulders and clear sleeves and it's just so pretty I love the flower pattern and I love the color of the flowers in it and I love also that it has like a little um it gives in it goes in on around the waist so it gives you a little like appearance of a shape and it's like roughly around the waist as well and it's just so pretty I actually wore this out last night I had a totally different outfit in mind when I took the clothes I have to get ready for the video I was like oh you mean this is so pretty so I ended up wearing it out to dinner last night and I loved it loved it I actually wore this with my my fake leather my pleather pants and some black pumps and it looks so good loved it and yeah so this can be worn with jeans as well obviously which is what I'm showing it to you in and I think that even looks good so this is great for work weekends whatever your heart desires love this boss really really pretty and this blouse is a plain you know this came in blacking I think like a cranberry color and I always like to stay away from the blacks I feel like oh I have so much black but I've been doing that so often that I don't have enough black tops I feel like I have some but you need a lot of black tops to choose him right so this was a plain plain black top it also goes in around the waist and the sleeves come you know like that so um I didn't know this was gonna be as dressy actually I mean the material is so thick so solid and I almost feel like this this is a lot more a lot more dressier than I thought it was gonna be but that's fine because you can kind of dress it down but dress it up too with a nice long necklace maybe and but you could wear this with jeans also but this is like I feel like it's like a part of a dress like a fancy dress like this is not fancy fancy but just the materials just like really thick and I love it and I think it's just very elegant casual at the same time but dressy too does that make sense um it's just a great I got all my all my clothes are usually getting like a medium and that works well for me um love to stop again jeans slacks maybe a pair of like tan capris that could look really nice so yeah I love it this next dress I'm probably going to be turned not because I did not like it but because it this also was a lot more fancier than I thought it was I thought this was gonna be more of a casual I don't like a summer dress but it's not it's more like a fancy dress that you could wear to a wedding like the material is um what is the material like I got I got it because we're going away we're going with some other couples on a cruise I only went on a cruise once many many years ago I've never been on these new like big cruises so I'm not a cruise person but we wanted to go just to have a good time no kids and so this was just what we did it's cheaper it's easy it's just a fun time so I'm hoping it will be a fun time I think it will be but I wanted to get like some nice dresses summery dresses and these aren't this is not a summery it's a summery chest but more for like a special occasion and I think they do have fancy dinners though I don't know but this is like a bit much I don't know I just thought it's gonna be more like t-shirt material very casual but it's more thick and I think I would I don't know it's more for like people into really nice event and I don't need any more dresses like that I have I have enough I mean the fabric is mostly polyester so I'm not saying fancy like silk but it's it's just thick it's really thick and has a whole extra layer inside and it's just like it's pretty but again dressy like it has rhinestones on I just wanted more casual so I might just return this one because I don't know that I'm never gonna wear it really and I'll just get something else this outfit I fell in love with on the model of course and I wish that I look like her but I don't but it's okay because again I'm not summer body ready but this is only gonna give me more encouragement to try it to get better because I am in the process of trying to eat healthier I'm doing the the intermittent fasting which is working so I'm just gonna keep doing that my I'm not fully tan so I'm thinking with all that mine this is gonna look even better like so I don't look great in this right now don't mind that and my mirror is a little messy and dirty simple I hope you can even see it good but when I when I it's a two-piece and when I open this I was like that's not gonna work and I almost didn't try it on because I'm like this is way too short I can't be wearing those anymore that was when I was 19 and I was like like uh like I really thought it was gonna connect because it connects like a one-piece but then I tried out and somehow it doesn't look short like look at how short that is I would think that that would be showing my stomach but it's really not it's two-piece and I love the color and this is her I just like really like it and I just need to lose more weight to look better in it but I have several month my hair has several months I have like a few months and I think with the tan and everything I think this is gonna look really pretty it's two-piece again and dare I say it has like a Versace look to it with the gold around nowhere near a Versace don't get me wrong um and know many of the price tag over Kisatchie but it just has that vibe to it I don't know you know I'm saying with the gold um I don't know I really like it so um I will keep this one I don't know that I'll be wearing it around town here but you know this is good vacation outfit that's it that's what I got so I hope you enjoyed today's video please give me thumbs up and subscribe if you have not and until next time have a great day


  1. The floral dress is perfect for a cruise and looks great on you, it’s not THAT dressy, it’s summery!

  2. Don't return the flowered dress it looks fantastic on you and would be perfect for a cruise!!!!! So Pretty keep it and take it on your cruise! Also I have the same two piece lavender and gold chain set you got on order and it looks great on you right NOW! You are too hard on yourself just like me. Everyone keeps telling me you don't need to lose any more weight and neither do you dear. I think we just see ourselves differently…..

  3. Beautiful clothing, you look just WOW, in each outfit! The prices are so reasonable too & the clothing seems really well made! This is off the subject a bit but the covering on the chair you're sitting on…. It must be made of fake fur or fuzzy material or feathers? It almost makes it look like you have angel wings! 😇 If you re-watch the video you'll see what I'm talking about. It made me chuckle AND you ARE such an angel! I appreciate ALL of your videos, thanks!

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